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Age Rage is the ninth episode of the third season of Angry Birds Toons and it is the eighty-seventh overall. It was aired on November 27, 2015 on Toons.TV app.

Toons.TV Description

Professor Pig completely fails at making a youth serum, but every failure is a new opportunity – to weaponize!


The episode starts with Professor Pig making a potion for things to grow. He tries it on a pumpkin. Corporal Pig watches this and the pumpkin withered after a few seconds of working. He decided to try it to use it on the birds and steal the eggs.

Red is protecting the eggs while Chuck and Bomb have some tea. Corporal Pig and two Minion Pigs are preparing their balloon potions nearby behind the bushes. Red notices them and tries to race to the slingshot, but before Red reaches it, he gets hit with the potion and grows old. Chuck and Bomb saw this. Chuck tried to stop them with his fast speed, but grows old too. Bomb tries to blow them up, but to no avail after he grows old too.

Corporal Pig and the two other pigs accidentally fired the balloon potions in the air and become old. The pigs mistake the eggs for the tea set and fall down a cliff due to vision loss down. The birds and eggs are playing cards and when the pigs fall down, the eggs cards fall down and read 3 stars. Chuck leaves in fury, Bomb leaves in disappointment and Red passes out face first on the ground.



  • The effects of the potion wore off after the events of the episode, probably the effect itself was temporary.
  • Chuck's elderly appearance looks like the one from Bad Hair Day.
  • This is Professor Pig's latest appearence to date.
  • Two pigeons appear on the title card. This is one of much other appearences of other species of birds and animals in the series.
  • This is the second and last episode where they are about aging older, the first being "Bad Hair Day".