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Canadian & Australian name

Angry Birds 2 was first called Angry Birds Under Pigstruction. This was a placeholder name Rovio used for the beta version of the game. The name is still currently used in Canada. As with Australia, the name still remains as Angry Birds 2.

Mighty Eagle tips

Angry Birds 2 Mighy Eagle's Hints.png

In the game's beta version, Mighty Eagle would appear in the corner of the screen to give the player hints, as opposed to Red who took over this function in the final product. He also takes his appearance from the classic games. In Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp, he appears but not in classic design.

Unused Graphics


Angry Birds 2 Beta Score Meter.png

In the beta, the level score had a different design. It appeared as a piece of blank paper, with a differently shaped Destruct-o-meter which also featured a picture of classic Red.

3D Slingshot

Angry Birds 2 3D Slingshot.png

The Beta Slingshot was made with a 3D model instead of a sprite.

Level Completed Screen

In the beta Level Completed Screen, only the birds who were used by the player in any given level would appear, rather than all the birds the player has currently unlocked showing up like they do in the final product.

Unused Pigs

There were some pigs that never appeared in the final product nor in files, just in concept art. Some examples are

20140211 ABBA characters classic 02 StefanHansson1-1920x1357.jpg

a Bengal Tiger Pig, Panda Pig, Tortoise Pig, Bamboo Pig, etc. They were all meant to appear in Bamboo Forest.

Removed In Later Versions


After defeating King Pig for the first time, Red would start to wear a crown but it was removed later and re-added as a hat for him of the the Crown Set.

Favorite Bird

In previous versions, players could choose their favorite bird, but it was removed. However, the bird chosen will still show in the map.

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