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This article is about the 2015 video game. For the 2019 film, see The Angry Birds Movie 2.

Angry Birds 2 (formerly known as Angry Birds: Under Pigstruction during its soft-launch) is a puzzle video game developed and released by Rovio Entertainment for the Angry Birds series. The game was soft launched in Canada on March 5, 2015 and officially released worldwide on July 30, 2015.


Angry Birds Big Adventure

The logo of Angry Birds Big Adventure.

IMG 6160

Initially Rovio Entertainment Corporation stated that they won't make a sequel. However, they started to develop a game involving time travel starting in 2012,[2] that game would be Angry Birds 2 at the time called "Angry Birds Big Adventure (ABBA)". The game was originally about time travel and one of the developers Måns Wilde said that the game was very story driven in early development.[3] These time periods in the game would include a prehistoric level set in the Mesozoic period and a level inside the King's Diner set in the 70s. (view the gallery for more images)

The game was soft-launched in Canada on March 5, 2015, as Angry Birds: Under Pigstruction. The game was launched worldwide on July 30, 2015 and it was renamed Angry Birds 2.

In 2022, the game was discontinued in Russia with the Pig Mail sending a message to players in Russia on May 25, 2022, due to the war with Ukraine, causing Rovio Entertainment Corporation to remove all their games from the app stores on March 9, 2022.[4]

Credit to @AngryBirdsInRus for the image.

On November 15, 2022, Rovio announced on their official Facebook account and Rovio Gaming Discord server that a brand new bird will be in Angry Birds 2, seven years after the introduction of Silver since the game's launch. The new bird was named Melody and was released one week later.

In February of 2024, the lives system for the world map was replaced with “Energy”.[5] Lives would still remain in the game for daily challenges and king pig panic.


At the Cobalt Plateaus, while the Angry Birds are sleeping, a Minion Pig approaches and steals their eggs, replacing them with sand bags. However, as he is about to leave, it is too late, as the Angry Birds have already spotted him, so the Minion Pig tries to escape with the eggs. Facing multiple obstacles and birds, despite the odds, he somehow manages to survive, and hops onto an airship with other Minion Pigs and King Pig on it. The latter, having finally managed to get the eggs, laughs at the birds and leaves with the eggs.[6] Enraged, the Angry Birds (from Red's perspective, launch and start to chase the pigs, rescuing other partners in the adventure, who join them.


AB2 Gameplay

An example of Angry Birds 2 gameplay in Cobalt Plateaus.

Trying to emulate the gameplay style of past Angry Birds games, Angry Birds 2 is a physics-based puzzle video game. As with similar games, the main objective is to pop all the pigs in the levels, who are sheltered inside of structures made of glass, wood and stone, alongside other objects. To pop said pigs, the player has to launch a limited group of birds using a slingshot. If they run out of birds without popping all pigs, they will pay gems or free bird tokens to continue or get a Level Failed screen and lose a life.

The main feature of Angry Birds 2 is the player being able to choose which bird are they going to use; these birds are represented with cards. Every time, the player will only be able to choose up to three birds, while the other ones will appear as the birds are being launched. Because of this, certain birds can work better on certain structures, while they be weaker on other ones. Levels are divided into a series of "zones", one following the other. When all pigs in a zone are popped, the player will pass to the next zone, and so on until they complete the level. After beating a level, the player will get one, two, or three stars depending on their performance. There are also options to shuffle the deck for 20 gems (AB2 Gems) and the "Restart Room", which resets the room and gives you back your birds you used in that stage for 40 gems (AB2 Gems), but these can only be used in the Clan Battles, Mighty Eagle Bootcamp, or even the aforementioned Rowdy Rumble event.

To launch a bird, the player has to put their finger on the slingshot and drag it to aim. While aiming, they will be given a trail of white dots that will predict the area the bird is going to travel through. Releasing the finger will result in the bird being launched. In this state, the player can tap anywhere onto the screen to make them perform their special ability. However, they will only be able to use it once, and will not use it if they collide with any surface. Once the bird is launched, the player will be unable to use them again; to compensate this, the game uses the Destruct-O-Meter, a gauge that will be filled as the player destroys buildings and pop the pigs. When full, it will empty itself and give the player an extra card.

