All Geared Up
Episode number 16
Air Date July 30, 2015
Written by Philippe Rolland
Directed by Philippe Rolland
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Tipping Point Dream House

All Geared Up is the sixteenth episode of Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work, It was aired on July 30, 2015, which was also the worldwide release of Angry Birds 2.

Toons.TV Description

Quality control, in reverse.


The episode starts of with a sleeping minion pig next to a hard hat and a bucket and then he wakes up and checks his alarm clock. He grabs the bucket instead of the hard hat because he was late. He manages to catch up in the line with 2 other worker pigs in the front of him. He stops for an inspection and the pig with glasses asks him if he's wearing his helmet and the pig says yes to him. The pig with glasses tries to observe is hat but knowing his glasses are too blurry to see, he allows the pig to go in. The minion pig gets on a stool and works on a conveyor belt with a pig with a mustache. The pig with a mustache notices something different about the pig distracting from his job and then he catches up on the conveyor belt that has a broken wheel. The speed of the conveyor belt increases making it hard for the minion pig to fix the wheels and as the speed increases, he gets dragged on the conveyor belt around. The wheel falls and is picked up by another minion pig and placed back on the start of the conveyor belt revealing the act repeating it's self. The screen circles around the bucket head minion pig as he is tired from the work. He snaps out of it and gains his energy back to do work.



Piggy Tales Pigs at Work - "All Geared Up"

Piggy Tales Pigs at Work - "All Geared Up"

Your gonna need your helmet for this work, piggie.