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Being a famous and long-running franchise, Angry Birds is no stranger to controversy. This page contains a list of controversies relating to the series.

Angry Birds rips off Crush the Castle (2012)

Back in 2012 when Angry Birds was getting global and media attention, people started to realize that the gameplay was very similar to a Flash game that came out in April 2009 called Crush the Castle, which involved knocking down kings, queens, and knights in a castle with rocks from a trebuchet.[1] There was a decent amount of backlash on Rovio for copying the gameplay mechanics of Crush the Castle, with the pigs representing the people and the birds representing the rocks. On May 6, 2015, Joey Betz, the creator of "Crush The Castle," conducted a Reddit AMA regarding the game. When asked about his perspective on Angry Birds, Betz initially perceived it as an imitation. However, he later expressed that he was flattered by the success of Angry Birds.[2] He stated that:

When [Angry Birds] started growing in popularity it's become kind of flattering really. […] If that's true, then it's awfully flattering that [Rovio] chose my game to ''copy''. :p

NSA and GCHQ using Angry Birds to spy on players (2014)

Around 2014, documents were leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden that said the NSA (National Security Agency) and its British counterpart the GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) were spying through security-venerable apps like Angry Birds to monitor social media presence and what you do on smart phones.[3] Both agencies stated that they operate within all reverent laws and only peruse valid foreign intelligence targets.[4][5] However, on January 29, 2014, allies of the Syrian Electronic Army hijacked for a few minutes replacing the logo with the image below as a form of protest against the allegations.[6][7]

Juli Adams vs Hartz & Angry Birds (2014 - 2015)

On August 4 of 2014, a Seattle artist filed a lawsuit against Hartz for cheating her out of millions of dollars when the pet toy company, Hartz Mountain Corporation made a deal with Rovio Entertainment to bring their popular Angry Birds brand to their toyline.[8] Juli Adams designed the "Angry Birds" line of cat toys in 2006 when showing her artwork at a festival in Montana in 2006 when a vacationing Hartz executive saw her work and asked if Adams would be interested in designing a line of pet toys for the company. She accepted and helped create the cat toy line.

When Rovio partnered with with Hartz in 2009, Hartz stopped the manufacturing of the original Angry Birds line and went on to make both dog and cat toys of the brand we know of today. The lawsuit was filed in 2014 and trials began shortly.[9] Hartz asked U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik to dismiss the case, arguing that under its contract with Adams, it owned the “Angry Birds” trademark and was free to use it, but Lasnik declined to do so. The case was settled on December 28, 2015, with the results of the case being confidential to this day, but what we know is that Juli's attorney, Tony Shapiro sad that "She is very happy with the results".[10]

The Angry Birds films containing subtle politics (2016-present)

In May 2016, when The Angry Birds Movie was released to the public, people were questioning the movie's theming throughout the feature film.[11][12] Issues covered in the first movie includes:

  • Red coming off as an unlikeable yet relatable character for the first few scenes being the catalyst of the controversy, including but not limited to:
    • When Red slapped Dr. Wingstein, many people took it as an anti Jew, since the doctor's last name on his diploma is a pun on the Jewish name of "Weinstein".
    • Red tells a bird with Dreadlocks "Have you ever heard of bird control?"
    • Red doesn't seem to like Hipsters (Apple Store, Jazz, Fedoras)
    • Red seems odd about a male bird taking care of an egg
  • Most of the movie has strong ties of the issues Germany that was facing with Islamic refugees during the start of the 2010s in Europe. There have been many conspiracies including:
    • like Bird Island from above looks like the European Union (EU) flag and the “Anger management lesson” represents the liberalism in Europe.
    • Red, Chuck and Bomb are the colors of the present day German Flag
    • The pigs are supposed to represent Islamic Refugees
    • The museum of happiness might seem like people wanting to change the history of people by letting them forget situations in history (like what Germany did during the cold war and present day)
  • Mighty Eagle is supposed to represent the United States (Used to be strong, but is now old, fat, weak, and conceited)
  • Judge Peckinpah trying to look tall by standing on another bird (Cyrus) to force his power on other birds
  • The pigs are all of male gender
  • The Pigs use a lot of TNT throughout the film
  • The Mighty Eagle knows what's going on, but doesn't want to do anything about it
  • There is a "Coexist" bumper sticker on the car Terence gets the birds on
  • Bomb doesn't like "Pig in Airplanes"
  • Mighty Eagle's final speech
  • The new statue at the end credits Mighty Eagle more than Red