Scoring System

In the game, there is a certain type of scoring system which has different mechanics affecting the number for the player. For example: a Hatchling will add its own flock power to the level of your slingshot and times that number by 8 (total amount of birds in your flock). During events like Hatchling Fever, the score multiplier can vary. For normal levels, there are 3 different stats for completing a section of the level, using 1 bird is "Strike!" and gives 25,000 points; use 2 birds is "Birdie!" and gives 10,000 points; finally, use 3 or more birds is nothing (no bonus/texts) and gives no points:

  • "Strike!" (1 bird used) - Adds on 25,000 points to your score for using exactly 1 bird to complete a section of a level.
  • "Birdie!" (2 birds used) - Adds on 10,000 points to your score for using exactly 2 birds to complete a section of a level.
  • "Nothing" (3+ birds used, No bonus/texts) - Unlike "Strike!" or "Birdie!", if using exactly 3 or more birds to complete a section of a level, no points are rewarded. However, the texts do not appear due to no points given and use 3 or more birds.


Main article: Angry Birds 2/Chapters

The game story is followed on a World Map where the player can select a level to play. Levels are randomly generated (but always with the same maximum score achievable) and are divided into several categories:

  • Normal Level: The player has to clear a series of zones by popping pigs. First appeared in level 1, common to find.
  • Hard Level: Similar to the Normal Levels, but with a higher difficulty. First appeared in level 24, uncommon to find.
  • Score Level: The player has to get a certain amount of points. These levels have infinite zones, though they end as soon as the player gets the points asked for. These levels are the rarest in the game. First appeared in Level 18 and last in Level 63.
  • Boss Level: Similar to the Normal Levels. However, the last zone, a boss pig will appear and the player must defeat to win. The boss has a health gauge that will tell the boss' health. Emptying the gauge will defeat the boss pig and all the other pigs. First appeared in Level 5. Spells will be blacklisted.


Playable characters

Regular birds

  • Red: Shoots red sound waves when tapped, pushing over towers to his right side.
  • The Blues: Triplets who split up upon activating their ability. They destroy glass extremely well, but struggle at breaking other materials.
  • Chuck: Gains a speed boost when activated, increasing his power and momentum. He can destroy wood very well.
  • Matilda: Lays an egg when tapped, which explodes and deals area-of-effect damage when it hits a surface. Matilda will also be propelled to the upper right by the forceful launch of the egg.
  • Silver: Does a 360 degree loop in the air, and then plummets straight down. The impact is so powerful that it launches light enough objects into the air when the collision occurs. She breaks stone better than other materials.
  • Bomb: Explodes violently when tapped or after hitting something. The explosion affects a wide range and most often destroys materials right next to the explosion. He also destroys stone well, better than most of the other birds.
  • Terence: The only bird without an ability that is activated by tapping the screen. Terence is simply extremely powerful, being able to destroy any material and devastate even sturdy structures.

Extra birds

  • Stella: Encapsulates herself and nearby objects in pink bubbles upon activation, which lifts them up. After a few seconds, the bubbles pop, and release what's inside of them.
  • Hal: Flies farther than the other birds, and has a unique ability. Upon activation, he spins back to the slingshot like a boomerang, and is also extremely powerful in his boomerang state.
  • Bubbles: A powerful bird who breaks wood very well, and has an ability that lets him inflate to a massive size when the screen is tapped, or a few seconds after impacting an object. He pushes everything near him away when he inflates.
  • Leonard: A pig who sided with the birds, and is not a playable character in any other game besides this and Angry Birds Reloaded. Leonard's power can be activated three times, and it lets him shoot a ball of snot that bursts upon impact, making a small shockwave and also making surrounding objects slipper with snot. The release of a single snot bomb propels Leonard away. Leonard himself hitting an object will result in him popping like a normal pig, but also creating a massive shockwave that covers everything around him in snot.
  • Melody: Another Angry Birds 2 exclusive bird, Melody's power lets her suck up objects into her beak, and release them in the form of balls made of the materials she inhaled. The inhale takes effect when she's about to hit a tower, or when the screen is tapped.

