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Angry Birds Classic is the first Angry Birds game to be released. It has a lot of unused content as seen below.

Unused Episodes

Year of the Goat

In the files, there is a sprite for a button of the episode Year of The Goat that is not used in the game and was probably meant to be released in the start of 2015, since this was the latest Year of The Goat and it uses the Classic Designs. The Chinese Version of the game features an episode with Year of the Goat's background, but the levels in it are taken directly from the international levels.

Moon Festival

In the files, there is a sprite for a button of the episode Moon Festival that is not used in the game and was probably meant to be released probably in the same year or in 2016, 2017 or 2018, because it's also in the same assets as Bird Island and Tutorial, since Moon Festival's button is in the same assets as the Year of the Goat and it uses the Classic Designs. While not used in the international version, the Chinese version of the game features this episode in a fully playable state.

Red's Mighty Feathers Part 3

In the files of the game, there are two unused sprite sheets for a third part of Red's Mighty Feathers, as both of them are labeled as "SEEING RED". The first sprite sheet includes sprites of pigs with scubas and deep-sea diving suits. One of them is with their original design which is wearing a deep-sea diving suit. Other pigs are the chrome design and are wearing scubas.

There are also air tanks, duck feet, a lily, a mushroom, cave helmets, (Which are unused designs of the ones found in Mine and Dine. There are also two more sprites from the same episode on the sheet) and grass forms.

The other sprite sheet includes sprites of Red using his ability and getting wet, as well as sprites of feathers and water effects. This strongly suggests that part 3 would introduce water in the game.

Angry Birds Land


In version HD 2.3.0's files, there are object sprites for an episode named ABLAND, which is short for Angry Birds Land. There are objects such as a Horse springy ride, funfair food, and toys. There are also hats that were used in Birdday Party. The episode is Funfair or Amusement Park themed and there are sprites for a possible background.

Unused Birds

Chuck Speed

They put this unused bird in version 4.1.0 and it's a Chuck itself and but its abilities are different, its abilities like Kanan Jarrus. And his trail is his speed. There is a glitch when you shoot Chuck at any block (a pig, wood, glass, rock, etc...) without using his abilities, it causes a glitch

TNT Bird

They also put this unused bird in version 4.1.0 and it's a TNT box itself, but its ability is to explode on its own when you shoot it at any block (a pig, wood, glass, rock, etc...). And his sounds is Bomb's sounds

Unused Sprites

Ability Icons

In version 1.0 and in the official gameplay trailer of the game, each bird had their specific ability icons appear at the bottom right of the screen when launching them from the slingshot. These icons would dissapear when the player used the bird's ability (tapping/clicking on the screen once).

Purple Feathers

Since the 1.0.0 PC version came out, these purple feathers went present, which meant that Rovio was possibly planning to release a brand new purple bird. (Located in INGAME_BIRDS_1 (source: PC 4.0.0))



There are some sprites of Leonard that were never used in-game, such as sleeping, sweating, crying, cheerful and other beta sprites. This is because it is an edited sheet of King Pig sprites.


In the Jurassic Pork background sprites, there are sprites for sauropods. However, they never appear in the levels' backgrounds, but appear in the cutscenes.

Cardboard Pigs

Angry Birds Classic Cardboard Pigs.png

In the pigs' sprite sheet, there are sprites for cardboard versions of the normal pigs. They were probably meant to appear in Mighty Hoax or the Tutorial, but the latter is more possible because of the design's nature.

They would probably act as normal pigs, just as the Scarecrow Pigs do. They don't have any injured sprite, meaning that they were only objects or would be instantly defeated.

Bad Piggies Objects

In the files, there are sprites for destroyed versions of the normal objects. In the game, the objects are only destroyed, meaning they have only one state. There are also a pipe wrench and blue caps for the pigs that are never used in the episode.

Golden Trophies

In the files, there are sprites for golden versions of the trophy objects, that were possibly meant to be the 3 Star version of them or Golden Eggs.

Wooden Fuse

In the same sheet, there are two sprites for wooden fuses with red and golden tips, that were possibly meant to be the reward for Short Fuse.

