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In Angry Birds Classic, Bosses are elite pigs who are fought at the end of each theme. These bosses are usually then shown defeated in the proceeding cutscene. The bosses in the game are minor compared to bosses in later entries, but still serve to progress the plot in a meaningful way. Bosses are usually shown defeated in the following cutscene after the level is completed. All bosses before Surf and Turf are also named in the achievements. All bosses in the game are shown below.

Episode Bosses
Poached Eggs AngryBirds1-21

Herr Helmet


Mr. Moustache


Defeat of the King

Mighty Hoax Level-04-21c

The Imposter


The Mysterious Escape

Danger Above Danger Above 6-15

Hovering Helmet

Danger Above 7-15

Mounting Mustache

Danger Above 8-15

Green Baron

The Big Setup Level-09-15b

Hardhat Hidgalo

Angry Birds 10-15

Mason Mustache


Royal Ringleader

Ham 'Em High AB12-15

Billy the Pig


Clint Eastbacon


Wild Pork Hickok

Mine and Dine AB15-15

Cave Explorer


Cave Conqueror


King of the Caves

Surf and Turf SurfAndTurfLevel18-15

Surf and Turf 18-15


Surf and Turf 19-15


Surf and Turf 20-15

Bad Piggies AB21-15

Bad Piggies 21-15


Bad Piggies 22-15


Bad Piggies 23-15

Red's Mighty Feathers Image Not Available

Red's Mighty Feathers 24-15

Image Not Available

Egg Defender-15

Short Fuse Image Not Available

Short Fuse 26-15

Short fuse 27-15

Short Fuse 27-15

Short fuse 28-15

Short Fuse 28-15

Flock Favorites Image Not Available

Flock Favorites 29-15

Image Not Available

Flock Favorites 30-15

Bird Island Angry_Birds_Bird_Island_Level_31-21_Walkthrough_3_Star

Bird Island 31-21

Piggy Farm Angry_Birds_Piggy_Farm_Level_34-15_Walkthrough_3_Star

Piggy Farm 34-15

Jurassic Pork Angry_Birds_Jurassic_Pork_Level_37-16_Walkthrough_3_Star

Jurassic Pork 37-16

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