Non-playable characters



Also, there are some pigs that have special abilities to prevent the birds from attacking. For list of special pigs, see Angry Birds 2/Special Pigs.


For more info, see Angry Birds 2/Bosses.

AB2 Level Fail

"Level Failed" screen shown when failing or quitting a Story Mode level.


Main article: Spells
For sponsored spells, see Angry Birds 2/Sponsored Spells.

Spells are cards. You can get the spells as rewards in chests, and you can only pick one of each spell into a run. Spells only be used for Normal, Hard Levels. Boss levels cannot be used.

  • Golden Duck - Drops from the sky and can knock down buildings and pop pigs.
  • Blizzard - Turns all buildings into glass and gently collapse structures.
  • Chili - Causes a random pig to explode.
  • Pig Inflator - Inflates some pigs, making them bigger.
  • Mighty Eagle Sardines - Destroys everything in his path.

Bird Ranks

Main article: Angry Birds 2/Score Multiplier Rank

Ranks are the level of the birds in Angry Birds 2. The rank affects the multiplier of the score, meaning a higher level will achieve a higher score, filling the Destruct-O-Meter faster to get an extra bird card for the current level.


Main article: Hatchlings/History and appearances#Angry Birds 2

The hatchling is an egg near the slingshot that boosts the score multiplier. It needs to be feed daily to level up, otherwise it will leave and the score multiplier will reset. A level 1 Hatchling needs 5 apples every 24 hours, a level 2 Hatchling needs 10 apples every 24 hours and so on. You upgrade the Hatchling when feeding it a certain number of times. In a November 2021 update, the hunger monitor has at the bottom an age counter that shows how old your Hatchling is in days.

AB2 Hatchling Menu

The menu as of November 2021


Main article: Angry Birds 2/Hats

The Hats are optional cosmetics that give an additional multiplier to the player's main birds. Said hats are divided in different sets, and can be purchased with Black Pearls. Collecting all the hats from the same set will upgrade the slingshot's appearance and rank, and will give the player more Bird Power (+1 to every bird in the flock). The Hat Shop also has a Black Pearl treasure chest, which can be opened every twenty four hours.


Daily Quests

The Daily Quests are objectives that are (as the name suggests) available daily. Completing a Daily Quests awards a small amount of gems, and completing all 6 of the Daily Quests will grant a feather reward. The Daily Quests can vary somewhat from day to day, and involve completing different activities within the game, such as playing Daily Challenge, the Arena, or the Tower of Fortune. While it is not necessary to complete all of the Daily Quests every day, doing so is the most rewarding, since there is also a Feats for completing all the Daily Quests! The Daily Quests reset every day, so make sure to keep track of the timer so that you don't miss out on any small amount of gems!

Daily Challenge

Daily Challenges are an optional mode that tasks the player with completing three levels without failing. The Daily Challenges are as follows:

  • Red's Rumble!: Played on Mondays. Has Red as the title character.
  • Blues' Brawl!: Played on Tuesdays. Has Jake, Jay and Jim as the title characters.
  • Chuck's Challenge!: Played on Wednesdays. Has Chuck as the title character.
  • Matilda Mayhem!: Played on Thursdays. Has Matilda as the title character.
  • Silver Slam!: Played on Fridays. Has Silver as the title character.
  • Bomb's Blast!: Played on Saturdays. Has Bomb as the title character.
  • Terence Trial!: Played on Sundays. Has Terence as the title character.

After completing one of these Daily Challenges, the player will be able to play King Pig Panic!, three difficult boss levels that will give the player great awards when completed.

Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp

Main article: Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp

The Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp is unlocked after passing level 38 in the normal mode. It rewards Mighty Eagle Points and Coins depending on how far the player makes it in the daily training. Based on their performance, the player will receive a portrait frame. When a new season starts, everyone's scores and frames are reset.