Puzzle Piece

Also in the same files, there is a sprite for a blue puzzle piece, that was possibly meant to be an icon, object, or reward.

Map Sprites

In the files of 4.2.0 in IOS there were map sprites called (MAP_BACKGROUNDS_SHEET_0) and also there are scripts in the subsystems folder


In the files, there are sprites for a feature named Anger. This feature would consist of the player filling a bird's Anger meter, whereas having Anger full would activate the Anger button. Clicking on it would make a bird charged with Anger, which lets it perform a special ability, they are the following:

  • Red: Unleashes a nuclear explosion.
  • The Blues: Unleashes a firework.
  • Chuck: Unleashes a tornado.
  • Matilda: Unleashes a rainbow cloud.

Fire Bird

In the files, there are sprites for a version of Red named Fire Bird. This version would charge as an ability and set fire on whatever he touches.

Fire Blocks

In the files, there are sprites for Fire Blocks, meant to be used together with Fire Bird. Code would probably be used to make them have a different appearance. (iOS versions only)

Birds Levels

Stella Level

There is an unused level in the game called Stella Level (sic), which will refuse to load. The level would probably have featured Stella.


Bubbles' level, unlike Stella, is actually able to load properly. However, the level will always have a score of zero and the Slingshot is stuck under the ground. No Birds are included in the level either.

Pause Screen Map


In v2.0.0, the game's pause screen was changed and had four buttons at the bottom which were news, games videos and a map which the latter was never released due to the pause screen being changed in the next update. [1]

Design Update

Update Original.png

There is an unused poster of a new update. It is a file with a poster that has a texture of buttons and a wood background.

There are 2 Chucks  (Toons Design), 1 Bubbles, and 2 Minion Pigs (Toons Design) and it uses the background for the Red's Mighty Feathers levels. All of the characters use their Toons Designs. The sprites are very similar to Angry Birds Friends's new sprites and this could be a test for these sprites. These sprites were used in Angry Birds World Tour

This poster was featured in the News tab (Paused Game Screen).

Poached Eggs

In the files, there's a tile set for a new design for Poached Eggs, that is more realistic, and being oil painted. It would possibly be part of the update. However, it's not used anywhere. It also matches the 2013 episodes' background scheme.

Mighty League


Tickets could be used in the Mighty League in order to play the levels and could be found in the Bird Island levels (Which were replaced by Shockwaves). But in recent updates, they don't appear anymore in the game. They were deleted to make the game fairer.


Some stickers were unused or retextured such as:

  • One featured a defeated Hal in a rectangular form as an icon. To obtain this sticker, the player had to use a lot of birds. This sticker was retextured to Red using the Slingshot as an icon. The form of the sticker is now a star.
  • One featured tickets in an oval form as an icon. To get this sticker, the player has to use a determined number of tickets. This was deleted because tickets are not used anymore.

Snow Cannon

In one of the Mighty League levels, there is a warning message saying that a sprite is missing. The name of the sprite is Snow_Cannon. It could be the Snow Cannon from the Angry Birds Friends Winter Tournaments. The message is the following:

Sprites Missing



Egg Bomb

There was supposed to be another power-up that would make Egg Bombs fall from the sky with parachutes, but Rovio cut this idea, most likely due to the power-up resembling Matilda's special ability. It can be said this was an early prototype of the power-ups "TNT Drop (Angry Birds Rio), Energy TNT (Angry Birds Friends Winter Tournaments), and AlakaBAM (Angry Birds Seasons)".

Removed Features

Before Crystal SDK shut down, early versions used it for the leaderboards. This was replaced by Game Center.

The Mobile version might have a fair share of Unused Content. The Windows Port has lots of Unused Content Below:

Golden Eggs

Intel Egg- This golden egg sprite has the Intel logo engraved in it. An Intel-themed Angry Birds game was made for promotion, with some of the levels appearing in the Android version of Angry Birds Seasons. Maybe it was planned to appear in this game too. It is possible to view the levels themselves by either replacing already playable levels with them or by enabling it from editing the LUA game code files. There are 5 Intel Golden Egg levels in total. Here are the levels themselves:

Golden RIO Egg - A sprite for a golden egg with a star, with the movie name Rio engraved on it. It appeared when you finish the Golden Egg #22 level, replacing the star. But, as the level complete screen was changed, this also got unused.