Sony most likely realized what people were thinking, so they took creative control away from Rovio and revamped their scripts for The Angry Birds Movie 2 and circumvent the events of the movie. However, an interview with Josh Gad confirmed that the sequel had some political undertones within the movie.[citation needed] Some of the commentary includes:

  • Bird Island and Piggy Island being a commentary for the war between Europe and the Middle East that ultimately doesn't have to so with anything.
  • Red could be seen as an allegory of Gen X, trying to showcase how heroic he is, Silver could be seen as a Millennial/Gen Z, being smart with technology and planning. All of the Eagles being a metaphor for Baby Boomers and only think about themselves, even if they cause problems around others.
  • The main antagonists being a direct correlation to environmental problems, mainly Global Warming.
  • Red giving the younger generation the credit they deserve.

Besides that, there were a lot of controversies within the fandom that is still being talked about to this very day. According to a tweet by John Cohen, he described Jay with she/her pronouns as apposed to the he/him pronouns that Jay had in the games.

Videos that support this controversy

Rovio vs "Angry Birdz" (2019)

On June 20, 2019, Rovio filed a lawsuit which accuses Angry Birdz Nashville Hot Chicken located in California of trademark dilution both with its name and its logo.[13] The Angry Birdz logo appears very similar to the 2009-2010 Angry Birds logo, in which uses the Feast of Flesh font.[14] Rovio alleges that the restaurants’ infringement will impair the distinctiveness of Rovio's Angry Birds marks, which caused Rovio to issue a cease-and-desist to Mkhitaryan (the owner of the restaurant) and Angry Birdz.[15] At that time, Rovio sought a prohibition against the hot chicken restaurant from using the name or logo in the future, as well as unspecified damages.[16][17] The business is believed to be rebranded to "Angry Chickz".

#BringBack2012 (2019 - 2021)

During the 10th anniversary of the franchise, Rovio removed most of their remaining games released before Angry Birds Transformers due to "testing purposes", but later announced it was because they didn't have the resources needed to keep those games running older game engines up to the standards of the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.[18] Many fans disagreed with this situation. YouTuber Maximus Overdrive started the hashtag "#BringBack2012" back in September 2018 to protest many of Rovio's other decisions, but after this incident, the hashtag spread like storm. Many fans during late 2019 and 2020 started to spread it around on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. But this had many consequences, like the hatred and toxicity growing even faster for Rovio. In 2020, Maximus decided to leave the AB community because of this, while the hate and flame wars continued throughout the year. On June 22, 2021, however, Rovio made an official statement that some of the classic games would be remade and return to stores, such as Angry Birds Classic, Seasons and possibly more.[19][20] After hearing this, many of the fans instead starting using #ThankYouRovio for the exciting news and the hashtag has died down in usage lately. On November 23, 2021, Rovio officially announced for the re-release of Angry Birds Classic (using the Unity game engine) to be in early 2022 and encouraged fans to reuse the hashtag to ask questions about the initiative and what the company will do with the other older games in the future.[21] The updated version of the original game, officially titled Rovio Classics: Angry Birds, was released on March 31, 2022.

Angry Birds and AI (2019-present)

Rovio first started fully experimenting with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2019 with level creation for Angry Birds Dream Blast.[22] Rovio previously used AI learning algorithms to help cross-promote their other titles.

In January 2023, it was revealed that some user generated content (UGC) was used in Rovio's AI training model.[23] Some employees are vocal supporters of AI and can be seen using AI generated Angry Birds images for social media purposes.[24]

Many fans believe this use of AI can affect how Rovio uses fan art in future media and if this can take away jobs from artists currently working for the company. In response to the concerns, Rovio published a series of blog posts in February and March of 2024 detailing how they will utilize AI.[25][26] In that same month, it was discovered that Angry Birds World used AI imagery in a promotional image on the Leisure app.[27]

In April 2024, a new app icon was released to some regions of the Google Play store that depicted one of The Blues on the body of a bald eagle.[28] Fans criticized Rovio for not having an employee create the app icon manually[29] and for the eagle's body not fitting the art style of the game.[30]

Angry Birds and misleading advertisements (2020-present)

Beginning in 2020, Rovio was heavily criticized for starting to lean into false advertisements for their games, notably Angry Birds 2 and Angry Birds Dream Blast. False advertising is the use of misleading, false, or unproven information to advertise games to attract gamers. Another, much more common example is advertising features that are nowhere to be found in the final product.

