Angry Birds Knock on Wood

The cover of the game's box

Angry Birds: Knock on Wood is a board game based on Angry Birds that was released on May 17, 2011, by Mattel. It is a game that enables players to create various structures that other players must attempt to knockdown.

The contents of Knock on Wood include three birds (Red, Chuck, and Bomb), four Bad Piggies (Normal, Corporal,  and Foreman and King), fourteen wood blocks, 56 mission cards, two bonus items (Star and Golden Eggs), and a single slingshot. All of the items are made of plastic. A newer version has been made, with an updated slingshot and bricks. It also comes with fully molded pigs and more better-quality birds.


Two to four players are required to play the game. The objective is to score a total of 1,000 points before another player does. To achieve this goal, one player must select one mission card, then the second player must assemble the structure using the appropriate number of wood blocks, Bad Piggies, and bonus (yellow) items. Upon completing the structure, the first player then proceeds to use the slingshot to fire birds into the structure. As with the game(s), the number of birds available is predetermined, as shown on the bottom of each card. If not all of the pigs are knocked down by the time the last bird is used, no points are accumulated. However, if the player does succeed, points are earned, with the value pictured on the top of each card. Harder structures will award more points, as easy ones will award fewer points.


Action Game

The Action Game is the same, only the Birds and Pigs are plushes, and Bomb, Corporal Pig, Foreman Pig, and King Pig are replaced.

Ab addons

The Add-ons

Angry Birds Catapult Deluxe Set

앵그리버드 새총세트

Angry Birds Catapult Deluxe Set

In South Korea, the game is called Angry Birds Catapult Deluxe Set. The game is mostly similar, but the Bomb is replaced with a Matilda, there are no mission cards and there are six pigs. There are no bonus items and two of the pigs are Small Pigs, and there is no Helmet Pig. The birds are made of rubber, but everything else is plastic.


Angry Birds: Knock on Wood

  • Knock on Wood is the first set of a series (see Angry Birds: On Thin Ice, Angry Birds: Spring Is In The Air, and Angry Birds: Mega Smash).
  • Although the birds in Knock on Wood are in different orders and have different appearances, they have all the same properties as each other.
  • While in the video games where the birds appear to have no wings at all, the bird pieces in Knock on Wood have tiny wings on their sides. Also in this game, the Bomb has a tail, but in the actual game, he doesn't.
  • Knockoffs of the game exist and include different birds, pigs, and slingshot than the official release. These are distinguishable by pigs with molded faces (instead of stickers) and lacking the Mattel logo or the "Knock on Wood" title on the box.
  • The King Pig has no crown.
    • This action has been repeated in the two sequels of the game.
  • You can use mission cards to build, or you can build whatever you want.

Angry Birds Catapult Deluxe Set

  • Chuck is the hardest, then Red and finally Matilda.

Action Game

  • Terence and Bubbles are the only birds that are not the Add-ons.
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