Not to be confused with On Finn Ice.
Angry Birds- On Thin Ice

Angry Birds: On Thin Ice is a game released in October 2011 by Mattel.  Terence was released in this game. It is the 2nd game in the series.


Two to four players are required to play the game. The objective is to score a total of 1,000 points before another player does. To achieve this goal, one player must select one mission card, then the second player must assemble the structure using the appropriate number of wood blocks, Pigs, and bonus (yellow) items. Upon completing the structure, the first player then proceeds to use the slingshot to fire Birds into the structure. As with the game(s), the number of birds available are predetermined, as shown on the bottom of each card. If not all of the pigs are knocked down by the time the last bird is used, no points are accumulated. However, if the player does succeed, points are earned, with the value pictured on the top of each card. Harder structures will award more points, as easy ones will award fewer points.



  • Most of the cards in this game are Misson Cards because there were only one set of Bonus Cards.
  • This is the 2nd board game in the series (see also: Angry Birds: Knock on Wood and Angry Birds: Spring Is In The Air)
  • Once again, the King Pig has missed his crown and the birds have tiny wings. They probably did this because of the 2 construction hats.
  • Like Knock on Wood, the birds are shaped differently than in the video game and have small wings.
  • The Ice is transparent.
  • If you have both games (Knock on Wood and On Thin Ice), you can combine them to build a bigger structure, more pigs and more birds.
  • According to the snowy ground under the fortress, the game is (maybe) a hint that it is released to promote to the Wreck the Halls level of Angry Birds Seasons; it is also a clue about it related to the Nickelodeon animated short.
  • The Red Bird is replaced with the Yellow Bird and any other bird is Big Brother Bird.


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