Cards are items that appear in Angry Birds 2. When you play a level, the first three cards appear at the bottom left of
the screen with the other cards on the main deck faced down. The cards are the birds or spells that you will choose for the next shot. Choose one by tapping the first three cards, just like choosing the birds in Angry Birds Stella's pig sightings levels. However, it is used to attack the pigs.

If the player runs out of them & there’s still pigs remaining, they will either watch a video for a free bird once or be charged with AB2 Gems × 60 for additional 3 cards for the first time, the price will increase to 180 for the second time & will double every time you revive. after the fifth revived the price stops doubling, If you don't revive the level is failed and you lose a heart.

The player can also shuffle them by paying 20 gems which you change the birds.

The pricing system goes: first 60, second 180, third 360, fourth 720, fifth onwards 1,440. (In older versions of the game the pricing used to go by the sixtys times table).

Card Levels

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As you level up a bird or spell, its card will change in appearance. The way to level up a bird's card rank is by giving them the correct color feathers.

These are the card ranks, in order.

  1. Vanilla
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Azure
  6. Emerald
  7. Amethyst
  8. Diamond
  9. Elder Bronze
  10. Elder Silver
  11. Elder Gold
  12. Elder Azure
  13. Elder Emerald
  14. Elder Amethyst
  15. Elder Diamond
  16. Master Bronze
  17. Master Silver
  18. Master Gold
  19. Master Azure
  20. Master Emerald
  21. Master Amethyst
  22. Master Diamond
  23. Pristine Bronze
  24. Pristine Silver
  25. Pristine Gold
  26. Pristine Azure
  27. Pristine Emerald
  28. Pristine Amethyst
  29. Pristine Diamond
  30. Epic Bronze
  31. Epic Silver
  32. Epic Gold
  33. Epic Azure
  34. Epic Emerald
  35. Epic Amethyst
  36. Epic Diamond
  37. Ancient Bronze
  38. Ancient Silver
  39. Ancient Gold
  40. Ancient Azure
  41. Ancient Emerald
  42. Ancient Amethyst
  43. Ancient Diamond
  44. Mythic Bronze
  45. Mythic Silver
  46. Mythic Gold
  47. Mythic Azure
  48. Mythic Emerald
  49. Mythic Amethyst
  50. Mythic Diamond
  51. and up :Legendary




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