Tower of Fortune

Main article: Tower of Fortune
Angry Birds 2 Tower of Fortune

The Tower of Fortune popup

The Tower of Fortune is a place where the player can win rewards, such as Gems, Black Pearls, Spells, Feathers and Hats. In every floor, they will be given four cards to choose, one of which having a pig card that will steal all their rewards if it is picked up. In the floors that are multiple of five however, there will only have hats to choose. The player can leave whenever they want and claim their rewards. In November 2021, the Tower of Fortune got a redesign that shows a new popup of gems flooding from the elevator door, separates the gems collected from the other items and shows new red text when you fail. Also, this update included the removal of the hat multiplier, so if you get the same event hat more than once, it doesn't add a temporary +1 to the bird's flock power anymore.

The Arena

Old Version

The Arena is a player versus player-styled mode where the players are matched based on skill rating. In this mode you don't actually play against the opponent in real time, but instead you play against their previous plays, making the experience similar to a time trial game in Mario Kart. Every day, five birds are chosen for the Flock of the Day and are the only ones that can be used. Weekly, the player is matched with thirty other players of similar skill rating and will receive rewards based on the leaderboard result (who can gain the most rating in a week). The Arena gives rewards every forty five days based on the player's league achieved and performance in the season.

New Version

In the older versions of the Arena (before the major overhaul in 2021[8]), you can change who you were versing for 15 Gems (AB2 Gems) and there were demotion zones for the league you are in, so being in the last 5 - 8 at the end of the week would get you demoted instead of the version of The Arena we have today where if you don't gain any Arena Rating, you won't be demoted immediately. The winning streak will varies in any league you're in, the higher the league, the better the rewards. To qualify for the end season rewards, a player must win 5 rounds in the season.


Diamond League Streak

In March 2023, Arena Coins and the Arena Shop were introduced into the game as a way to earn mighty hats, black pearls, rainbow feathers, and other items.[9]


Events are active for a limited time and offer great opportunities for some rewards. If there is an event active, it will be indicated by a timer at the bottom of the title screen, and the different icons show the player which events are active at any given time. Some of the events that can appear are as follows (please note some name or description of the event can be incorrect):

  • Rowdy Rumble!: The 16 players (including you) will have to get a higher score than their opponents. If they win battles, they will make it to the top. The higher they are, the more rewards (Rainbow Feathers) they will get. (200 Gems (AB2 Gems) for retry or free when waiting 3 hours)
  • Hatchling Fever!: The player's hatchling multiplier boost is doubled or tripled and more apples appear. This is only for the players who have a hatchling.
AB2 Hatchling Fever!
  • Mini Events: Player must collect as many as possible to make it on the top. The events can be easy ways to collect extra rewards. For example, if the theme of the events is "Flying Matilda, fly!", the player will need launch Matilda as many times as possible before time runs out. The theme of events can be changed randomly.
  • Black Pearl Party!: All Black Pearl rewards are doubled during the event.
AB2 Black Pearl Party!
Main article: Angry Birds 2/Jetpack Run
  • Jetpack Run: The player's hatchling will put on a jetpack. This event is similar to Flappy Bird to the extent that the player will have to guide them on an apple hunt and avoid to touch obstacles to improve their score. This is only for the players who have a hatchling.

When you fail the event

  • Feather Frenzy!: All Feather rewards are doubled during the event.
AB2 Feather Frenzy!
  • Coin Craze!: All Mighty Eagle coin rewards are DOUBLED during this event.
AB2 Coin Craze
  • Rainbow Rave!: All Feather rewards are turned to Rainbow Feathers during the event.
AB2 Rainbow Rave!
  • Event shop: The Event Shop is where the players can buy special items using the Event Coins. Event Coins can be get in different parts of the game. They are linked to each event and will expire when the event ends, where they will turn into Rainbow Feathers.
  • Bird's Fever!: Certain character's Bird Power is tripled during the event. For example, if the theme of the events is "Bubbles's Fever!", Bubbles's power is tripled. This is only for players who have unlocked said bird. This event was originally intended for extra birds, but was changed to any bird in October 2022.
  • The Birds Adventures and Hat Adventures: These events are themed after a Hat Set or extra birds. The player will only be able to play with the birds that own these hats or extra birds. For example, if the theme of the events is "The Hal Adventure!", the player will help Hal complete all levels to get all rewards. Rewards are used such as Black Pearls, Rare Chest, Feathers and Legendary Chest. In newer version, a new format is applied. On some levels the birds are bigger, on some levels the gravity is lower, on some levels it used both. But it only activates in a certain level.

