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The spells listed below were only available for a limited amount of time and were usually very similar in function to the Golden Ducks in Angry Birds 2.

Name Description Image
Buzz's Honey Blaster Special Honey Nut Cheerios event spell available in the U.S. Buzz
Octo the Lover Special Nibblers (or Fruit Nibblers) event spell Lover otto spell
Shakira's Love Rocks Special Love Rocks event spell Shakiras Love Rocks Spell.png
Monstrous Spell of Mavis Special Hotel Transylvania 2 event spell Monstrous Spell of Mavis Spell
Hatchlings Special The Angry Birds Movie event spell Drop The Hatchlings
Cadbury Gems Special Cadbury Gems event spell Bandicam-2016-04-07-18-05-05-073
Birthday Cake Special Angry Birds 2 1st Birthday event spell Birthday Cake
Darlene's Derpy Darlings I Special Angry Birds Evolution event spell Darlene's Derpy Darlings I
Darlene's Derpy Darlings II Special Angry Birds Evolution event spell Darlene's Derpy Darlings II
Dutch Explosive Nuts Special Angry Birds Evolution event spell Dutch's explosive nuts
Darlene's Derpy Darlings III Special Angry Birds Evolution event spell Darlene's Derpy Darlings Deadpool
Trey's Light of Love Special Angry Birds Evolution event spell Trey's light of love
Kim Fli Hy's Nuclear Tuna Special Angry Birds Evolution event spell Kim Fli Hy's nuclear tuna
Zain's Batty Bats Special Angry Birds Evolution event spell Zain's batty bats
Winnie's Wicked Wrench Special Angry Birds Evolution event spell Winnie's Wicked Wrench
Thelonius' Tasty Threads Special Angry Birds Evolution event spell Thelonious' tasty threads
Captain Freedom's Pie Special Angry Birds Evolution event spell Cap'n Freedom's pie
Captain Freedom's Fries Special Angry Birds Evolution event spell Cap'n Freedom's fries
Captain Freedom's Juice Special Angry Birds Evolution event spell Cap'n Freedom's juice
Idea Advantage Spell Special !dea Cellular event spell in November 2015[1] IdeaAdvantageSpell
Peperami Stunt Animal Spell Special Peperami Angry Birds Movie event spell in May 2016. AB2 Peperami SpellAB2 Peperami Spell (1)
Duck Tales Spell Special Disney XD Duck Tales spell DuckTales-Angry-Birds-890-2017
Piggy Tales: 4th Street Special Piggy Tales: 4th Street event spell
Angry Birds Match X Imagine Dragons Special Angry Birds Match X Imagine Dragons event spell
Angry Birds On The Run Red Special Angry Birds on the Run event spell 48396047 2272234996167616 3517700497437884416 o
Angry Birds Dream Blast Special Angry Birds Dream Blast release event spell Screenshot 20190126-230432
Zeta's Ice Cubes The Angry Birds Movie 2 trailer release event spell 66441198 2580723205318792 2961228372606189568 o
Lego Ninjago Spinjitzu Spell Lego Ninjago event spell Ninja-GO!
Chupa Fun Spell! The Angry Birds Movie 2 Chupa Chups event spell Chupa
Red's TNT Delivery Angry Birds MakerSpace release event spell Red's TNT Delivery
Duolingo Eggs Duolingo X Angry Birds cooperation event spell 87149114 3051950544862720 8299790953946808320 o
Disguised Spell Spies in Disguise release event Disguise Spell December 2019Disguise Spell December 2019 (1)
Magnifying Glasses Small Town Murder release event spell Magnifying Glasses Spell
Red's Beanie Spells Sugar Blast release event Beanie
Angry Birds Bubble Trouble Angry Birds Bubble Trouble release event spell
Teddy Bears Holiday Tournaments 2020 (Angry Birds Friends) release event spell 7C5EB42C-D8DD-4F26-8A2B-F84A682459DA
Stone Fire Volcano Darkfire Heroes release event spell EzBKp6GXMAE8dwf
Stay Active Spell Stay Active Tournament 2021 (Angry Birds Friends) and Angry Birds Friends X World Health Organization (WHO) partnership event spell StayActiveSpell
Dream Blast Spell Red's Dream Adventure 2021 release promo spell DreamBlastSpell
Power Pop Spell Promoting a Halloween event in Angry Birds POP! in October of 2021 AB2 Power Pop Sponsored Spell October 2021AB2 Power Pop Sponsored Spell October 2021 (1)
Egg Wonders Spell Global release of Angry Birds Journey on January 20th 2022 AB2 Spell Journey 1-20-22 AB2 Spell Journey 1-20-22 (1)
Green Spell Playing for the Planet Tournament release on June 2nd, 2022 AB2 Green Spell June 2022AB2 Green Spell June 2022 (1)
Diamond Spell Feathered Frenemies event released on June 16th, 2022 AB2 Feathered Frenemies SpellAB2 Feathered Frenemies Spell (1)
Dream Spell Endless Dream event released on August 18th, 2022 AB2 Dream SpellAB2 Dream Spell (1)
Venum Spell Angry Birds x Venum sponsorship that occurred on September 8th, 2022 AB2 Venum Sponsored SpellAB2 Venum Sponsored Spell (1)AB2 Venum Sponsored Spell (2)
Premium Spell Silver's YouTube Show event in Angry Birds Dream Blast that released on October 19th, 2022 AB2 Premium Sponsored SpellAB2 Premium Sponsored Spell (1)AB2 Premium Sponsored Spell (2)
Candy Spell Angry Birds MakerSpace release event spell (Trick or Treat, Repeat) around October 17th, 2022 PICCANDYSPELL2CandySpell
Smashing Pumpkins Spell Halloween Event in Angry Birds Journey that released on October 26th, 2022 AB2 Smashing Pumpkins Sponsored SpellAB2 Smashing Pumpkins Sponsored Spell (1)AB2 Smashing Pumpkins Sponsored Spell (2)
Disco Ball Spell Angry Birds Bubble Trouble Season 2 event on February 2nd, 2023 AB2 Disco Ball Sponsored SpellAB2 Disco Ball Sponsored Spell (1)AB2 Disco Ball Sponsored Spell (2)
Jewel Thief Spell Spell used to sponsor The Ice Cream Bandit on June 15, 2023. AB2 Jewel Thief SpellAB2 Jewel Thief Spell (1)AB2 Jewel Thief Spell (2)
Jo's Looove Spell Jo's introduction into the series on June 26th, 2023 AB2 Jo Sponsored SpellAB2 Jo Sponsored Spell (1)AB2 Jo Sponsored Spell (2)
Musical Spell 2 month trial of Apple Music in Angry Birds Dream Blast on November 8, 2023.[2] AB2 Musical SpellAB2 Musical Spell (1)AB2 Musical Spell (2)
Sonic the Hedgehog Spell Spell used to promote the Sonic the Hedgehog X Angry Birds collaboration on March 14, 2024. AB2 Sonic the Hedgehog SpellAB2 Sonic the Hedgehog Spell (1)AB2 Sonic the Hedgehog Spell (2)


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** - Unused
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