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Juegos de Angry Birds[]

Episodios de la saga[]

Episodios de Angry Birds[]

Poached Eggs[]

Mighty Hoax[]

Danger Above[]

The Big Setup[]

Ham 'Em High[]

Mine and Dine[]

Birdday Party[]

Bad Piggies[]

Red's Mighty Feathers[]

Short Fuse[]

Flock Favorites[]

BirdDay 5[]

Surf and Turf[]

Bird Island[]

Piggy Farm[]

Jurassic Pork[]

Golden Eggs[]

Episodios de Angry Birds Seasons[]

Trick or Treat[]

Season's Greedings[]

Hogs and Kisses[]

Go Green, Get Lucky[]

Easter Eggs[]

Summer Pignic[]

Moon Festival[]


Wreck the Halls[]

Year of the Dragon[]

Cherry Blossom[]


Back to School[]

Haunted Hogs[]

Winter Wonderham[]


Artic Eggspedition[]

South Hamerica[]

Ham Dunk[]

On Finn Ice[]

Tropigal Paradise[]

Invasion of the Egg Snatchers[]

Ski or Squeal[]

Fairy Hogmother[]

Marie Hamtoinette[]

Summer Camp[]

Piggywood Studios[]

Hammier Things[]


Pig Days[]

Golden Eggs Seasons[]

Episodios de Angry Birds Rio[]

Smuggler's Den[]

Jungle Escape[]

Beach Volley[]

Carnival Upheaval[]

Airfield Chase[]

Smuggler's Plane[]

Market Mayhem[]

Golden Beachball[]

Rocket Rumble[]

High Dive[]

Blossom River[]

Timber Tumble[]

Hidden Harbor[]

Trophy Room[]

Episodios de Angry Birds Space[]

Pig Bang[]

Cold Cuts[]

Fry Me to the Moon[]


Red Planet[]

Pig Dipper[]

Cosmic Crystals[]

Beak Impact[]

Danger Zone[]


Episodios de Angry Birds Star Wars[]


Death Star[]


Cloud City[]

Moon of Endor[]

Death Star II[]

Path of the Jedi[]


Episodios de Angry Birds Star Wars II[]

Reward Chapter[]

Master Your Destiny[]

Naboo Invasion[]

Escape to Tatooine[]

Battle of Naboo[]

Rise of the Clones[]


Episodios de Angry Birds Go![]


Rocky Road[]



Sub Zero[]

Episodios de Angry Birds Friends[]

NOTA: No se añade los Weekly Tournaments.

Poached Eggs[]

Mighty Hoax[]


Surf and Turf[]

Pigini Beach[]

Green Day[]

Pig Tales[]

Episodios de Bad Piggies[]

Ground Hog Day[]

When Pigs Fly[]

Flight in the Night[]

Road Hogs[]

Rise and Swine[]


Field of Dreams[]

Episodios Misceláneos[]

Angry Birds Chrome[]

Angry Birds Google+[]

Angry Birds Volcano[]

Angry Birds Magic[]

Angry Birds: Wonderful Pistachios[]

Angry Birds Winter Wonderland[]

Angry Birds Vuela Tazos[]

Angry Birds Fuji TV[]