Playing For the Planet!: Player must pop a bunch of pigs to reach the global goal.

  • Super Streak Week!: The Winning Streak is 10 wins long and has greater rewards during the event. This is only for the players who unlocked the Arena.
  • Double Upgrade!: During this event, players can upgrade their featured hat set with the event coins by first unlocking the hats through the Tower of Fortune. This event lasts for around a week and a quarter (9 days).
AB2 Double Upgrade Event
  • Pick Your Flock!: This event lets you pick the birds you would use in The Arena. It is 5 birds max.
AB2 Pick Your Flock Event
  • The King Pig Shortcut!: This event lets you skip to the last level of the King Pig Panic after completing the Daily Challenge. If either fails or quits the shortcut at once, the challenge will start over as first level, non-shortcut, and regular version.
AB2 King Pig Shortcut
  • Birdy Fever!: This event gives you double flock power on 2 randomly chosen birds.
  • Feathermania!: This event gives you a better chance of getting more feathers for a specific bird.


Similar to achievements in Game Center or Google Play, these are missions that are intended to be completed over a longer period of time than the daily quests. Rewards for the feats include Feathers, Gems, Black Pearls, and Chests.


Main article: Angry Birds 2/Clans

Clans are groups of players that join in order to compete with other Clans or to complete Clan Events.

Update 2.15.0 adds clans as well as a ban system, Rovio has been editing the End User License Agreement (EULA) page since 2017.

Extra Card (from Mighty Eagle Bootcamp)

This card will receive to player as part of the rewards an extra card and player can use to improve your possibilities if player complete the Daily Challenge. This card changes daily depending on the Daily Challenge theme (for example, if it's Bomb's Blast! the reward will be an extra card with Bomb). Complete King Pig Panic can receive one more card with one of the extra birds. Player can use them in Mighty Eagle Bootcamp and they are only available during the same day, so make sure to use them before they go away.

Please note that you will only get the Extra Card for the birds you've unlocked and only once you've unlocked Mighty Eagle Bootcamp.

Promo Codes

At the end of July 2021, the feature of Promo Codes was implemented into the game. You would navigate to the screen by going to the settings menu and tapping on the "Promo Code" button. The first publicly known promo code is "REDFAN", which is unknown what it gave, but it is speculated that it gave the player 200 Gems or Black Pearls. Currently this feature is only available on Android and Windows versions with it being replaced with an "erase data" button on the iOS version sometime in early 2023.

AB2 Promo Codes

The screen to redeem a promo code

Daily Deals

During late 2021, the feature of the "Daily Deals" in the Gem Shop was implemented. The items available in this shop would change every 15–24 hours and would have items such as Apples, Feathers, Spells, Tickets and sometimes Exotic hats half their original 10,000 Black Pearls. When claiming items that have you watch a 30-second or less AD, the item gets collected and resets with a different item.

AB2 Gem Shop

The Daily Deals as of January 2022


The game has received mixed reviews. Pocket Gamer gave the game a 7/10, feeling that the gameplay was a step forward in puzzle design and the graphics were gorgeous—however, it did not like the energy system that, after failing to complete a few levels, either makes the player stop playing or use gems to continue playing; overall the website thought the game was Rovio at its best. IGN awarded it a score of 6.7 out of 10, saying "Ever-shifting levels and limited lives take a lot of the fun out of smashing pigs with birds in Angry Birds 2."

Forbes mentions the game’s art style is “charming”, but “has become much busier and muddy than the original”.[10] The article also criticized the lack of “puzzle game structure” in the original and blaming this on microtransactions, however the article likes the idea of fans and flowers in some levels that “shake[s] up the old formula”.


Image Game Description
Angry birds 2 Windows Angry Birds 2 (Windows 10) This port of Angry Birds 2 for Windows 10 is a similar version to the mobile version except it has higher graphics, mouse controls and other small changes.