Mighty Eagle

Even though the Mighty Eagle is exclusive to mobile devices, the graphics and sounds for it can be found. This suggests that this feature may have been planned at one point. At least Rovio has prepared us for it.

First-Time Use Screen

This screen (found in "data\images\pc" of the game's directory) may be what will appear when the player first clicks on the Mighty Eagle icon (in the main menu, or the Power-Up Shop). The roll of film with the Mighty Eagle's eye will most likely lead to the Birds & the Mighty Eagle video like most versions of the game. Notice that there's no icon to buy it (usually a shopping buggy), so the Mighty Eagle may be free to use.


Feathers and Unused Title

Most noticeably, in this sheet, is what appears to be the original name for the PC version, "Angry Birds HD". It was probably removed because the iPad version is called Angry Birds HD.

It doesn't appear in v2.2.0 PC. Found in MENU_ELEMENTS_2.png, (Not v2.2.0 PC) and MENU_SHEET_2.png.

The large feathers below it are the rankings that replace the stars when using the Mighty Eagle. For how much of the stage is destroyed by the Mighty Eagle, the black feather transitions to the colored feather by percentages. The small feathers on the right are for the menus. During level selection, the black feather is used for indicating a level with the Mighty Eagle used, which is under-layered by the colored feather, showing how much 'eagle score' is obtained.



They have sprites for the Can of Sardines and The Eagle Himself in INGAME_BIRDS_2 File.

Unused Store Image

This image's name is "SHOP_NEW_ME_BG.png", so it might've been used in the store. 12AD317C-01C3-447B-8BBD-5F003886FF8D.png

Demo Level

There is an eagle demo level in \data\levels. This might have been used as a power-up tutorial level in the mobile versions.

Power-Up Buttons

There are also icons for the power-ups from Angry Birds Friends (aka Angry Birds Facebook), which include the shop images, as well as some placeholder graphics. They can be found in one file. Like the Mighty Eagle, these features never came to this version. There is also a lock button (iPhone retina Display) that is unused. That appears in BUTTONS_SHEET1

Unused/leftover sprites

Crystal Icon

Found in BUTTONS_SHEET_1.png (Or BUTTONS_SHEET_2.png), there is a hexagonal crystal icon. It is used in the iOS versions only for Crystal SDK in early versions. New versions use Game Center.


Unused buttons


Among all the button icons, there are a lot of icons which were not used:

  • The "Play" button has been replaced with a simple round button with a play icon.
  • The left arrow button with a corner shadow might be intended for use in the level selection, but the one without the shadow was used.
  • Some social media icons will only appear in the game if used the Chinese, Japanese or Korean localizations.
  • The ID card button icons were used only on the mobile versions, where you could save your progress online with a Rovio account.
  • Ads never appear in the PC version. But in the mobile versions, you can purchase to remove ads. Hence, the "Get the latest ad-free version!" button sprite was not used.
  • Red tied with a ribbon, which is present in the iOS version, serves as a button to share a free version of it.
  • The crystal icon, again, but smaller.
  • The trophy icon might have been for Achievements. Only present in iOS versions.
  • The curved arrow icon and the curved arrow in the 'level select' icon was never used in any version. It might be intended as a return button.
  • The blue button with hills will change the background to a static color, and will also remove all background images. This is only present in the mobile versions.

Golden egg #12 Soundbox

While the first five birds (Red, The Blues, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda) and Hal were used, their 'hurt' sprites were never used. Same for Bomb's exploding phases, wide-mouthed Hal, and Terence. This was added in v3.1.0.


Bad Piggies Promotion

A sprite-sheet for the Bad Piggies promotion. This is supposed to be animated. This was added in v2.3.0.


Test arrow

This pair of arrows were included in the birds and pigs' (INGAME_BIRDS_1) sprite-sheet, and are likely a leftover from the developer kit (a.k.a Editor Mode).


It can be seen in this video at 4:25.


