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A glitch is an error in a game where the developers mistakenly add an unintended feature. These are alternatively known as bugs.

List of Glitches[]

Here is the list of glitches found in Angry Birds and all its counterparts.

Corpse Glitch[]

Chuck Corpse glitch

The corpse glitch.

Prerequisites: Chuck or Hal unlocked

How-to: Fire Chuck or Hal into the air while using its ability. Then, fire a second bird (this one can be any bird) so it hits the first bird with the ability. If done correctly, Chuck will have his "speeding" sprite replacing his Corpse sprite, and Hal will have his mouth wide open as if he's flying in the air or if he hits something.


  • The glitched bird will disappear after left immobilized, just like any other corpse, but will make pain noises and such.
  • An additional Matilda corpse glitch can be performed. Perform the Corpse Glitch with Hal, but use Matilda as the secondary bird. If done correctly, Matilda should have a face with closed eyes and a tight beak, as if she's flying in the air before shooting the egg bomb.

Explanation: The game makers programmed a bird to enter its corpse sprite if it hit the ground, pigs, blocks, other birds, etc. They, however, probably forgot to program the system when a bird using its ability hits a flying bird, thus leaving the bird "frozen", until it disintegrates. Since Birdday Party was released in 2011, this was fixed.

Matilda Glitch[]

Prerequisites: Matilda unlocked

How-to: Fire Matilda and use her egg-shooting ability. Angle the bird so that it will hit a piece of ground (indestructible material). Sometimes if this would happen, Matilda will become her non-egg-shooting corpse sprite. This only happens in Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Chrome, Angry Birds Friends, and the 3rd Birdday Party update from Angry Birds.

Blue Birds Glitch[]

Prerequisites: The Blues unlocked

How to: Split Blue Jay in AB Free, and AB Lite. Only Blue Jay will be corpsed immediately. The others, Jake & Jim, will not be corpsed at all. Since the Birdday Party update was released for AB Original, all birds are now corpsed. This does not happen in AB Rio and AB Space. AB Seasons has this glitch too.

Slingshot Glitch[]

Prerequisites: Unlock any level in which the birds next to the slingshot are so close, the bird on the slingshot can stretch and touch them.

How to: "Rub" the bird on the slingshot on another unused bird. The slingshot bird should slowly rotate, allowing the player to fire upside-down birds and such. The birds also can end up like this if debris hits them.

Restart Glitch (Angry Birds (Google Chrome) only)[]

Prerequisites: None

How to: In Angry Birds Google Chrome, there is a slight possibility that the game will restart.

Blank Screen Glitch (Impossible to be made in PC and Mac versions)[]

Prerequisites: Lagging game (can be done with low battery)

How to: Tap the screen multiple times while acting (such as launching a bird from the Slingshot) while the game lags, and if done correctly, the game will partially crash and the screen will go all white or all black, but with the pause button remaining. The only way to get out of the glitch is to go back to the level selection menu; resetting the level does nothing.

Notes: Since the HD versions usually don't lag, this will not work on the HD versions.

Tomorrow Day Glitch[]

Prerequisites: Angry Birds Google Chrome, between December 1 and December 25

How to: If the player waits long enough, the Advent Calendar level for the next day will appear.

Invisibility Glitch 1 (Google Chrome only)[]

If your computer is slow enough, Red will turn invisible. But most of the time, Red will be visible.

Invisibility Glitch 2[]

In Angry Birds v3.1.0, Chuck sometimes becomes invisible in the game and bird tutorials.

Bomb Glitch (Angry Birds Only)[]

Go to Surf and Turf level 9 and fire Bomb at a piece of ground. When Bomb hits the ground, he will go from brown to his flying sprite, and then red where he explodes. It also happens on Golden Egg 23.

Terence Glitch[]

Go to Angry Birds level 14-2 (Ham 'em High) or level 20-12 (Bad Piggies).

For 14-2: Fire Terence and hit him on Bomb. Then, use Bomb to hit the other Terence. Then, launch Terence anywhere and his pain noises sound like Bomb's.

For 20-12: (Not available for Mac) Use Terence to hit Chuck for iOS or Hal for Android/PC/Samsung. Instead of Terence's regular pain noises, either Chuck or Hal's pain noises will be heard.

Quit Glitch[]

In the Egg Defender-1 level of Red's Mighty Feathers, if you would pull the slingshot to stop the first pig, the game would quit just when you reach far enough.

Mighty Eagle Glitch[]

In any mighty eagle levels from 1 to 3, throw The Sardine far backwards, When Mighty Eagle appears, he will be stuck off-screen and the earthquake noise played from Mighty Eagle will loop, with multiple hurt sounds coming from Mighty Eagle too (which are just Terences hurt noises), the screen will also shake rapidly and the earth-quake noise will be very loud, Mighty Eagle will despawn after a while making the noise cut out in an echo-ish way, a pig dying noise will also appear after the earth-quake loop has stopped.

An example of this glitch can be found here.

(This glitch can be found in the versions that have the mighty eagle tutorial levels.)

Game Freezing[]

Sometimes there is a glitch where sometimes while the player tries to play a level, but the screen freezes and forces the player to reset the app, this happens in The Mighty League.

Empty Present Glitch[]

In the final versions of Angry Birds Classic, it is possible to get a sponsored present without any item inside of it. The cause of this is likely that Angry Birds quietly takes out features from old games, or AB doesn't maintain old games a lot, and it is also unknown if the player affected gets an item after closing the pop-up.

Glitches in other games[]

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