Angry Birds: Mega Smash
is a board game released by Mattel Games. It contains many pieces from Knock on Wood and On Thin Ice. It includes 4 birds (including The Blues), 4 sculptured pigs, which unlike the previous sets are fully molded, not just stickers, and many different construction pieces and mission cards.

The sculpting of the Bird pieces is the first in the board game line to use the newer, more accurate design also seen with Angry Birds: Spring Is In The Air. First seen in the set are the molded vinyl Pigs, using the same material and level of detail as the Birds. This is also the first official use of the proper name for the Grandpa Pig, which had previously been simply called the "Mustache Pig". It uses the smaller slingshot of the Angry Birds: Knock on Wood set, rather than the larger one used with On Thin Ice. The set is exclusive to Toys-R-Us.


The gameplay is identical to all previous versions of the board game. Two to four players are required to play the game. The objective is to score a total of 1,000 points before another player does. To achieve this goal, one player must select one mission card, then the second player must assemble the structure using the appropriate number of woodblocks, Pigs, and bonus (yellow) items. Upon completing the structure, the first player then proceeds to use the slingshot to fire Birds into the structure. As with the game(s), the number of birds available is pre-determined, as shown on the bottom of each card. If not all of the pigs are knocked down by the time the last bird is used, no points are accumulated. However, if the player does succeed, points are earned, with the value pictured on the top of each card. Harder structures will award more points, as easy ones will award fewer points.



  • In most box pictures, it shows Corporal Pig instead of Foreman Pig. But even if it shows Corporal Pig, It still says Grandpa Pig.
  • It is not known why Red Bird is not in this game.
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