A Fork in the Friendship
A Fork in the Friendship title card (Click to zoom)
Episode number 1
Air Date November 1, 2014
Written by Anastasia Heinzl
Directed by Kari Juusonen
Birds Stella Poppy Dahlia Luca Willow Gale
Pigs Minion Pig
N/A Bad Princess

A Fork in the Friendship is the first episode of Angry Birds Stella Toons season 1.

This episode debuts Stella, Poppy, Dahlia, Luca, Willow, Gale, and the Minion Pigs. It shows how Gale turned into the main antagonist of the series. It was aired on November 1, 2014.

Toons.TV Description

While hiking, Stella and Gale disagree about the best route, and Gale decides to go it alone. However, as fate would have it, she ends up going in a much different direction. What will she find there?



It was a normal day at Golden Island. Stella, Poppy, Luca, Willow, and Dahlia all got up, but Gale was still asleep. Upon seeing this, Stella tried to wake up Gale, but Gale ignored her. So she brought down Gale, and all the other birds eventually woke her up to join their usual morning hike. Unfortunately, Gale left her umbrella, so she got it eventually.

Now, during their hike, they later ended up in a place where they have to choose a path. Stella recommended to go to the left, but Gale wanted to go to the right. Stella ignored her, and went on their route causing, Gale to sneak out to her path.

However, what she did not notice was that there was a gap. As a result, Gale slipped down and fell, leading her to a tree with a crown and a book about the Golden Egg. When she tried on the crown, a pig came up behind. Then, more came up. She did not know what was it all about and was terrified. Eventually, she ran away, but with the crown still on her head.

Finally, that evening, she was reunited with her friends. They were happy to have her back. Stella told Gale to set up their tent. But while setting it up, she was daydreaming about being respected as queen of Golden Island. This daydream almost distracted her, and when Stella saw that the rope was almost ripped off, she tried to alert her, but failed. Gale was depressed by the incident and left immediately, leaving the others depressed.

While going back, the pigs returned, with Gale being shocked. They shown her a plank for her to be carried on, but she found it uncomfortable and ordered them to decorate it. Upon doing her command, Gale realized that the crown will give her power over all pigs on the island. Now that it was decorated, she was happy and was about to leave on the throne. Stella and the others were surprised and wanted Gale to come back home with them, but she ignored them, leaving with an evil laugh.



  • An umbrella being held over Gale's head is a possibly a reference to an umbrella which is carried above the head of the King of Siam at all times, and one suspended above his throne and the royal regalia, also for buddhas.
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