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Ban, is a feature exists in angry birds 2. They will be permanently, and obtained by hacking, using mods, or being reported.

Ban Message[]

You've been banned!

Your account has been permanently banned due to violating our terms of service. For more information, visit our terms of service page


How Bans Work[]

When someone go into a account that was banned, a message popup, alert that the user has been banned. The ban block someone of playing. This make nearly impossible to grinding, sign off and sign in, chatting with clans and even block from playing.

Ban will ban people who using hacking tools, cheating tools, illegal programs about hacking angry birds, exploit tools, and most common, mods.

Example, a person uses a mod to get a billion gems, Black Pearl, Getting higher levels, or even beat a pro in arena, get to the top of the leaderboards.

The Ban found about that, and ban the player, leading to the player cant play the game and got a lesson.

Ban may also ban someone who being reported.