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This article is about the 2015 video game. For the 2019 film, see The Angry Birds Movie 2.

Angry Birds 2 is a puzzle video game developed and released by Rovio Entertainment for the Angry Birds series. The game was soft launched in Canada on March 5, 2015 as Angry Birds: Under Pigstruction, and officially released worldwide on July 30, 2015.


Initially Rovio Entertainment Corporation stated that they won't make a sequel. However, they started to develop a game involving time travel, that game would be Angry Birds 2 at the time called "Angry Birds Big Adventure (ABBA)". The game was originally about time travel and one of the developers Måns Wilde said that the game was very story driven in early development. These time periods in the game would include:

  • A prehistoric level set on the Mesozoic period;
  • A level inside the King's Diner set on the 70s.

The concept art uses the Toons Designs. Bubbles and Stella appear in some of the concept art.

The game was soft launched in Canada on March 5, 2015 as Angry Birds Under Pigstruction. The game was worldwidely launched on July 30, 2015.


After the events of the first game, the pigs steal the eggs again. After Level 1 is passed, Chef Pig sucks the eggs to his airship and leaves, leaving Red to gather the rest of the flock pursuing him and the rest of the pigs. After Chef Pig is defeated, the Foreman Pig takes over followed by the King Pig on defeat. It goes on to avoid the birds from recovering the eggs.

The beginning cutscene was removed in later updates, it featured the Angry Birds 2 Cinematic Trailer where the pig steals the eggs, replacing them with sandbags and the flock try to defeat him, which he leaves on the airship.


An example of Angry Birds 2 gameplay in Cobalt Plateaus.

Trying to emulate the gameplay style of past Angry Birds games, Angry Birds 2 is a physics-based puzzle video game. As with similar games, the main objective is to pop all the pigs in the levels, who are sheltered inside of structures made of glass, wood and stone, alongside other objects. To pop said pigs, the player has to launch a limited group of characters using a slingshot. If they run out of characters without popping all pigs, they will pay gems or free bird tokens to continue or get a Level Failed screen and lose a life.

The main feature of Angry Birds 2 is the player being able to choose which character are they going to use; these characters are represented with cards. Every time, the player will only be able to choose up to three characters, while the other ones will appear as the characters are being launched. Because of this, certain characters can work better on certain structures, while they be weaker on other ones. Levels are divided into a series of "zones", one following the other. When all pigs in a zone are popped, the player will pass to the next zone, and so on until they complete the level. After beating a level, the player will get one, two, or three stars depending on their performance.

To launch a character, the player has to put their finger on the slingshot and drag it to aim. While aiming, they will be given a trail of white dots that will predict the area the character is going to travel through. Releasing the finger will result in the character being launched. In this state, the player can tap anywhere onto the screen to make them perform their special ability. However, they will only be able to use it once, and will not use it if they collide with any surface. Once the character is launched, the player will be unable to use them again; to compensate this, the game uses the Destruct-O-Meter, a gauge that will be filled as the player destroys buildings and pop the pigs. When full, it will empty itself and give the player an extra card.



Gimmicks and obstacles


Playable characters

Non-playable characters



  1. Chef Pig
  2. Foreman Pig
  3. King Pig

Bird's Special Abilities

Most birds have special abilities you ay unlock when tapping the screen. There is a tutorial for each birds special abilities that you can see when you add them to your flock for the first time.

  • Red: Launch a red soundwaves which can help knock down towers from a shorts distance.
  • Jay, Jake and Jim: Split into three, very good to break glass but weak against wood and stone.
  • Chuck: Speed boost, very good to break wood but weak against glass.
  • Matilda: Drops an egg bomb and launches herself up.
  • Silver: Make a 360-degree loop and goes down cause a earthquake, particularly good destroying stone.
  • Bomb: Explode in mid-air on contact, particularly good destroying stone.
  • Terence: No special power, stronger than common birds. Very good to destroy all blocks.
  • Hal: Spin back in the opposite direction like a boomerang.
  • Stella: Blow bubbles and piggies, blocks, and other obstacles in the radius of the bubble will fly in the air in pink bubbles. Once the bubbles are popped, everything will fall down causing massive damage to both the pigs and the fortresses.
  • Bubbles: Expands to a huge size like a balloon, propelling all blocks away while in a tight space in either mid-air or on impact. After impact, it pops instead of deflates causing very light damage.
  • Leonard: Shoot 3 snot bombs but is very fragile and instantly pops upon contact with anything.

