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The current main icon for the channel.

Angry Birds' YouTube channel is used by Rovio to upload Angry Birds-related videos. and the main channel to Angry Birds which makes trailers, clips and many more videos. The channel was registered on June 15th, 2006 and was originally used as the original Rovio Mobile channel until around 2015 with the upcoming release of The Angry Birds Movie.[1]


Reuploaded Series

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Channel Description

Since the first Angry Birds game launched in 2009, the birds have flown full-steam into mobile games, licensed products, and movies.

Angry Birds has been played in every territory on the globe (including Antarctica), and has even been played aboard the International Space Station!

4.5 billion downloads, 50,000 unique pieces of merch, and 2 animated movies later, the birds are still flying as high as ever!


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  • This channel has joined in 2006, as this channel was for mobile games made by Rovio.
  • On September 13, 2021, the Angry Birds YT channel surpassed 5 Million subscribers, for this achievement, they released a Rube Goldberg machine video and did a 5 Million Subscriber Live Stream answering questions and reacting to fan art.
  • Not related to their YT account, but the Angry Birds Twitter account's first tweet was on December 1, 2009, showing off the Angry Birds in-game trailer.[2]
  • The account was re-branded from a generic "Rovio Entertainment" account to an "Angry Birds" account some time between April 30, 2015, and May 22, 2015.
    • A Rovio YouTube account was made on May 1, 2015[3] so that there would be a separate Rovio YouTube channel.


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