All That Glitters

Episode No. 6
Air Date December 6, 2014
Directed by Avgousta Zourelidi
Written by Bernice Vanderlaan
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The Runaway Pig Power

All That Glitters is the sixth episode of Angry Birds Stella Animated Series season 1.

Toons.TV Description

Gale and co. stumble upon a mysterious hole in the ground. When the pigs are too cowardly to investigate, Gale takes matters into her own hands. You can't rely on those pigs for anything!

Characters (in order of appearance)


The episode begins with a creature in a forest, he sniffs at the ground for a moment and notices something, running away. It is shown to be Handsome Pig leading the way for Gale, whilst she is being carried by other minion pigs, and another pig is carrying a bunch of rope.

Gale has carried her book about the legendary Golden Egg and reads it, but her reading is short lived as the pigs jump over a log and Gale is sent flying, face-planting into the ground below. Handsome Pig takes notice and takes concern for her, and Gale reprimands her minions for laughing at her misfortune. Handsome Pig directs Gale's attention towards a tiny clearing that has something similar of that of a pig's face in the center, the mouth being the hole into a mysterious cave as recorded into her book. Gale, happy with her finding, tosses the book aside and runs towards the hole.

Gale regains her composure and calls her minions to check out the depth of the hole, and she orders for one of them to throw something down there to see how long it takes for it to hit the ground. A pig finds a small rock near them and throws it down the hole, and they listen for it to land. After a mere 5 seconds of listening, the pigs become scared and they flee, leaving Gale and Handsome Pig. Gale looks at Handsome Pig, to find that he's scared of going into the hole as well. She takes notice of this and uses her charm to persuade him to enter the mysterious cave, and Handsome Pig enters the hole, but not before tying himself up so he can easily climb out. Handsome Pig is prepared to do his love this favor; however, he faints out of fear. Gale scoffs at this and decides that she takes this situation into her own hands. Handsome Pig wakes up and finds that Gale has dived into the hole, becoming worried about her safety, and the rest of the pigs do the same.

It's not long before the rope is revealed to have not been secure enough and all of the rope goes into the cave, now leaving Gale with nothing to catch her fall and no way for her to reach the surface once again. Due to this, Gale lands with a harsh thud, she has face-planted herself again. The minion pigs laugh, all except for Handsome Pig, who is crying, and the minion pigs leave to build a tiny latter and throws it down there, but they don't realize that it won't help Gale. Gale is crushed by the latter and she's apparently stuck down there.

Handsome pig cries, but then he looks up to find Stella on a hang-glider. While Handsome Pig runs to get help, Gale finds a hidden cave as indicated in her book, and decides to echo to see if anyone else was in there. The tunnel has mushrooms, and they lit up in response to the echoes, which interests Gale. Gale finds a chamber filled with ruins and ancient depictions of the Golden Egg and a pig from a line of royalty, as depicted in her book.

Gale then turns around to see the Golden Egg. She rushes towards it, only to find out it was just a golden depiction. In her fury, she throws a rock and it bounces off of a small statue, and Gale gets nervous until she finds a shining emerald embedded in the statue as soon as she removes vines that hid this treasure. Gale becomes ecstatic.

The scene transitions to the surface again, this time, it's Stella, Poppy, and Luca playing volleyball. It turns out that thevolleyball is Luca. Handsome Pig rushes into the game and tells the three birds about the problem with Gale being apparently stuck in a deep hole. Before the three birds have time to think, they're pushed towards the location by Handsome Pig, leaving them no choice but to go help. Back underground, Gale is pecking and pulling at the emerald to no avail.. until the emerald falls out! Gale screams in happiness and the chamber begins to shake, revealing a small creature that had been guarding the emerald. Although the creature seems harmless, it's actually very aggressive. Stella, Poppy, and Luca rush towards the scene of the accident and they hear Gale's screams of terror as she's confronted by the skunk-like creature (because it releases a foul smell in defense).

Poppy, thinking Gale deserves this, kicks at the dust and turns her back, only for Handsome Pig to cry and the rest of them reluctantly try to help Gale.. and they bring back materials to try to help her. Gale then gets a second look at this creature and believes it to be adorable, but only then the creature takes back the emerald and guards it.

Gale finds a way to circumvent the skunk creature and steals the emerald, and she is sprayed with a foul odour. Stella, Poppy, and Luca send down an efficient rope just as Gale is escaping the creature, and Gale escapes via this rope. At first, Gale is happy to be on the surface, but then is surprised to see her former friends coming to her rescue. The three birds then smell Gale's odour and run off, and whilst Gale is celebrating the acquirement of a new treasure, Handsome Pig clings to Gale, but freaks out to notice that her crown has gone missing.

Gale is devastated and assumes the crown is back in that hole, and forces Handsome Pig to go into the hole to retrieve the crown. As she turns around, she realizes that her crown is actually hanging onto her tail feathers and puts it back on her head. Happy, Gale walks off with her new emerald and leaves Handsome Pig in the hole she was in, and he is then sprayed by the skunk like creature as the episode ends.



  • This is the first episode to use the new intro.
  • This is the first episode to not have the appearance of Willow and Dahlia in it.
  • It is shown that Gale is after anything that shines, as revealed by getting an emerald.
  • It turns out the creature at the beginning of the episode is the creature added to Angry Birds Stella POP! None of the creatures from The Runaway were added to the game.
  • Luca is shown to dislike Gale's odor from being sprayed by the skunk creature, this is strange, considering that Luca hates being clean, let alone taking a bath.
  • This episode solely focuses on Handsome Pig's true admiration for Gale, even going as far as to ask the "enemy" for help.
  • This episode's title is based on the saying "all that glitters is not gold".
  • This is the first time Handsome Pig cried.
  • There is an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, from its fourth season named All That Glitters.


  • Willow is listed in the credits but she does not appear in this episode.

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