Common complaints for these advertisements are: Advertising features or gimmicks that are not in the actual games, the stilted and awkward animation, and the over-reliance on stock art. Though the false advertisements have slowed down, some of them can still be found on the Angry Birds official YouTube and TikTok accounts, some of which can be seen below.

These types of advertisements are very common among other mobile games.[31] These types of misleading mobile ads have been an issue since 2018[32] due to a lack of regulations.[33]

Rovio & Angry Birds vs Hector Balderas (NM) (2021-2022)

On August 25, 2021, the New Mexico attorney general Hector Balderas announced a federal lawsuit against Rovio Entertainment due to the company allegedly selling information of minors (people under 13) to 3rd party advertising companies.[34] It is said that the personal information collected includes data like device names, online activity history, and more and that Rovio tried to turn a blind eye against the issue while marketing merchandise to young kids, such as playsets and lunchboxes.[35] Court filings are publicly available.[36]

On August 27, the CEO of Rovio Alexandre Normand responded to a DM question about the lawsuit on Twitter that states that Hector hasn't contacted Rovio any time before filing the lawsuit and that they have not acquired the lawsuit yet.[37] They also denied knowingly collecting data from minors. The first company response to the situation was in October of that year through the Q3 investors report that confirmed that they had not been served the lawsuit and mention that the general's claims lack merit and overlooks the investments the company put in to make safer playing environments in their games.[38]

Rovio in their Q1 2022 investors report have confirmed that they have initiated discussions with the attorney general to "explore options for resolving the complaint".[39] In their Q4 2022 financial statement bulletin, they addressed the issue this time stating they agreed to settle the lawsuit on December 30 of 2022, in return paying US$3,132,830.00 towards a charitable initiative and US$1,117,170.00 in legal fees.[40][41] As a result of this lawsuit, all active Rovio games now have a popup asking the player for their age.


Peter Vesterbacka Crypto Scandal (2021)

On December 6, 2021, it was announced that the former-CMO and co-founder of Rovio Peter Vesterbacka was attending a grand opening event for an unheard-of Blockchain project called "Gem Uni" or "INO GENI" created around late October 2021.[42] This project has features of crypto tokens and NFTs which are widely known to mostly be rugpulls or scams. Many users on Twitter found out about this and were disappointed in the co-founder's decisions.[43] Peter has not made a public announcement on his Twitter currently, but has made posts about crypto on the same day as the blog post.[44][45]

Angry Birds involvement in Ukraine War (2022-2023)

Website DDoS (2022-2023)

On February 28, 2022, Rovio posted on their official blog that they stand with the Ukrainian people and government amidst the Russian Invasion.[46] Five days later on March 5, the website went offline with a 503 error code around 4-5pm EST.[47] The site went back online around 6am EST the next morning.[48] On the next day, the website went down yet again around the mid-day.

The causes are unknown as of now, but it's speculated to be a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack from pro-Vladimir Putin hacking groups (such as Killnet) to the website service provider.[49][50] It is important to note that only the Angry Birds website was targeted and not the Rovio domain. The website later came back online at 1pm EST the same day and has been running since then.[51]

The website was later found offline on March 15, 2022, at around 9:30 AM EST by members of the Rovio Gaming Discord Server.[52] The website was able to appear online at around 11 AM EST the same day.

On October 30, 2023, one of the members of the Russian server in Discord on Angry Birds with a team of DDoSers - NoName057(16) claimed that they put down the Angry Birds site, with it turning out to be true.[53] The site was down for about an hour, after which the work was restored.

Rovio removing games from Russia and Belarus (2022)

On March 9, 2022, Rovio posted on their official Twitter that all of their games are being removed from Google Play Stores and Apple Stores from both Russia and Belarus, as a response to Russia invading Ukraine.[54][55] They also said that the money that they use for advertisements in the games will be donated to UNICEF.[56]

Delisting of Rovio Classics: Angry Birds (2023)

On February 21, 2023, Rovio issued an announcement on Twitter that Rovio Classics: Angry Birds would be delisted on the Google Play store and renamed to "Red's First Flight" on the App Store starting February 23.[57] The initial reaction of many fans were to ask why Rovio was doing this since it didn't require a server to run the game, but a Rovio community manager named Buck clarified that the game was being delisted and renamed due to it negatively impacting the performance of their other live service games.[58] Buck also mentions that it's possible for more Angry Birds games to be brought back in the future and the reason for the name change was to explore Red's origins.[59]