  • Various locations in the game are references and puns to real world and fictional locations:
  • Various profile pictures contain several reference to other Angry Birds media:
  • This is the third Angry Birds game after Angry Birds POP! and the Kakao version of the original Angry Birds to feature a lives system.
  • Not counting the Red's Mighty Feathers episode from the original Angry Birds and the Star Wars characters, this is the first physics video game where Red has a permanent ability.
  • In different countries, different special offers are offered, such as the "Blue's Bling" in the United States, "Matilda's Marvels!" in Canada and the "Red's Riches" in Ireland. Sometimes, Red's Riches show in the US.
  • After the player frees a Bird using the Bird key, said Bird will tell them "Good choice! Let's practice!". This applies to Terence as well, making this the first time he says a full quote.
    • This does not apply to extra birds. Red will simply say "Good choice! Let's practice!".
  • On the Angry Birds Facebook page, a three-page comic about the story of Angry Birds 2 was released. This strip revealed why Silver was raised by the pigs. They found her as an egg, and she hatched just before getting cooked.
  • There is an Easter egg in the game; clicking/tapping on a pig in any level or the map would cause them to do one of four actions: blow raspberry, make faces, burp or let one rip. Doing this in levels also causes reactions from nearby pigs; burping or farting would cause them to give a look of anger and disgust respectively, while blowing a raspberry or making faces would cause them to laugh and giggle.
  • This game has the third most levels in the Angry Birds series, with 3,500 levels in total (as of January 2024). Angry Birds Dream Blast (over 14,700 levels) is the first, and Angry Birds POP! (over 7,000 levels) is the second.
  • The main characters' sound effects are taken from various episodes of Angry Birds Toons, apart from Silver, Hal, Bubbles, Melody and Leonard who have unique voices, Stella as her voice clips are taken from Angry Birds Go! and Terence as his voice clips are taken from Angry Birds Epic.
  • Hal's appearance is based on his movie design rather than his toons design.
  • The "Angry Birds 2 - Piggy Island" trailer was the Grand Winner twice for the "Gave Audio/Visual - Trailer" and "Game Advertising & Design - Advertisement (Single)" categories at the NYX Game Awards in November 2021.[11]
  • Throughout December 2021, Zeta was brought back as a boss pig retexture for the remanded of the month in the Daily Challenge, King Pig Panic! and the Story Mode.[12]
  • On January 15, 2022, Angry Birds 2 was discontinued on the Samsung Galaxy Store, with in-app purchases being disabled.[13]
  • On February 10, 2022, Rovio have given out 500 rainbow feathers and a red chest to players in Angry Birds 2 as compensation for ending Rowdy Rumble early due to technical difficulties.
AB2 Rowdy Rumble compensation 2-10-22
  • On March 27, 2022, Rovio cancelled The Hal Adventure early for unknown reasons. This could be due to the "Best Bird Event" that occurred a few days later on April 1 of that same year.
  • On June 1, 2022, an update allows players to fully customize which Birds are in the flock instead of only being able to choose which "extra bird" can be in the flock. This allows for multiple "extra birds" to be included in the flock at the same time as well as being able to drop out base game flock members.
  • During the "Pick your Flock" update in 2022, none of the extra birds appear at the Level Cleared screen in the game's story mode.[14]
  • The fourth wall is broken twice in this game:
    • Sometimes when the player defeats a boss pig by getting a direct hit, the pig cracks the player's screen breaking the fourth wall.
    • In a level, some Minion Pigs or Special Pigs have a chance to fly through the screen breaking the fourth wall when popped. However, they do not hit the screen.
  • The Bird Island appears in this game, including spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons.
  • One of the pig's screaming voice when they are falling is a cut, high quality version of Boba Fett’s scream from Angry Birds Star Wars when his jetpack gets hit by a bird.
  • Since the v3.21.0 update, the game was completely broken and crashes.
  • One of the app icons for Angry Birds 2 resembles the Angry Birds Classic app icon from 2013.
  • In the recent update for the game, Piglantis now plays in every water level, besides the extra birds tutorials, and arena battle levels, meaning Chirp Valley Rumble is replaced by the Piglantis song in every water level.


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