A Pig's Best Friend is the thirty-eighth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

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The Minion Pigs offer a captured Blue Bird to King Pig as a pet. Against all odds, it's really fun for the Blue Bird and he ends up driving King Pig crazy!


At the King's Palace, because King Pig wants to own his new, loving pet, the Minion Pigs prepared a surprise for him, a caged Blue Bird (Jim) made him as a pet that frightened King Pig because of his angry face. King Pig wanted to make him silent by saying him something. When the Minion Pigs saw him taking care of Jim, they suddenly said him a goodbye and walked away from the palace ahead of time.

While King Pig's getting something in the cabinet, Jay and Jake staring at the window planning to make Jim escape from being caged. Jim didn't did their plan, but he had a plan, his eyes are shimmering and glowing and his pupils enlarged to make sure that King Pig felt that he's pitiful. The one that King Pig gets in a cabinet is a pet holder, he will wear it to him so that he will not escape from the palace, but he bites it and makes him dizzy.

When the time Jim whistled, The minion pigs came in again the palace, but they wear helmets to show that they're King Pig's guards, not being an ordinary pig. Again, Jim's eyes shimmers to prove that he's pitiful, and the pigs walked again away from the palace. His plan works, so the Blues filled with laughter that plans will prevail.

Outside the King's Palace, at the staircase located at the beautiful gardens, King Pig went down with Jim tied in a pet holder. Jim fetched a bone that King Pig threw. He was happy and smiled when doing it. But Jim drove him crazy by hitting his head with a bone. Then, he buried him with a pile of soil. When Jim saw a butterfly, he got distracted to it. So he ran for it, while King Pig holds firmly to it. He bumped from the stairs going down the staircase and Jim smashed him through the watery fountain. They laughed when they saw that tragedy.

The guards saw King Pig, that they realize what he's doing. In order the guards walked away from the fountain, he hopped excitedly with no other reason, while Jim also hopped around him with a long rope tied to his body. He pulled through the bushes, and the beehive, where King Pig get stung by tons of bees, that caused him to panic that he was in trouble. Afterwards, Jim tied him again with the rope around a stone statue, that he's not comfortable on it. The other two Blues came, to spit their tongue together with Jim to him, and walked away together with Jim that he escaped from the pet holder, and his last word said to him, a last "Goodbye."

At the tall, spacious cliff, King Pig sitting on a swing and felt sad and lonely about the said tragedy. But he's thinking and remembering that there's Jim beside him hopping around the gardens, then through the watery fountain playing and swimming through the shallow waters. They hug each other, and went back again through the cliff. After thinking it, he cried with a single tear on his face because after a fun time with him, now he said goodbye from the pet holder and go away forever, never being his friend anymore. But the guards came in, watching King Pig. Suddenly, he had an idea about them.

Back again to the gardens, King Pig had now three pets, not birds, but minion pigs. Some minion pigs acted and pretended to be a pet dog, cat, frog, and a rabbit with their assigned costumes. Foreman Pig also joined in and wore a female dog costume, carrying a bone.

At the end of the episode, he became happy that he had three pets, not only one. He looks at hte camera, breakeing the 4th wall.

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Interesting Facts

  • The name is a reference to the phrase, "Man's best friend'', meaning that the dog is man's best friend.
  • The appearance of the throne hall's carpet is similar to its appearance in Slappy-Go-LuckyPiggy WigPig Plot PotionTooth RoyalNight of the Living Pork, and Love is in the Air.
  • At the credits, in the cast section, Foreman Pig's unlisted there because he just kept silent at the end of the episode.
  • In this episode, one of The Blues that King Pig owned makes him as a pet bird, at first, and became a pet dog.
  • This was #20 on Top 20 Angry Birds Toons Fan Favorites.


  • On the scene after Jim nods at Jay and Jake, his tail was changed to light blue.


Angry Birds Toons A Pig's Best Friend - S1 Ep38-1563565594

Angry Birds Toons A Pig's Best Friend - S1 Ep38-1563565594

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