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Special Pigs are unique pigs with special abilities that can appear in some level on Story Mode, the special pigs can appear on other modes as well in Angry Birds 2.

Note: The names of most of the pigs are conjectural, it may change.

Pigs Level appearances Description
AB2 HelmetPig Corporal Pig Can appear anywhere commonly, will usually spawn on top of a structure or rarely inside the structure. This pig wears a metal helmet issued by the pigs, which protects him from impacts in his forehead with increased health, i.e. falling from a low height, getting hit by The Blues or other small birds, falling corpses, or getting drowned in waters. A small clinking sound can be heard if anything hits his helmet. It is not known why the actual Corporal Pig is not used.
AB2 GoldenPig Golden Pig Can appear anywhere rarely. Has a higher chance of appearing if the player has lesser birds than usual.

If the player has failing or quitting a level in Story Mode too many times, eventually the Golden Pig will appear on every room of the level and the amount of TNT will be increased.

When popped, this pig will instantly fill the Destruct-O-Meter, immediately giving you an extra bird or spell if applicable. In elder version, it is not required to pop this pig to pass the stage. As of the 2.59.2 update, it is now required to pop this pig to pass the stage although this pig is not a 'real' enemy.[1]
AB2 UmbrellaPig Umbrella Pig Can appear anywhere uncommonly, it is much more common in rainy levels. This pig has an umbrella, that will make him float down very slowly when caught in the air. Sometime this pig spawn without an umbrella due to the umbrella that collide with the possible object overhead.
AB2 BalloonPig Balloon Pig Can appear anywhere commonly, will only spawn outside of a structure. This pig will inflate a balloon and fly high up into the area after a bird or spell launched. The balloon could occasionally pop when it approaches the slingshot or if it touches an overhead object.
Bandicam 2021-11-11 09-47-20-518 Rocket Pig Can appear anywhere commonly, will only spawn on top of a structure. If a bird comes near him, he'll fly out of the fortress with the rockets on his back. Shortly after, the rockets will be ejected and he'll slowly descend with a parachute that can be broken. If he flies into an obstacle, he will instantly be popped, and the rockets will fly away, like the single Rocket (but mostly intact/closer to the center). For some reason, the parachute has weird durability, unless popped by force.
AB2 FrostyPig Ice Thrower Pig Can appear anywhere uncommonly, encountered in most boss levels, and common in snowy themed levels. This pig shoots snowballs very often at different angles. If a bird is shot by a snowball, it will lose its momentum and it will fall down if you are using small birds. If Leonard gets shot, he will be exploded.
AB2 ContructionPig Construction Pig Can appear anywhere uncommonly in intermediate levels (Approximately Level 121 and beyond) This pig has a screwdriver, which he will throw at any bird that comes too close. If a bird gets hit by a screwdriver, it will be knocked out and unable to perform its power (has little to unaffected on Terence due to a large bird). If Leonard gets hit, he will be exploded. After throwing, Construction Pig will fall asleep for a short time and another screwdriver will appear when he wakes up.
AB2 MinerPig Polymorph Pig Can appear anywhere commonly. This pig has a crystal wand, which he will use to shoot a purple bolt at nearby birds. If a bird gets shot by this bolt, it will turn into something else: for example, a round piece of stone, a TNT box, a rocket, occasionally a Golden Pig, or else something useless (perhaps nothing, if bugged/glitched). Bomb or Leonard do not exploded when they being shot. This ability often does Polymorph Pig a disservice though, as the new object can still destroy the building he is housed in. The bolts are affected by forces, portals, etc...
AB2 BlowtorchPig Fire Pig Can appear anywhere rarely and in certain boss levels. This pig has a flamethrower, which it will use to shoot flames at nearby birds. If a bird gets shot by the flames, it will instantly disappear (Bomb or Leonard will be exploded when they being shot). Fire Pig is one of the toughest pigs, if not, the toughest due to his flamethrower making birds disappear and having a noticeably short cool down, making him very difficult to defeat.
AB2 MagicianPig Magic Pig Level 241 and beyond can be found in other modes such as Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp. This pig has a black mustache wearing a black top hat with a red belt around it. He uses a black and white magic wand and looks like a magician. If a bird comes near him or falls down, he will teleport away, he will die during the teleportation progress if the bolt is obstructed by an object.
Bandicam 2021-11-09 20-30-29-006 Science Pig Can appear anywhere commonly. This pig has an Erlenmeyer flask and overall looks like a scientist or a chemist. If he is popped in any way, every block in the stage will turn into the same material (wood, glass, or stone), the durability of the materials are different than the normal ones. Similar/extension of the Blizzard spell, only that ice is also glass and other materials work as well.
AB2 AngryPig Angry Pig Level 401 and beyond can be found in other modes such as Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp. This pig is colored red with flames on top of his head and appears to be very angry. If popped, he will explode just like a TNT box or a pig affected by a Chili spell.
AB2 SwimmerPig Ducky Tube Pig Common enemy, appears only in water levels. This pig wears an inflatable ducky tube, which will make him able to float water and immune to drowning.
Bandicam 2021-11-11 09-50-37-191 Scuba Pig Common enemy, appears only in water levels. This pig wears a scuba gear, which will make him immune to drowning. They often spawn underwater. Sometimes they will spawn on surfaces and sink to dive.
AB2 GravityPig Astronaut Pig From level 39 to 60, level 581 and beyond, can be found in other modes such as Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp. This pig wears a space suit. If popped, all blocks and pigs in close proximity will shortly levitate, as if unaffected by gravity, before plummeting to the ground.
AB2 AtomPig Beamer Pig Levels 781 and beyond, can be found in other modes such as Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp. This pig has a tractor beam, which he uses to pull nearby birds towards him. If a bird is affected by a tractor beam, it will pull away from its current course. Unfortunately for him, the bird he pulls often ends up slamming into the building he is in, causing it to collapse. If Beamer Pig attempts to pull Bubbles' inflating or Melody's inhaling in front of her, unaffected. However, if Beamer Pig attempts to pull Terence due to a large bird, he will be pulled instead.
Quantumpig Quantum Pig Can only be found in Adventures This pig was announced to start appearing in levels a week from its official announcement date, November 23, 2021.[2] This pig has a colored aura surrounding it with quantum energy, and if a Quantum Pig is present on a stage, so does a random block in one of the buildings. If a Quantum Pig is popped, the block with the correspondingly colored aura will break along with him, or if a block with an aura is destroyed, then the corresponding Quantum pigs will be popped. Either way, entanglement destroys both at once.