Red's special (Mighty Feathers) activated

Red's sprite when he uses his ability. In Chapter 9, Red gets a special ability. While it does show up in the tutorial screen, this never shows up when used. This is also used in (INGAME_BIRDS_1).


Rectangular bubble

A rectangular bubble and its particle sprites are present alongside Stella's sprites, so it was most likely that she was intended to use this bubble too. However, only the normal bubble sprite was used.


Unused blocks

F65BFC19-DC4B-4784-82FE-6F9CEF5D817B.png 3EDE8891-207A-4412-B7BC-92337362D12C.png

Some weird block sprites are present in the blocks sprite-sheet that were never used in-game.

  • The golden American football might have be used for Golden Egg #22 as it was a Super Bowl surprise. But, as this specific egg didn't use any sprite to seem invisible to players, this sprite was never used.
  • Two different types of terrain, a wooden stage, and an ice rink.
  • Two bent planks that are each painted with a different color.
  • A brass tray.
  • A sideways metal pole that might be for a sideways flag.
  • An ice platform. It was used in Angry Birds Seasons as a static platform.
  • "Golden" sprites of the first 6 chapters' level complete items, and a King Pig for some reason. A golden item might be planned for each episode, but was scrapped for some reason.
  • A puzzle piece (Again).
  • Also In Retina Display (Or iPad 3 & newer) (And v2.2.0 to v3.3.1), the Mighty Hoax block is supposed to be the Chrome sprites.

Debugging functions

In the game's asset directories, there are Lua files for debugging the game. Some debugging code is also present in pre-existing Lua scripts not titled as debugging features. These are shown by the game's build settings in options.lua.

Build settings

  • releaseBuild: Retail, clean build. Turning off makes the game act like debugging build, enabling debugging functions and some screens have debugging information like the credits, defaulted to true. Some include debugging information in the credits, using a developer activation server and allowing the use of using all developer cheats on beta builds.
  • showEditor: Shows the level and particle editors at the main menu, defaulted to false, due to some files that aren't present the game (until 7.2.0 which never released on PC before discontinuation), it crashes among toggling this setting while checking data/scripts/editor for editor. lua... maybe the files are present in an older version (v1.0.0-v2.0.0) or the ones from the current releases can be imported then this setting would be useful.
  • cheatsEnabled: Allows the use of built-in developer cheats. False is defaulted.
  • useDynamicAssets: Makes the game use assets from the dynamic script directory. False is defaulted.
  • isPremium: Makes the game acts like a "premium" version, ads are disabled, false is defaulted. Has no effect on PCs due to absence of advertising and IAPs.
  • isKorea: Makes the game act like a Korean build. False is defaulted.
  • applyChinaRestictions: Makes the game act as a Chinese build. A timer is shown for game time left, false is defaulted. However, it can be replaced by localization.
  • gameVersionNumber: The game's version number shown in credits. Changes after every update.
  • customerString: OEM is based on how the game was acquired, commonly "rovio".
  • svnRevisionNumber: Server revision number in last credits line. The number starting with RXXXXX isn't shown on PCs due to lack of online service support. However, it is shown if the game is a debugging build.
  • isSeasonsAvailable: Makes the game advertise Angry Birds Seasons in menus. True is defaulted.
  • g_registrationEnabled: Toggles the game activation DRM setting. True is defaulted.
  • g_updateCheckEnabled: Toggles the game's auto-updater executable updater.exe setting. Defaulted to true.
  • g_hasWebBrowser: Makes the game think you have a web browser to view ads. Defaulted to true.
  • loadMightyEagle: Loads the Mighty Eagle assets. Enables the Mighty Eagle. True is defaulted, but due to lack usage of proper files, this doesn't do anything... This only works in v1.6.3.1.
  • bingIsEnabled: Allows Bing usage in game.
  • enableAssertions: Enables assertions.
  • disableShopButton: Hides the shop from the game. On is defaulted, but you can try turning off
  • hasIaps: Allows IAPs to be made. Off is defaulted.
  • g_is_free_version: Makes the game act like a free version. True is defaulted for demo, but when you activate full game (v1.5.1+), false is defaulted.
  • useScaling: Toggles scaling settings.
  • timeMachineServer: What server is used (for time). dev is defaulted.
  • gameId: Short identifier for the game when clicking ads that log it. Defaulted to abc.
  • g_separate_powerup_highscore: Allows power-up based high scores separately to be kept along with plain gameplay scores in a highscores.lua. False is defaulted.
  • applyLocalization: Applies a predetermined localization.
  • isHDVersion: Makes the game act like a iOS HD build, but maybe it shows HD sprites and textures if on. False is defaulted.