World Map locations

  1. Cobalt Plateaus
  2. Pig City
  3. Bamboo Forest


Main menu

The main menu of Angry Birds 2 is where the player can see their characters' statistics and enter other modes.

Story mode

The story mode of Angry Birds 2 follows the story of the game. The mode takes place on a World Map, where the player can select a level to play. After picking up a level, they will see their records in said level and will be given the option to play it. There is also a "Play!" option that takes the player straight to the latest level they played.

Levels are divided into several categories:

  • Normal Level: The player has to clear a series of zones by popping pigs. First appeared in Level 1.
  • Hard Level: Similar to the Normal Levels, but with a higher difficulty. First appeared in Level 24.
  • Score Level: The player has to get a certain amount of points. These levels have infinite zones, though they end as soon as the player gets the points asked for. These levels are the rarest in the game. First appeared in Level 18 and last in Level 63.
  • Boss Level: Similar to the Normal Levels. However, the last zone, a boss pig will appear and the player must defeat to win. The boss has a health gauge that will tell the boss' health. Emptying the gauge will defeat the boss and the pigs. First appeared in Level 5.

Tower of Fortune

The Tower of Fortune is a place where the player can win rewards, such as Gems, Black Pearls, Spells, Feathers and Hats. In every floor, they will be given four cards to choose, but be careful there is a pig card that will steal all their rewards if chosen. In the floors that are multiple of five however, there will only have hats to choose. The player can leave whenever they want and claim their rewards.

Daily Challenge

Daily Challenges are an optional mode that tasks the player with completing three levels without failing. The Daily Challenges are as follows:

  • Red's Rumble: Played on Mondays. Has Red as the title character.
  • Blues' Brawl: Played on Tuesdays. Has Jake, Jay and Jim as the title characters.
  • Chuck's Challenge: Played on Wednesdays. Has Chuck as the title character.
  • Matilda Mayhem: Played on Thursdays. Has Matilda as the title character.
  • Silver Slam: Played on Fridays. Has Silver as the title character.
  • Bomb's Blast: Played on Saturdays. Has Bomb as the title character.
  • Terence Trial: Played on Sundays. Has Terence as the title character.

After completing one of these Daily Challenges, the player will be able to play King Pig Panic, three difficult boss levels that will give the player great awards when completed.

The Arena

The Arena is a weekly tournament where the player competes against other players. Daily, the game will choose up to five characters the player will have to use. However, if the player does not have one of these characters, they will be unable to use them unless they free them.

During a match, the player will play against another player. Both will play with their characters to obtain the most amount of points as possible. These matches have infinite zones, and end when both players run out of cards. Once a match is finished, the game will compare the points both players obtained, and the player with the most score gathered will win. If the player loses, they will be able to replay the match by paying with gems.

Hat Shop

The Hat Shop is a place in Angry Birds 2, where you buy hats that increase your Bird Power. You do not have to unlock it from a specific level, you unlock it once you start the game.

Score Multiplier Rank

Ranks are the level of the birds in Angry Birds 2. The rank affects the multiplier of the score, meaning a higher level will achieve a higher score, filling the Destruct-O-Meter faster.


Profile Avatar

Main article: Angry Birds 2/Profile Avatar

The user can select from a range of avatars: his/her Facebook avatar, bird avatars, or pig avatars.

As the user progresses through the Chapters, avatars are unlocked in groups of 4.


