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The Nest is an online weekly tournament where players may challenge another randomly selected player. It will be 
AB2 The Nest Screen.png
unlocked at level 25 in single player campaign formerly, it was then requires at least Star Rank of 5 to enter the arena.

AB2 The Nest The Nest (Bird Arena)

AB2 The Nest Screen

Players will enter against CPU players in arena until reaches at least a star rank of 8. Once fulfilled, they will start in the vanilla league and progress at the end of every week. Placing in the top 3 (AB2 BronzeMedal, AB2 SilverMedal, AB2 GoldMedal) will promote to the next league; placing in the bottom 3 will demote to the previous league. If the player wins the battle, the stars will be rewarded according to the difference between the player and the opponent (5~10 stars), and the streak prizes. If the player loses the battle, there will be no star rewards and streak will break & reset to 0, quitting the battle will course the streak to break this is because quitting counts as losing.

Consecutive victories in the arena will result in greater and greater rewards.

  • 1ST win: AB2 Ticket × 1
  • 2ND win: AB2 Terence Feather × 100
  • 3RD win: AB2 Premium Chest × 1
  • 4TH win:AB2 Ticket × 2
  • 5TH win: AB2 Terence Feather × 500
  • 6TH win: AB2 Premium Chest × 1
  • 7TH win: AB2 Terence Feather × 1,500 (streak finale)
  • 8TH win: Rare chest (super only)
  • 9TH win: 250 Black peals (super only)
  • 10TH win: Legendary chest (super only)

AB2 Ticket Tickets

Tickets are the resources to play in the Arena mode. Each time to play in Arena mode costs AB2 Ticket × 1. The player can earn additional tickets by winning the Arena, or purchasing:

  • AB2 Ticket × 3 for AB2 Gems × 99
  • AB2 Ticket × 10 for AB2 Gems × 299
  • AB2 Ticket × 35 for AB2 Gems × 899
  • AB2 Ticket × 1 by watching an advertisement video.

The player may come to Arena with free entries are available every 3 hours.

AB2 Leagues Leagues

Here are the league lists for the Arena's weekly tournament (with the reward in the first place that the player can earn in the end of the tournaments)

  • AB2 VanillaTrophy Vanilla League
  • AB2 BronzeTrophy Bronze League
  • AB2 SilverTrophy Silver League (AB2 Gems × 300 and AB2BlackPearl × 120)
  • AB2 GoldTrophy Gold League (AB2 Gems × 300 and AB2BlackPearl × 140)
  • AB2 AzureTrophy Azure League
  • AB2 EmeraldTrophy Emerald League
  • AB2 AmethystTrophy Amethyst League
  • AB2 DiamondTrophy Diamond League (AB2 Gems × 300 and AB2BlackPearl × 300)
  • Legendary League ( You can only stay in the Legendary League if you are in 1st place, if you are not in first place you get demoted to the Diamond League)

The player can rack up to first place by collecting stars in Arena mode much more than the rest of the opponent.

AB2 HatLevel Bird Hats

AB2 Hats

Bird Hat increases the multiplier score besides bird feathers. It can be purchased only by black pearls (AB2BlackPearl) and can be only be obtained by daily challenge or the weekly tournament. Collect all the full set to upgrade the slingshot score multiplier.

  • Multiplier Rules: Multiplier of a bird (AB2 CardLevel) + Multiplier of a slingshot (AB2 SlingshotLevel) + Multiplier of the Bird Hat (AB2 HatLevel) = Bird Power.
    • Example: If Red has a score x5, the slingshot has a score multiplier x4, and the Bird Hat has a multiplier of x3, then Red's Power or score multiplier be x12.
  • In total, the players will requires AB2BlackPearl × 554,120 to acquire all bird hats to maximize the players' performance.

List of Bird Hats

Profile Avatar

Players may customize their avatars using their Facebook profile picture or by unlocking new set of avatars by completing an area.

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