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Angry Birds Stella is OUT NOW on iOS, Android, NOOK, and BlackBerry 10! Download today and play for free! http://download.stella.angrybirds.com

What if Stella and her friends Willow, Poppy, Dahlia, and Luca lived in our world? Watch this athletic gang leap, spin, dive, roll, and scream their way through the city! Who knows, they may even bump into Gale along the way...

Everyone has that special something that sets them apart from the crowd, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be considered super or even powerful. For example, uʍop ǝpısdn ǝdʎʇ uɐɔ ı. I call this superpower THE SCRIPT FLIP.

You may think it’s not spectacular, but it’s part of what makes me, me. Deal with it.

So what’s your superpower? Tell us and own it!

  1. OwnYourSuperpower
  2. AngryBirdsStella

Find out more about this fearless flock, the action-packed game, and the upcoming Toons series over at http://stella.angrybirds.com

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Rovio Entertainment Ltd:

Producer: Joonas Rissanen Director: Taku Suzuki Production Manager: Pavel Andonov Copywriter: Taku Suzuki Graphics: Ville Westerlund Audio design: Doug Black Heaton, Mikko Paju

Woodpecker films:

Producer: Hannu Kalliolahti Line Producer: Katariina Holma Director of Photography: Aleksi Koskinen 1. camera assistants: OP Pesonen, Hannu Pyyhtiä 2. camera assistant: Mikko Parttimaa Helicam operator: Kari Ylitalo Gaffer: Kosti Lehikoinen Electricians:Timo Oravakangas, Christian Martens Sound engineer: Jukka "Benny" Nurmela Set Designer: Tony Alfström Location Manager: Klaus Hedström Costume: Saija Siekkinen Casting: Ida Vauhkonen Make-up and Hair: Aino Heiniö Catering: Iida Seppä Production assistant: Pekka Virtanen


Parkour artist: Sanni Vesterinen Kung fu / akrobatics: Damla Tokat Cyr Wheel artist: Rosa Tyyskä Opera singer: Luca Elshout Diver: Mari Mäkelä Shopping girl: Marika Peura

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