Spells are used for Normal and Hard Levels. The 5 current spell cards are:

Also, there is some sponsored spells are introduced for a limited time only, used just like a Golden Ducks. For sponsored spells, see Angry Birds 2/Sponsored Spells.


Events are active for a limited time and offer great opportunities for some extra fun and rewards! If there is an event active, it will be indicated by a timer at the bottom of your start screen, and the different icons show you which events are active at any given time! Keep back of the timer to avoid miss out on any extra rewards. List of events (may be short and wrong):

Rowdy Rumble!: Player can put your skills to the test by have to get a higher score than your opponent. More battles win, player will make it to the top and rewards will be better. To join before tournament starts, tap Sign Up! button to join.

Hatchling Fever!: Player's hatchling multiplier boost is doubled and you can obtain more apples! Only player who have a hatchling can participate.

Mini Events: Player must collect as many as possible to make it on the top. The events are fun and easy ways to collect extra rewards. For example, if the theme of the events is Flying Matilda, fly!, player will need launch Matilda as many times as possible before time run out.

Black Pearl Party!: All Black Pearl rewards are doubled during the event.

Jetpack Run: Player's hatchling will put on a jetpack, go on an apple hunt and avoid to touch obstacles to improve your score. The best scores will receive awesome rewards. Only player who have a hatchling can participate.

Feather Frenzy!: All Feather rewards are doubled during the event.

Rainbow Fever!: All Feather rewards are turned to Rainbow Feathers during the event.

Event shop: The Event Shop that the players can buy special items using the Event Coins. Event Coins can be get in different parts of the game. The coins are linked to each event and will expire when the event ends. The coins will convert into Rainbow Feathers.

Bird's Fever!: Bird's power are tripled during the event. For example, if the theme of the events is Hal's Fever!, Hal's power is tripled. Only players who unlocked extra birds can participate. This event can be only used from extra birds.

The Birds Adventures and Hat Adventures: Adventures are a fun way to get extra rewards! They are themed after a Hat Set or extra birds and you will be able to play only with the birds that own these hats or extra birds. This event can be used randomly the Hat Set of the birds or extra birds. For example, if the theme of the events is The Hal Adventure!, player will help Hal complete all levels to get all rewards. Rewards are used such as Black Pearls, Rare Chest, Feathers and Legendary Chest. Only player that own the Hat Set or extra birds can participate.


Daily Quest

Every day, you can complete six challenges in order to claim a large amount of feathers if you complete all of them. These include the following (as of version 2.57.1):

  • Play the Arena! [Rewards AB2 Gems.png × 10 ]
  • Play the Tower of Fortune! [Rewards AB2 Gems.png × 5 ]
  • Play a Clan Event! [Rewards Black Pearls × 20 ]
  • Collect 25 Stars! [Rewards AB2 Gems.png × 10 ]
  • Play the Daily Challenge! [Rewards AB2 Gems.png × 10 ]
  • Play the King Pig Panic! [Rewards AB2 Gems.png × 20 ]
  • Collect 5 Apples! [Rewards AB2 Gems.png × 15 ]
  • Use a Spell! (including event spells) [Rewards AB2 Gems.png × 20 ]
  • Watch a Video! [Rewards AB2 Gems.png × 15 ]
  • Claim your Gem letter! [Rewards AB2 Gems.png × 70 ] (must purchase the gem letter in the gem shop)

In total, the players can get AB2 Gems.png × 120 every day.


Similar to achievements in Game Center or Google Play, these are missions that are intended to be completed over a longer period of time than the daily quests. Rewards for the feats include Feathers, Gems, Black Pearls, and Chests.


As of 2.15.0 update added clans and also ban system, Rovio edited End-user license agreement (EULA) page since 2017.