Some notable online creators such as SomeOrdinaryGamers and Arlo commented on the situation by joking about how the game decreased the sale of microtransactions in their other games.[60][61]

Angry Birds vs Twitter (2023 & 2024)

Angry Birds & pride month (2023)

In May 2023, the Angry Birds Twitter account posted an image with a transgender flag saying “Trans rights are human rights”.[62] After this, most users agreed with this post with other users seeing this as a form of pandering. More extreme replies involved commenting transphobia, gore videos and rule 34 of Red and Chuck.[63]

In June during Pride Month, this activity increased with a new post announcing a new non binary bird named “Jo”.[64] similarly to the transgender tweet, the post was met with both positive and negative feedback with some being more concerned with the inclusion of an eggplant and peach emoji near Angry Birds characters on one of the phone wallpapers.[65]

In the middle of the month, the account posted an image in support of intersex people.[66] A similar amount of users supported and denied this tweet compared to the previous instances, with supporters saying "Red W" and other users saying Angry Birds is "being woke".[67][68]

Around the start of 2024, the pride flags[69] from the Birdsona editor were removed for an unknown reason.[70] This received backlash on Twitter with fans saying Rovio only added that feature for publicity reasons.[71] A community manager later responded to these claims by stating that they didn't know why the feature was removed, but they will be added back soon. The flags were added back to the editor on February 19.[72]

Angry Birds & 'the repost' (2024)

On May 18, 2024, a tweet with the "i tickled my pickle" copypasta[73] would be reposted for a day on the main Angry Birds account.[74] This was the case until the account was blocked[75] and a public apology was made.[76] This incident would later be covered by DramaAlert[77] and mentioned by iFunny[78] on X.

Rovio vs Angry Birds Community (2023-2024)

Not liking the direction the series is going, a group of Angry Birds community leaders on July 12, 2023, announced the creation of a Google Doc that included testimonials from Angry Birds fans venting about the faults they see in the direction of the series.[79] The letter was released to the public on July 21 of that same year.[80][81] Three days later on July 24, the Angry Birds Twitter account acknowledged the situation and said Rovio will read the letter.[82]

On August 7, the angry_facts Twitter account confirmed that some Rovio employees have read the document.[83] In October, Rovio publicly gave their response on the Rovio Gaming discord server, with most fans feeling disappointed then satisfying.[84]

On April 13, 2024, the account RandomABOpinions posted a thread explaining ways to boycott the series with some of the major reasons for this being about the Glassdoor reviews, layoffs, false promises about bringing the original games to modern app stores, lack of LGBT representation outside of June, using AI in internal projects, including political ads in their games and more.[85]

Angry Birds involvement in Israel-Hamas War (2023)

On October 16, 2023, it was reported by a user on X (formally Twitter) that their 6 year old child was shown a pro-war Israeli advertisement on Angry Birds 2 that showed graphic imagery.[86] In response, Rovio has taken down the ad from their ad network.[87] The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the legitimacy of the advertisement, but had “no idea” as to how it was shown on certain mobile games.[88] The advertisement was only found in six reported cases, with each occuring in Britain, France, Germany, Austria, and Holland.[89]

Rovio's Glassdoor reviews (2023)

On December 26, 2023, a former employee on the website Glassdoor wrote a negative review on their alleged time working for Rovio.[90] This review would be reposted on X (formally Twitter) two days later, to which many fans of the series were very disappointed at both Rovio and Sega's reported treatment of their employees.[91] Rovio later wrote a public response addressing the accusations on December 30, to which a small divide was created.[92] On one side, many believed Rovio was being serious and honest about the situation[93], while others pointed out more company reviews created by other alleged former employees.[94]

Inclusion of MRB (2024)

On February 7, 2024, a video would be uploaded to the Rovio Entertainment YouTube channel titled, "Angry Birds Fans - Joy Delivered!". At the end of this video, a collage of fan art is displayed. One of these pieces of fan art from 2021 depicts a known pedophile in the Angry Birds Animo community[95] called "Mighty Redbird" (MRB).[96][97] This was made public knowledge a day later on Twitter.[98]

When this was brought up to community managers so the image could be blurred, they believed that to most people it looked like fan art of Red, so no action would be taken.[99] When more information was posted about the matter publicly, the community manager blocked the user[100] and later deactivated their account on the 18th due to an alleged hate campaign against them.[101][102] It was later discovered that the artist directly granted Rovio permission to use the image in their fan video.[103] The video would later be edited to include a blurred version of that MRB image.[104]



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