  • There's a rare chance of a pig losing its special ability after taking glancing hits.
  • Construction Pig, unlike other pigs, has a slightly higher chance of losing his special ability after taking glancing hits.
  • Magic Pig is similar to Ninja Pig from Angry Birds Stella.
  • Space Pig also appears in Angry Birds Stella but the power is activated by default in the beginning of the level.
  • Golden Pig is not a real enemy, but the game requires to pop this pig to pass in newer versions.
  • Ducky Tube Pig and Scuba Pig are pigs that can't be drowned in all water levels. They must be popped (from) underwater or hit with force.
  • Like Minion Pigs in a level, some Special Pigs literally have a chance to flies through the screen breaking the fourth wall when popped. However, they do not hit the screen, instead flying past it such as wood blocks and straw houses.
    • When Special Pigs are popped, they will animate as normal Minion Pigs, except Angry Pigs and Golden Pig.
    • This was likely a Screen KO in Super Smash Bros. series.
  • As water levels, when Science Pig is popped and turns to stone blocks, stone blocks are actually floating instead of sinking.
    • This was likely oddities because glass and wood blocks are turned to stone blocks.
  • When Magic Pig teleports, he is heard saying "Uh-oh".
  • Golden Pig and Quantum Pigs do not look at other pigs.
  • Golden Pig, Scuba Pigs, and Quantum Pigs do not taunt at the player when spawned or other pigs.
  • Scientist Pig is the only Special Pig to have an exclusive animation, which is holding his Erlenmeyer flask and shaking it to the other pigs or birds when they hit an object.


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