Angry Birds Classic is the first Angry Birds game to be released and it got a lot of unused content as seen below.

Aquatic Episode

In the files of the game, there are unused sprites for an unused episode. There are
sprites of pigs with scubas and deep-sea diving suits. One of them is with their original design, which is with the deep-sea diving suit and others with the Chrome design which are with scubas.

There are also air tanks, duck feet, a lily, a mushroom, cave helmets, (Which are unused designs of the ones found in Mine and Dine. There are also two more sprites from the same episode on the sheet) and grass forms, which were probably meant to be used in the aquatic episode.

Unused Sprites


There are some sprites of Leonard that were never used in-game, such as sleeping, sweating, crying, cheerful and other beta sprites. In fact, it's an edited sheet
of King Pig

Birds Levels

Stella Level

There is an unused level in the game called StellaLevel (sic), which will refuse to load. The level would probably have featured Stella.


Bubbles, unlike Stella, is actually able to load properly. However, the level will always have a score of zero and the Slingshot is stuck under the ground. No Birds are included in the level either.

Design Update

There is an unused poster of a new update. It is a file with a poster that has a texture of buttons and a wood
Update Original

There are 2 Chucks  (Toons Design), 1 Bubbles, and 2 Minion Pigs (Toons Design). And it uses the background for the Red's Mighty Feathers levels. All of the characters use their Toons Designs. The sprites are very similar to Angry Birds Friends' new sprites and this could be a test for these sprites. 

This poster was featured in the News tab (Paused Game Screen).

Mighty League


Tickets could be used in the Mighty League in order to play the levels and could be found in the Bird Island levels (Which were replaced by Shockwaves). But in recent updates, they don't appear anymore in the game. They were deleted to make the game fairer.


Some stickers were unused or retextured such as:

  • One featured a defeated Hal in a rectangular form as an icon. To obtain this sticker, the player had to use a lot of birds. This sticker was retextured to Red using the Slingshot as an icon. The form of the sticker is now a star.
  • One featured tickets in an oval form as an icon. To get this sticker, the player has to use a determined number of stickers. This was deleted because tickets are not used anymore.

Snow Cannon

In one of the Mighty League levels, there is a warning message saying that a sprite is missing. The name of the sprite is Snow_Cannon. It could be the Snow Cannon from the Angry Birds Friends Winter Tournaments. The message is the following;

Sprites Missing


ve Unused Content
* - Discontinued, cancelled, or closed
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