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This is a list of the pigs with special abilities that appear in Angry Birds 2.

Note: The names of most of the pigs are conjectural.

Pigs Level appearances Description
AB2 HelmetPig.png Corporal Pig Can appear anywhere. This pig wears an army helmet that protects him from certain damage and falling from a low height.
AB2 GoldenPig.png Golden Pig Can appear anywhere, albeit rarely. Has a higher chance of appearing if the player has lesser birds than usual.

Also, if the player has failed a level too many times, eventually the Golden Pig will appear on every stage of the level.

When popped, this pig will instantly fill the Destruct-O-Meter, immediately giving you an extra bird or spell if applicable. Does not have to be popped to complete the stage.
AB2 UmbrellaPig.png Umbrella Pig Can appear anywhere rarely, though is much more common in rainy levels. When caught in the air, this pig will float down very slowly. His umbrella also shields projectiles.
AB2 BalloonPig.png Balloon Pig Can appear anywhere. After a bird has been launched, this pig will inflate a balloon after a few seconds and fly high into an area. The balloon would occasionally pop after a long time or if a structure pops it.
AB2 RocketPig.png Rocket Pig Can appear anywhere. If a bird comes near him, he'll fly out of the fortress with his jetpack and slowly descends with a parachute that can be breakable. If he hits an obstacle while flying with the rockets, he will instantly be popped, and the rockets will be destroyed.

For some reason, Matilda's egg bombs cannot destroy the parachute.

AB2 FrostyPig.png Snow Pig Uncommon in most levels, common in boss levels, and very common in snowy themed levels. This pig shoots snowballs every so often. If a bird gets hit by one, it loses all of its momentum and will just fall. Somewhat ironically, his snowballs can damage bosses severely.
AB2 ContructionPig.png Construction Pig Commonly in intermediate levels. This pig throws screwdrivers at your birds, which will knock them away if hit by one, after throwing a screwdriver this pig then sleeps, but can wakeup anytime as possible.
AB2 MinerPig.jpg Polymorph Pig Commonly in intermediate levels This pig uses his crystal wand to fire magic bolts at your birds, turning them into a random object if hit by one. Some can be potentially useful like a TNT crate or rocket, or even the aforementioned golden pig on rare occasions. The bolts can also travel through portals, vents, and walls.
AB2 BlowtorchPig.png Fire Pig Rarely in intermediate and hard boss levels. This pig shoots fire at your birds, which will make them instantly disappear if hit. He is widely considered to be one of the toughest special pigs due to his flamethrower making birds disappear and has a noticeably short cool down, making him difficult to defeat.
AB2 MagicianPig.png Magician Pig Level 241 and beyond. When this pig is in danger, he teleports (2 times maximum) to a random location, away from the destruction.
AB2 ChemistPig.png Chemist Pig Can appear anywhere uncommonly. This pig has a potion vial were, when popped, turns all blocks into the same element (Glass, wood, or stone).
AB2 AngryPig.jpg Angry Pig Level 401 and beyond. When popped, this pig explodes, damaging structures around it, just like a TNT Box.
AB2 SwimmerPig.jpg Swimmer Pig Common enemy, appears in water levels. This pig has an inflatable duck pool ring that makes him float on water.
AB2 ScubaPig.png Scuba Pig Common enemy, appears in water levels. This pig wears scuba equipment that makes him breathe underwater.
AB2 GravityPig.jpg Astro Pig Level 581 and beyond. When popped, nearby pigs and blocks will be temporarily levitated into the air, and then after a few seconds, it will fall down.
AB2 AtomPig.jpg Beamer Pig Levels 400 and beyond. When a bird gets close enough, this pig will pull your bird towards him with a tractor beam. More often, the bird he'll pull would often slam into the fortress and collapse it.


  • There's a rare chance of a special pig to lose its specialty after taking glancing hits.
  • Construction Pig, unlike other pigs, has a slightly higher chance of losing his specialty after taking glancing hits.
  • Magic Pig is similar to Ninja Pig from Angry Birds Stella.
  • Astro Pig also appears in Angry Birds Stella but the power is activated by default in the beginning of the level.

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