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If you were looking for the feature film, see The Angry Birds Movie 2.

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Developer(s) Rovio Entertainment
Publisher(s) Rovio Entertainment
Level Count 2,980 levels

(as of June 2021)

Release Date Canada: March 5, 2015 (as Angry Birds Under Pigstruction)

Worldwide: July 30, 2015 (as Angry Birds 2)

Platforms iOS (9.0 or later)

Android (4.1 and up)
Windows 10

Age Rating Everyone
Genre Puzzle
Current Version 2.42.0

[Version History]

Angry Birds 2 (formerly known as Angry Birds Under Pigstruction) is a puzzle game developed by Rovio, first soft launched in Canada on March 5, 2015 and officially released on July 30, 2015.

This game is the direct sequel to Angry Birds and utilizes new challenges such as multi-stage levels and boss battles (referred to as boss piggies). The game also introduces new features such as spells, cards, feathers, and a new bird known as Silver.


Initially Rovio Entertainment Corporation stated that they won't make a sequel. However, they started to develop a game involving time travel, that game would be Angry Birds 2. Many concept art show what the game would look like, involving different time periods:

  • A prehistoric level set on the Mesozoic period;
  • A level inside the King's Diner set on the 70s.

The concept art uses the Toons Designs. Bubbles and Stella appear in some of the concept art.

The game was softalaunched in Canada on March 5, 2015 as Angry Birds Under Pigstruction. The game was worldwidely launched on July 30, 2015.


After the events of the first game, the pigs steal the eggs again. After Level 1 is passed, Chef Pig sucks the eggs to his airship and leaves, leaving Red to gather the rest of the flock pursuing him and the rest of the pigs. After Chef Pig is defeated, the Foreman Pig takes over followed by the King Pig on defeat. It goes on to avoid the birds from recovering the eggs.

The beginning cutscene was removed in later updates, it featured the Angry Birds 2 Cinematic Trailer where the pig steals the eggs, replacing them with sandbags and the flock try to defeat him, which he leaves on the airship.



Typical Angry Birds 2 gameplay level

Main article: Angry Birds 2/Cards

There are a number of new changes from the prequel, although the core mechanic of launching birds into Pig Fortresses via the slingshot remains constant. Levels are now selected in the form of an overworld similar to Angry Birds Epic rather than a typical selection screen. Birds are unlocked via accessing treasure chests throughout the overworld. Angry Birds 2 introduces multiple sections labeled as "rooms" in each level (indicated at the top center, and can range from two to eight {1 in the first boss battle}), thus players must defeat multiple fortresses one at a time in order to advance.

There are a multitude of ways to pop the pigs in this game, such as flinging a bird on the slingshot directly into a pig, by using abilities or – most commonly – toppling structures that can fall onto the pigs.

During levels, players are not able to select which birds are desired. Birds/cards are auto assigned from a predetermined set drawn from the pool of birds the player has previously 'unlocked'. Three (3) of these 'bird cards' are presented 'face up' thus revealing their identity. While the remaining cards are in reserve and are presented 'face down' and thus rendering their value hidden. At all times the number of reserve cards is displayed. As a card/bird is used to attack, one of the face down/reserve cards is turned 'face up' and is now active and available for attack. The three (3) 'face up'/active cards can be used in any order the player wishes. This differs greatly from previous iterations of Angry Birds, as the order of birds until this installment were locked, meaning the player could not choose which birds to fire at their momentary need. A "Destruct-O-Meter" on the upper-right of the screen accumulates points from playing through levels, and filling up the bar will reset it and award the player with an extra bird card. In the event that the player already has three (3) bird cards 'face up' the awarded extra card will be placed 'face down' in the reserve deck. (Note: as the card travels to the reserve deck the identity is NOT hidden) One bird is used to destroy a fortress, it is referred to as a "Strike!" (such as in bowling) or two birds was used "Birdie!" (spare), earning additional points towards the score.

Level Types

There are various different types of level in the main map:

  1. Normal Level (AB 2 Normal Level.png) – Clear all the pigs to complete the level. (First introduced in level 1; common to find)
  2. Hard Level (AB 2 Hard Level.png) ‐ Clear all the pigs in a harder difficulty to complete the level. (First introduced in level 9; less to find)
  3. Boss Level (AB2 Boss Icon.png) – Beat the boss pig in the last room to complete the level. (First introduced in level 5; each chapter has at least 3 of this level type, featuring the bosses Chef Pig, Foreman Pig, and King Pig in cycles)
  4. Score Level – Score the required points to complete the level. (First introduced in level 18; only 3 exist in the first 150 levels and possibly the whole game)


This picture shows what it looks like when you have 5 lives

Unlike previous games where players could fail levels without consequence or retry levels as many times as needed, Angry Birds 2 features the usage of lives where there are a limited amount of attempts allowed. This means that the player must have at least one life in order to play a level. The game starts out with five lives, one is deducted every time a level is failed or the player forfeits (There was a special offer that allowed the player to have six lives). Lives regenerate slowly over time (one per thirty minutes), but the player may purchase additional lives to use on demand. It is impossible to lose a life if the player does not launch any birds at the beginning of the level.

