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El Birdsonality Test (Prueba de Avesonalidad) es un cuestionario que consta de 20 preguntas que, al responderlas, determina a qué pájaro o cerdo te pareces más. Está disponible en la Página Oficial de Facebook de Angry Birds, pero por el momento solo esta disponible en idioma inglés. Aves

Picture Nombre del personaje y descripción Comentario
Red -Diehard You're a natural leader: strong-willed, outspoken, and decisive.Knowledgable and self-confident, you can intimidate other people who may mistake your confidence for arrogance.
Matilda -Bohemian You are calm, friendly, and sensitive.Your open-minded and accepting nature makes you easy to like, and you tend to play the peacemaker with your friends.You're a perfectionist and trust your gut when it comes to making decisions, so you don't always appreciate outside advice.
Bomb -Sparky You are a doer. While other people get tied up with theories and rules, you are out there getting things done. Sociable and exciting, you love being the center of attention and entertaining people with your antics.
Bubbles -Cool You're quiet but friendly, always happy to pitch in and help. Your sunny outlook and loyal, considerate nature makes you a great friend. You prefer to focus on the bright side of life, so you can get overwhelmed by anything overly complicated or negative.
Stella -Chic Your caring nature makes you a natural mediator, but you don't open up to others very easily. Though you seem self-sufficient, those who get to know you will discover a determined perfectionist who actually depends on the support of close friends.
Chuck Chuck-Dude You are a free spirit and prefer to operate without rules or routines. You long for challenges and excitement and prefer to focus on the big picture. You can be a bit impulsive - while everyone else is still talking, you like to get out and take action.
Mighty Eagle -Deep You're a dedicated defender of the common good. Although you are happy working independently, you like to have support and positive feedback from others. When you set out to do something, you give it all you've got.
The Blues -Prankster Quick and inventive, you keep your friends amused with your latest mischi ef. You enjoy arguing and especially playing devil's advocate. Being such a creative type, you can have a hard time focusing on tasks - especially when they feel tedious or routine. But when you do focus, you're a resourceful and inventive problem-solver.
Hal -Guru Understanding and sociable, you make your voice heard but are also a great listener. Your social nature and great conversational skills earn you a lot o f friends. On the flip side, your people-pleasing personality means that you take criticism especially hard.
Terence -Enigma You're the strong, silent type. Logical, level-headed, and rational, you have a keen analytical mind. Your introspective nature can make you seem distant to others - but you, in turn, are sometimes baffled by how irrational and emotional others can be. You work best when left to your own thoughts, or when interacting with other people who see things in the same way you do.


Picture Description and Character Name Comment
Cerdo Chef -Maverick You are a level-headed observer: calm and collected. Observant and analytical, you take action to solve even the most complex problems at hand. You get frustrated with rigid rules and routines and prefer to be in charge of your own time, so that you can work inde pendently on projects you find interesting and challenging.
Cerdo Cronista -Faraway Persistent, analytical, and independent, you have a strong work ethic and are efficient at getting things done.However, your demanding nature - both of yourself and others - can make it difficult for you to work in teams. You're at your best working independently on projects you have control over.
Cabo Cerdito -Headstrong You are outspoken, confident and practical. You like stability and tradition - if it isn't broken, why fix it? You wear your heart on your sleeve and enjoy being in charge.
 Cerdo Profesor -Inventor Inventive and imaginative, you have an infectious excitement about new things.This excitement lets you accomplish great projects if you really put your heart in them. True, the details sometimes escape you, and you're not very accepting of people who don't share your vision. But hey, let other people sort out the details - you'll focus on the big picture.
Bigotes -Wonk You are a dedicated and responsible person who values order, discipline, and following the rules. You are admirably persistent, and you always deliver what you promise.
Cerdito Raso -Teamster You are a born team player. Warm-hearted, talkative, and good at following directions, you thrive in an orderly, cooperative environment. But, being such a people person, you're also in danger of getting too caught up in other people's opinions.