Accessories are worn by Pigs to fit the setting/mood of a theme in Angry Birds.

List of Accessories

Angry Birds

Trick or Treat and Ham'o'ween

  • Ghost sheet
  • Jack-o-Lantern Mask
  • Pumpkin hat

Season's Greedings and Wreck the Halls

  • Santa Hat
  • Santa Beard

    The set of 4 pigs with hat. Cowboy Pig, Cook Pig, Mailman Pig and Construction Pig.

  • Winter Hat
  • Glasses

Go Green, Get Lucky

  • Leprechaun Hat (Also worn by Red on one occasion)
  • Leprechaun Beard
  • Leprechaun Hair

Hogs and Kisses

  • Pink Bow
  • Cupid Bow (although not an actual weapon)
  • Angel Wings (allows pigs to fly without Balloons, also sometimes seen on other objects)

Easter Eggs

  • Pink Bunny costume (King Pig only)
  • Light Pink Bunny Ears
  • Hot Pink Bunny Ears
  • White Bunny Ears
  • Bunny Snout and Mouth

Summer Pignic

  • Sunglasses (pink or blue shades)
  • Straw Hat (three kinds)
  • King Pig's Summer hat (Also called a fedora)

Mooncake Festival

  • Asian Pigtail Hat
  • Paper fan
  • Chinese Straw Hat
  • Chinese Noble Crown (black and red in color)

Year of the Dragon

  • Dragon Crown (King Pig only)

Cherry Blossom

  • Twist Headband


  • Mermaid Tail

Back to School

  • Dunce Cap
  • Graduate Cap

Haunted Hogs

  • Frankenstein Forehead
  • Bat Wings (Sometimes allows pigs to fly)
  • Hockey Mask


  • Jester Hat
  • Rainbow Afro Wig
  • Clown Nose


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