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Angry Birds: Spring Is In The Air is a board game made by Mattel. It came out in March 2012. It comes with a new character, Matilda and a Red. This is the 3rd Board game in the series. The first being Angry Birds: Knock on Wood and second being Angry Birds: On Thin Ice. It is based on the Easter Eggs chapter in Angry Birds Seasons. It has identical gameplay to all the other board games.

Angry Birds: Spring Is In The Air's Box.



  •  Red looks different than in Angry Birds: Knock on Wood.
  • This is the first Angry Birds board game where the tails on the birds are black instead of the color the bird is.
    • This is also the first Angry Birds board game where they do not have wings on the side.
  • The Matilda toy uses her Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Google Chrome sprite design.
  • Again, the King Pig has no crown because of the pink bunny ears accessory and the fact he is just like the other 2 pigs only with a different face. This was the last version to do so.
  • As Easter Egg Hunt and Spring Fling, the birds have wings on their side just like in Knock on Wood and On Thin Ice.

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