LUA error handler

If an LUA is modified incorrectly or calls something that has or causes errors, the game will show an error about it. The options are to ignore, abort, or retry. If the file is too major that is having the problem, the game likely will force you to exit/crash unless the file is fixed. If the game memory is modified based on bird counts, the game will show an error: Next bird not found! Please make sure all birds are correctly numbered for each level. Call stack: INFO...


Developer cheats

If developer cheats are on, these can be used during gameplay.

FPS and memory display

A display on the bottom middle of the screen, for the FPS and memory in MB is visible. Show Fps is the internal flag name if using the you're using the Debug Console to enable.


Debug console

A giant overlay for both logging and entering text, covering the entire screen, called and hidden by by Shift-D. It is possible to edit in-game flags and values for a session by using it, the same way for loading it on mobile releases (Right corner multi click). It's also a method to load on the PC version. Using @ in your entry will close the debug console after it is entered.



  • C = Simulates a three star completion, ignoring the current score and using a predetermined score, the same way for using it on mobile releases (Left corner multi click). It is also a method to load on the PC version.
  • PgUp = Previous level.
  • PgDown = Next level, ignores level lock restrictions.


  • Backspace-Q/W/E/R/T/Y/U = Crashes the game, attempts to call powerups while PC version doesn't enable them or have the files.
  • Ctrl-Alt-# = "#" can be 1 (English), 2 (French), 3 (Italian), 4 (German), 5 (Spanish), 6 (Chinese), 7 (Taiwanese), 8 (Japanese), 9 (Portuguese) or 0 (Polish). Attempts to change the text locale, setting a non-existing locale other than Japanese or English crashes the game...
  • S = Toggle sounds on or off.
  • Ctrl-F5 = Attempts to create an Lua file containing the layout of a screen. It crashes due to the folder layouts in the game data directory that do not exist. Manually creating it fixes the function to make a plaintext file.
  • Shift-F12: Toggles mouse cursor visibility.
  • Shift-C: Enables IAPs (doesn't work).
  • Shift-Z: Powerup bundle reward (Crashes).
  • Shift-X: Powerup slot machine (Crashes).
  • F: Toggles visibility of the FPS and memory display.

Filesystem differences

In the current Angry Birds versions, scripts alone is only present. On PC and old versions, scripts and scripts_common are present. Certain DRM files are only present on the PC version of the game, but are mentioned in current versions. LZMA packing is used after v6.0.1, but the PC version beyond v2.0.0 maintained 7z encryption for containing assets, WAVs, OGGs, and MP3's are only supported. v1.0.0 used encrypted assets alone.

Leftovers from other versions

Achievement icons

Icons for achievements in iOS versions. It also has a sprite for an in-game dialog box, which was used for completing achievements in Angry Birds Trilogy.


iPad font

This image is located in \data\fonts\1024x768\FONT_MENU_IPAD.png. It is used to show the current level's number when the game is paused.


Mattel Apptivity

These files are for the Mattel Apptivity King Pig toy, which can be used to unlock special content in the iPad version. The King Pig sprites are used for level successes and failures. This content is now unlockable as of version 2.2.0 (v2.3.0 and newer if on iPhone, Android, MAC, and PC).

These are some files from the toy's splash screen.

HD and free (3.2.0 and newer)

This image contains the used Rovio logo, and the words HD and Free. There is no free version of Angry Birds for the PC (the unlicensed version does not use "Free").


Toons.TV (also known as Toons)

This button links to Toons.TV in the mobile versions. It never came to PC.


Red had a completely different design. Also, his name was going to be George.


He was the same, except he had the same color as Red, he had less spots, and he also has more spots near his eyes.

These sprites were planned to be used in the cancelled "Free to Play" update.


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