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Angry Birds Wiki
Angry Birds Wiki

The Android logo from 2019 and present

Android is an operating system based on Linux,[1] designed for smartphones and tablets mostly those by Google and Samsung but also used on other phones and tablets from other companies. It is considered by people to be a competitor to iOS/iPhoneOS.

Most games from the Angry Birds series can be played on Android by either downloading them from stores or by downloading APKs (XAPKs for some games which are bigger) from websites or unofficial app stores not by official companies.

Some Angry Birds games are exclusive to Android such as Angry Birds Go! Turbo Edition on Hatch due to it being exclusive to Android (an iOS version was planned but was never released), some Chinese only games such as Angry Birds (Chinese version) and Angry Birds Time Travel, and Angry Birds Star Wars II Free.

Angry Birds Game List

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Incomplete list
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This is a list of the Angry Birds games on Android and their system requirements.

Image Game
AB ICON (2013-2019).png
Angry Birds
Angry Birds Lite Beta
Angry Birds for Kakao
Angry Birds (China)
Angry Birds (Talkweb)
AB Icon.jpg
Angry Birds (Hatch)
Time Travel App Icon.png
Angry Birds Time Travel
Angry birds QQ Icon?.jpeg
Angry Birds (Tencent QQ)
Angry Birds Seasons Ragnahog Icon.png
Angry Birds Seasons
Another Ham Dunk icon(Chinese version).jpg
Angry Birds Seasons (China)
Angry Birds Rio
ABF Ninth Icon.png
Angry Birds Friends
Angry Birds Space Square Icon.png
Angry Birds Space
Angry Birds Space Free
Angry Birds Space (Hatch Version) Icon.jpeg
Angry Birds Space (Hatch)
Bad Piggies Icon 2017.png
Bad Piggies
Bad piggies HD.png
Bad Piggies HD
Bad Piggies Icon 2017.png
Bad Piggies (Hatch)
Bad Piggies (Talkweb)
Angry birds Star Wars Square Icon.png
Angry Birds Star Wars
Angry Birds Star Wars II
ABSII Free Rebel.webp
Angry Birds Star Wars II Free
ABGOIcon2016 7.png
Angry Birds Go!
ABEpic Icon 1.png
Angry Birds Epic
ABEpic DawnOfPiggyIslandIcon.png
Angry Birds Dawn of Piggy Island
AB stella logo2.png
Angry Birds Stella
ABT Icon 2.0.5.png
Angry Birds Transformers
Angry Birds POP!
Angry Birds Fight! Fifth Icon.jpg
Angry Birds Fight!
AB2 Eighth Icon.png
Angry Birds 2
Angry Birds Action!
ABBlast Current Icon.png
Angry Birds Blast!
Angry Birds GOAL! App Icon.png
Angry Birds Football
Angry Birds Dice
Angry Birds Islands
AB Evolution App Icon January 2022.png
Angry Birds Evolution
Angry Birds Match
Hkjk (1).png
Angry Birds Island
Angry Birds Dream Blast
16164850c37509a43168f1ff98af941b icon.png
Angry Birds Explore
Angry Birds Legends
AB Mayhem Simulator Icon.png
Angry Birds: Mayhem Simulator
Angry Birds Journey
RC AB App Icon April 2022.png
Rovio Classics: Angry Birds
Minecraft DLC Icon.jpeg Minecraft DLC

Samsung Galaxy Note Promo for Angry Birds Space

A video was released on 2/27/12 on the Samsung Mobile YouTube channel stating that Angry Birds Space will be "launching with Samsung GALAXY Note."


On March 9, 2012,[3] reported further information regarding Samsung Galaxy and Angry Birds Space:

"Aside from users getting to play a bit of the game ahead of its March 22nd launch, Samsung has detailed the exclusive content that their Galaxy users will be able to enjoy.

You’ll be getting an exclusive Samsung Galaxy Note level, free access to the Danger Zone update which provides 30 maps (would usually be an in-app purchase for non-Galaxy owners) and a new Lazer Bird which has unique powers to not only help you in the game, but to show off the beautiful display on devices such as the Galaxy Note."

Additionally, on March 9, 2012, the Angry Birds Facebook page updated with a video of the Lazer Bird in action, presented by the Samsung Galaxy Note. The description on the Samsung Mobile YouTube channel reads:

"The Lazer Bird, introduced by Samsung, perfectly reflects the personality of Samsung's GALAXY Note. The bird's lazer vision resembles the best viewing experience on the crisp and expansive screen and its Lazer strike superpower the high performance.

New characters, including the Lazer Bird in Angry Birds Space, have unique superhero powers to help in their fight against the space pigs and bring their eggs safely back home."



Angry Birds on Android

Video of Angry Birds Classic running on Android


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