Star Rank

AB2 Star Rank.png

The star rank is a new feature in which players accumulate stars to level up the rank currently in their possession. It can be earn through campaign levels or The Nest. It is displayed on the top left of the screen in campaign map and home screen.


  • Spells (AB2 Spells2.png) - These are powerful cards that can be brought into Normal and Hard levels in the campaign, as well as in the Arena. They are in addition to your normal cards, and when it is selected you are guaranteed to receive at least one randomly in the level. Spells will rank up if all the birds (and slingshot) have reached the specified level (unless all the birds' level are inconsistent, the lowest level will be applied to spells). For example, if all your birds are at rank 18, except Red who is at Rank 17, then the spells will be at Rank 17.
  • Spells - The spells listed in the link were only available for a limited amount of time, and were usually very similar in function to the Golden Ducks.
  • Gems (AB2 Gems.png) - Gems are the primary premium currency in Angry Birds 2.
  • Black Pearls
  • Feathers
  • Apples
  • Mighty Eagle Coins
  • Arena Tickets
  • Tower of Fortune Tickets - There are two chests:
    • AB2 EntryTicket.png Entry Ticket - This ticket allows you to start a run in the Tower of Fortune from the beginning instead of having to payEntryfor a retry.
    • AB2 ExpressTicket.png Express Ticket - This is a super special ticket that allows you to start the Tower of Fortune from the 30th floor! And the best part of it is that the rewards also jump all the way to level 30 so you will start collecting better rewards right on floor 30!
  • Extra Card
  • Event Coins (AB2 EventCoins.png) - When you get new hats you will make event coins on hat evolution; when the event ends they turn into feathers.
  • Free Token Birds (AB2 FreeBirdToken.png) - These tokens can give you three free birds in a run when you need them the most! You can win them as a reward in different places in the game and, when you run out of birds, you can use them instead of having to pay gems.
  • Chests - There are three chests:
    1. AB2 Free Chest.png Common - Free; resets every 30 minutes with a additional rewards by watching an advertisement video
    2. AB2 Premium Chest.png Rare - Costs AB2 Gems.png × 80 to open
    3. AB2 LegendaryChest.png Legendary - Costs AB2 Gems.png × 900 to open, used to be 24 rare chests

Hat Shop

The Hat Shop is a place in Angry Birds 2, where you buy hats that increase your Bird Power. You do not have to unlock it from a specific level, you unlock it once you start the game.

Score Multiplier Rank

Ranks are the level of the birds in Angry Birds 2. The rank affects the multiplier of the score, meaning a higher level will achieve a higher score, filling the Destruct-O-Meter faster.


Profile Avatar

Main article: Angry Birds 2/Profile Avatar

The user can select from a range of avatars: his/her Facebook avatar, bird avatars, or pig avatars.

As the user progresses through the Chapters, avatars are unlocked in groups of 4.


Daily Quest

Every day, you can complete six challenges in order to claim a large amount of feathers if you complete all of them. These include the following (as of version 2.19.1):

  • Playing the arena [Rewards AB2 Gems.png × 10]
  • Collecting (x # of) stars [Rewards AB2 Gems.png × 10]
  • Completing Stage 1 daily challenge [Rewards AB2 Gems.png × 10]
  • Completing the King Pig Panic [Rewards AB2 Gems.png × 20]
  • Claim gem letter [Rewards AB2 Gems.png × 70 ]  (must purchase the gem letter in the gem shop)

In total, the players can get AB2 Gems.png × 120 every day.


Similar to achievements in Game Center or Google Play, these are missions that are intended to be completed over a longer period of time than the daily quests. Rewards for the feats include Feathers, Gems, Black Pearls, and Chests.

Daily Challenge

The Nest (Bird Arena)


As of 2.15.0 update added clans and also ban system, Rovio edited End-user license agreement (EULA) page since 2017

Tower of Fortune

Tower of Fortune popup

Main article: Tower of Fortune

The Tower of Fortune is a place you can win rewards, such as Gems, Black Pearls, Spells, Feathers and Hats. But beware that in most levels there is a pig (1/4 chance) ready to take away all of whatever prize you have gained – in case you encounter him, you either have to spend Gems to get rid of him to continue, or quit the tower with all your prizes lost. You can exit the tower with your prizes at hand any time before you proceed to the next level.

Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp



Playable Characters

The Main Flock

Character Ability Description


Shoots red soundwaves which can be used to topple structures "Leader of the Flock!"
Red is the first bird introduced in the game.

He is the main protagonist of the series, and has appeared in almost every game to date.

