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Abra-Ca-Bacon is the first episode in Season 2013 of Angry Birds Seasons. This is the Circus-themed episode and the sixteenth episode overall. It was released on May 16, 2013, and this is celebrating World's Circus Day. All of the episodes are based on magic. It introduced portals that teleport birds, pigs and everything that falls into them to another portal of the same color.


The following is from The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, as told by the Mighty Eagle:

  Roll up, roll up and prepare to be astounded, astonished and amazed - by how feeble Foreman Pig's fairground forts are, that is! The Bad Piggies just can't resist a show, but this is no time to be clowning about. They'll blow their big top when we find the eggs.

New Features

  • This season has new hazards called portals. These portals teleport birds pigs and other objects to the same colour to the other side. blue in blue and orange in orange.
  • Pigs have new costumes like in clowns, magicians, etc.
  • News Circus objects.
  • Allaka-Blam: A power-up that drops three boxes into the level that active after a bit and explode magically when touched.


  • Before the episode colors were removed in an update, the representative color they used in Abra-Ca-Bacon is rose.
  • The title Abra-Ca-Bacon is a pun on the magic word "Abracadabra".
  • This update introduced a new Power-Up called Allaka-BAM which is a pun on the magic word alakazam. With this, you can now drop magic boxes with a star that will be fortified with strong black material for protection, then lose their protection and turn blue so the Birds can detonate the boxes with explosive magic when destroyed. Allaka-BAM is a more powerful TNT Drop (from Rio).
  • The introduction of the Allaka-BAM makes it Seasons's 4th Power Up, matching the same amount of Power-Ups in Angry Birds Classic, Angry Birds RioAngry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Friends.
  • Amusement park rides, like Ferris wheels and roller coasters, can also be seen in the background. Other environmental features include extra circus tents and a high building.
  • Despite this episode taking place outside, this is the second episode to have no birds and special items flinging around the background in the title screen and Seasons selection screen, with the first being Haunted Hogs.
  • Some other variations of pigs from past Seasons episodes appear including the bat pig from Haunted Hogs, the bearded pig from Go Green, Get Lucky, and the mermaid tail from Piglantis, and has the paper-hand fan from Moon Festival
  • When launched by the slingshot, Red and Terence don't make their battle cries when the player taps on the touch screen or clicking the left mouse button. This was fixed in the next update.
  • In the loading screen and final Cutscene, the inside of the portal is the Easter Eggs background.
  • Like Haunted Hogs and Winter Wonderham, when you fail a level, a different picture is shown, which is a Magician Pig.  This is the third episode to do this and it was later made common.
  • The Golden Egg is a reference to Valve's Portal game, as this episode also introduces portals.
  • In the trailer both Retina Display and Blurry graphics are used.

Golden eggs

  1. Get 3 stars in this episode.
  2. Go to level 2-6. You'll see the Golden Egg under the slingshot. Matilda will have to touch the Golden Egg.


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