This is where the big rewards are! You get cards to choose from each floor and win gems, feathers, spells, and hats as
Angry Birds 2 Tower Of Fortune
you rise to the skies. But be careful, there are pesky pig cards on all the normal floors who are ready to take what you have gained. You can exit the tower any time with the loot collected so far from the “Exit” button on the left.

Even if you get a pig card, your journey is not over, you can pay gems to be able to continue.


The player needs to be careful as there are  pigs that will cause the player to lose their rewards if they don't ignore them, there's a 25% chance of getting a pig & a 75% of not getting one, if the player gets a pig they can use gems to ignore him & keep going, once the pig is destroyed, the player is safe and the journey continues until they get another one or exits, the price on destroying the pig will double every time he is destroyed.

Every green floor is a Jackpot floor, where you can win hats. Better yet, those floors don’t have pig cards so there's a 0% chance of getting a pig on these floors! Yellow floors are Super-Jackpot floors where you can win even better hats! 

If you feel it takes a bit too long to choose the cards yourself, you can use the "auto-pick" function to speed things up! It's the fast forward icon bottom:

With this option, the cards will be picked automatically until you decide to stop, be aware that this doesn't give you immunity form pigs as you can still get them. To stop, you can tap the fast forward icon again.

You can play Tower of Fortune Gold after playing this every day. But it costs $8.99 to play this. It is just like Regular tower of fortune but with much better rewards including Gems, Spells, Treasue, and more! But jackpot stages is at 1-3. There are 12 stages. But beware of the pig cards also appear on the gold version.

The player can also get tickets to play the tower of fortune by paying hat events, there are two different types of tickets Standard or express, standard tickets give the player are free entry at floor one, the express tickets skip the first nineteen floors & start the player at the twentieth floor instead, however it does not give video tries.

When destroying the pigs the price will double every time you revive after the seventh time the price stops doubling, the process goes: First 20, second 50, third 100, fourth 200, fifth 400, sixth 800, seventh onwards 1,600. 


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