AB2 TheBlues.png

Jay, Jake, and Jim

Splits into three small birds and slightly speeds up "Cool with Ice!"
Jay, Jake, and Jim are triplets who can split into three. They do lots of damage to ice.
AB2 Chuck.png


Heavily speeds up when the screen is tapped "Good with Wood!"
Chuck is a canary who can heavily damage wood and can go very fast.
AB2 Matilda.png


Shoots egg bombs vertically downwards, while simultaneously propelling herself upward "Explosive Spirit!"
Matilda is a chicken who lays egg bombs that cause destruction and explosions to structures below.
AB2 Silver.png


Does a 270-degree loop before violently crashing down on the ground "Looping Legend"
Silver is a gray falcon who can crash violently down on the ground. She does significant damage to stones and bosses.
AB2 Bomb.png


Blowing up causing significant damage to structures "Explosive Temper..."
Bomb can blow himself up to deal large damage to structures, especially to stone blocks.
AB2 Terence.png


Huge strength and power to topple structures and towers "Big, Bad, Bold"
A large bird who can cause massive destruction.  Also deals heavy damage to some bosses.

Extra Characters

Character Ability Description



Stella encases herself in a bubble, then encases anything she touches in a bubble and carries them away with her before dropping them for heavy damage. "Stella Joins the Flock!"

AB2 HAL.png


Hal will fly far enough to use his ability, which is spinning back like a boomerang. When spinning back, Hal gains momentum and destroys more blocks. "Boomerang Bird comes Back!"



Inflates, pushing more blocks and obstacles away. Instead of deflating, Bubbles pops afterward, dealing light damage. TBA

Leonard in angry birds 2.png


Can shoot three snot bombs before hitting something TBA


Characters Description

Minion Pigs

These are the standard pigs that make up the majority of Piggy Island.  Most of them appear in the game as normal Minion Pigs, but some of them are equipped with gear that grants them special abilities. For a full list please go to:

List of Special Pigs in Angry Birds 2


Chef Pig

He is a chef who cooks food for the pigs and King Pig, but secretly wants to oust King Pig from the throne. He appears as the first boss in each area.

Foreman Pig

A tactical genius who devises plans to steal the birds' eggs. He appears as the second boss in each area.

King Pig

His real name is Smoothcheeks. He is the King of Piggy Island and the only pig in Piggy Island allowed to eat eggs, whereas other pigs must eat whatever they can find to survive.  He is the final boss in each area.
Zeta AB2 1.png


She is the wife of Mighty Eagle and former ruler of Eagle Island in The Angry Birds Movie 2. She was the final boss in each area during the second movie event.


Main article: Angry Birds 2/Chapters


The Achievements are available on the iOS and Android platforms. See Angry Birds 2/Achievements.


For this subject's image gallery, see Angry Birds 2/Gallery.


The game has received mixed reviews. Pocket Gamer gave the game a 7/10, feeling that the gameplay was a step forward in puzzle design and the graphics were gorgeous—however, it did not like the energy system that, after failing to complete a few levels, either makes the player stop playing or use gems to continue playing; overall the website thought the game was Rovio at its best. IGN awarded it a score of 6.7 out of 10, saying "Ever-shifting levels and limited lives take a lot of the fun out of smashing pigs with birds in Angry Birds 2."



  • Unlike the original Angry Birds games (Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space, etc.), the birds have their Toons appearance (except for Silver, who made her debut in this game).
  • The game's former name, Under Pigstruction, is a play on Under Construction, an event used to show that the process of construction is taking place.
  • This is the third Angry Birds game after Angry Birds POP! and the Korean version of Angry Birds to feature the lives system. Failing a level will cost a live and after all five lives are used up (All 3 after the Pigsyland update).
    • The lives system is identical to Candy Crush Saga and its sequels (Soda and Jelly) as there are up to 5 lives.
  • This is the first game to give Red a permanent ability.
  • Even though the Corporal Pig appears this game, he's not a boss; he is a Minion Pig that wears a helmet.
  • This is the second time a pun on New York City has been made. The first was New Yolk City, the setting of the Super Angry Birds comic. This one is New Pork City.
  • This is the second Angry Birds video game that does not have its own Toons.TV video app, after Angry Birds POP!, as pressing the Toons.TV button redirects to a browser version. Now it redirects to its own Toons.TV app.
  • On the Angry Birds Facebook page, a 3 page comic about the story of Angry Birds 2 was released. This strip revealed why Silver was raised by the pigs. They found her as an egg, and she hatched just before getting cooked.
  • In the World Map/Game Level, players can tap/click on a random pig. The pigs can blow a raspberry, make a face, burp, or fart. If a pig farts, surrounding pigs will groan at the pig who farted, whilst if a pig burps, surrounding pigs will grow angry towards the pig who burped. This will all happen when players tap/click on a pig.
  • Pig Bay is the only chapter with 60 levels so far.
  • This game has the third most levels in the Angry Birds series with 2980 levels in total (as of June 2021). Angry Birds Dream Blast has the most levels with over 6500+ levels and Angry Birds POP! is the second.
  • Some of Stella's voice clips are reused from Angry Birds Go!.
  • Hal 's appearance is based more on his original design, rather than his new one. Rovio stated that Hal's new beak was too long to appear in the game.
    • His design uses also a lot of The Movie's proportions.
  • The Bubbles Adventure seems to be a reference to Ham O' Ween.
  • In Bamboo Forest (Gravity) levels, sometimes the structures start collapsing autonomously even before you shoot the first bird in that stage. If lucky enough, you may be able to pass some stages without having a single bird launched.

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