Tower of Fortune

Tower of Fortune popup

Main article: Tower of Fortune

Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp

Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp is a daily training. Pass Level 38 in order to unlock it. If you get a really high score, you might be featured on the Top 100 global leaderboard! Each season is 47 days long. In the shop, you can buy many things like chests, exclusive hats, special animated avatars, and much more! At the end of each season your frame resets, but your frame will be converted into Mighty Eagle Coins depending on how high your frame level is, so it's not a total loss! The shop will always be open, so the player has to play the challenge more often to get all the great rewards! If you play the training you will get Mighty Eagle Coins depending on how far you go in the training. You also get Mighty Eagle Points depending on how high your score is. Each day, remember to collect your Mighty Eagle Points to upgrade your frame.


Main article: Angry Birds 2/Chapters


The Achievements are available on the iOS and Android platforms. See Angry Birds 2/Achievements.


For this subject's image gallery, see Angry Birds 2/Gallery.

Unused Content

AB2 was released and may got everything that cannot used for the game. For unused content, see Angry Birds 2/Unused Content.


The game has received mixed reviews. Pocket Gamer gave the game a 7/10, feeling that the gameplay was a step forward in puzzle design and the graphics were gorgeous—however, it did not like the energy system that, after failing to complete a few levels, either makes the player stop playing or use gems to continue playing; overall the website thought the game was Rovio at its best. IGN awarded it a score of 6.7 out of 10, saying "Ever-shifting levels and limited lives take a lot of the fun out of smashing pigs with birds in Angry Birds 2."


The game received generally unfavorable reviews from fans on Metacritic, The main criticism fans had was the live system, the microtransactions, and the lack of difficulty.



  • Various locations in the game are references and puns to real world and fictional locations:
  • Various profile pictures contain several reference to other Angry Birds media:
  • The game's former name, Under Pigstruction, is a play on Under Construction, an event used to show that the process of construction is taking place.
  • This is the third Angry Birds game after Angry Birds POP! and the Kakao version of Angry Birds to feature the lives system. Failing a level will cost a live and after all five lives are used up (All 3 after the Pigsyland update).
    • The lives system is identical to Candy Crush Saga and its sequels (Soda, Jelly and Friends) as there are up to 5 lives.
  • This is the first game to give Red a permanent ability.
  • Even though the Corporal Pig appears this game, he's not a boss; he is a Minion Pig that wears a army helmet, his old toons design his still used but with with a new grey helmet similar like Cordon Bleugh!,Thunder Chuck, and his current toons design.
  • This is the second time a pun on New York City has been made. The first was New Yolk City, the setting of the Super Angry Birds comic. This one is New Pork City.
  • This is the second Angry Birds video game that does not have its own Toons.TV video app, after Angry Birds POP!, as pressing the Toons.TV button redirects to a browser version. Now it redirects to its own Toons.TV app.
  • On the Angry Birds Facebook page, a 3 page comic about the story of Angry Birds 2 was released. This strip revealed why Silver was raised by the pigs. They found her as an egg, and she hatched just before getting cooked.
  • In the World Map/Game Level, players can tap/click on a random pig. The pigs can blow a raspberry, make a face, burp, or fart. If a pig farts, surrounding pigs will groan at the pig who farted, whilst if a pig burps, surrounding pigs will grow angry towards the pig who burped. This will all happen when players tap/click on a pig.
  • Pig Bay is the only chapter with 60 levels so far.
  • This game has the third most levels in the Angry Birds series with 3,030 levels in total (as of September 2021). Angry Birds Dream Blast has the most levels with over 7300+ levels and Angry Birds POP! is the second.
  • Some of Stella's voice clips are reused from Angry Birds Go!.
  • Hal 's appearance is based more on his original design, rather than his new one. Rovio stated that Hal's new beak was too long to appear in the game.
    • His design uses also a lot of The Movie's proportions.
  • The Bubbles Adventure seems to be a reference to Ham O' Ween.
  • In Bamboo Forest (Gravity) levels, sometimes the structures will start collapsing autonomously even before you shoot the first bird in that stage (not happened on PC version). If lucky enough, you may be able to pass some stages without having a single bird launched.
  • If the player play again a boss level is already passed, the boss pig will change character. E.x: When you beat Foreman Pig in Level 30 and try to play again, King Pig will appear.

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