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Incomplete list
This list is incomplete. You can help Angry Birds Wiki by expanding it, then removing this template.

This is a list of pigs in Angry Birds Ace Fighter.

There are five pig symbols:

ABAceFighter Symbol1 ABAceFighter Symbol2 ABAceFighter Symbol3 ABAceFighter Symbol4 ABAceFighter Symbol5

Note: This list is incomplete, it's unknown how many Pigs and Bosses are in the game. This is the furthest anybody that played this game has ever reached, no data can be collected.


(*) Note: Although this game added English support, the translation may not be correct. That's their information in the game.

Symbol *Pigs *Ability *Description
ABAceFighter Symbol2 ABAceFighter Pig10

Bee Pig

Bee Pigs dash one by one from the left Their wings are borrowed from bees, which explains the constant buzzing.
ABAceFighter Symbol2 ABAceFighter Pig11

Guard Pig

Guard Pigs float in a line and swoop down to attack one at a time These are the most ordinary guard pigs in Pig City
ABAceFighter Symbol3 ABAceFighter Pig12

Aerospace Pig

Aerospace Pigs float down and fire scattering bullets This is one small step for a pig, but one giant leap for pigkind.
ABAceFighter Symbol3 ABAceFighter Pig13

Ghost Pig

Ghost Pigs fire bullets to attack player in a circular path It's not a real ghost, but it's just a pig in a white sheet.
ABAceFighter Symbol3 ABAceFighter Pig14

Pirate Pig

Pirate Pigs float down and fire 5 bullets before rushing to th bottom of the screen It used to be a fisherman, but became a pirate after a mystery man destroyed its hometown.
ABAceFighter Symbol4 ABAceFighter Pig15

Shaman Pig

Shaman Pigs descend at a constant speed and block player's attacks They learned mysterious witchcraft to make other pigs obedient.
ABAceFighter Symbol2 ABAceFighter Pig16

Camouflage Pig

Camouflage Pigs swoop down from each side after 2 seconds When Chuck saw it, he thought he had met a comrade, until he got his knees pecked.
ABAceFighter Symbol2 ABAceFighter Pig17

Kamen Pig

Kamen Pigs come from both sides. They are invisible before they attack Pigs can never manage to catch this most troublesome of birds.
ABAceFighter Symbol4 ABAceFighter Pig18

Transport Pig

Drop 3 missiles to attack player These are pig porters.
ABAceFighter Symbol4 ABAceFighter Pig19

General Pig

General Pigs hover above and shoot bullets at the player twice He always raises his head when he meets other pigs.
ABAceFighter Symbol4 ABAceFighter Pig20

Parachute Pig

Parachute Pigs hover above and shoot bullets at the player twice It it scared of heights.
ABAceFighter Symbol4 ABAceFighter Pig21

Dance Pig

Dance Pigs drop down and emit damage dealing waves of sound It won second place in a dance competition, but it was no match for King Pig.
ABAceFighter Symbol4 ABAceFighter Pig22

Pudding Pig

Pudding Pigs hover above and can split attacked by the player It turned into a pudding during an experiment, and now he knows how to divide himself.
ABAceFighter Symbol4 ABAceFighter Pig23

Balloon Pig

Balloon Pigs hover above to block player's attacks You can't help wondering how they managed to get in the balloon.
ABAceFighter Symbol4 ABAceFighter Pig24

Magic Pig

Magic Pigs hover above and can split if attacked by the player An outstanding magician whose greatest trick is splitting his body.
ABAceFighter Symbol3 ABAceFighter Pig25

Assault Pig

Assault Pigs float down and fire bullets If you see this character, you should turn and run.
ABAceFighter Symbol3 ABAceFighter Pig26

Ice Pig

Ice Pigs float down and fire exploding bullets It lives in cold northern climes and loves ice sculptures.
ABAceFighter Symbol3 ABAceFighter Pig27

Lights Pig

Lights Pigs move uniformly and fore scattering bullets at the player It guides the traffic in Pig City.
ABAceFighter Symbol3 ABAceFighter Pig28

Pumpkin Pig

Pumpkin Pigs float down and fire bullets It does Trick or Treat every Halloween.
ABAceFighter Symbol3 ABAceFighter Pig29

Magic Pig

Magic Pigs float down and fire bouncing magic balls at the player An amazing magician who is good at fire spells, and can make a fireball bounce anywhere he wants.
ABAceFighter Symbol3 ABAceFighter Pig30

Original Pig

Original Pigs float down and fire tracking stones at the player A tribesman who can hit a target 100 meters away from him.
ABAceFighter Symbol3 ABAceFighter Pig31

Cowboy Pig

Cowboy Pigs fore both straight and scattering bullets at the player It comes from the western wilderness and likes duels.
ABAceFighter Symbol3 ABAceFighter Pig32


UFO Pigs fire bullets that either scatter or track player A survivor from a UFO accident. It's main job is mail delivery.
ABAceFighter Symbol3 ABAceFighter Pig33

Mate Pig

Mate Pigs float down and fire exploding bullets A loyal servant of the Pirate King Pig. He is good at sailing.
ABAceFighter Symbol3 ABAceFighter Pig34

Death Pig

Death Pigs float down and fire catapulting bouncing sickles at the player He made a huge scythe and forced other pigs to call him Death Pig.
ABAceFighter Symbol3 ABAceFighter Pig35

Bomb Pig

Bomb Pigs float down and fire bullets An exceedingly dangerous pig who is behind most bomb attacks.
ABAceFighter Symbol3 ABAceFighter Pig18

Fighter Pig

Fighter Pigs fire bullets that either scatter or track player A graduate from flight school who likes do acrobatics.
ABAceFighter Symbol5 ABAceFighter Pig36

Radar Pig

Radar Pigs float down and fire bullets An evil doctor gave them bee wings, which means they fly with a buzzing sound.
ABAceFighter Symbol5 ABAceFighter Pig37

Greedy Pig

Greedy Pigs float down and fre scattering bullets His mouth is full of food at all times.
ABAceFighter Symbol5 ABAceFighter Pig38

Paint Pig

Paint Pigs float down and paint the area black to hide bullets The naughtiest folks in Pig City, they like painting walls black at night.
ABAceFighter Symbol5 ABAceFighter Pig39

Lantern Pig

Lantern Pigs float and emit scattering bullets to attack player He likes strolling around at night, but actually he just wants to show off his magic lantern.
??? Image Not Available

Red Cannon Pig

??? ???
??? Apple Pig

Apple Pig

??? ???
??? Flame Pig

Flame Pig

??? ???
??? Image Not Available

Mask Pig

??? ???


The player is given 30 seconds to defeat the boss. Once the timer is up, extra blue missiles will be launched to inflict damage to the player. If the player attacks the another player's defense formation the player loses.

(*) Note: Although this game added English support, the translation may not be correct. That's their information in the game.

Symbol *Pigs *Ability *Description
ABAceFighter Symbol1 ABAceFighter Pig8

Steel Gatlin

Shoots bullets at player who can obtain shield by breaking the crystal Ha ha ha! I won't let you go a step further! This steel armor and Gatling guns should make you think again.
ABAceFighter Symbol1 ABAceFighter Pig7

Rock Giant Pig

Drops boulders on player which hit the ground and split it A giant rock pig in front of a cliff. Beat it to land on the cliff and have some rest.
ABAceFighter Symbol1 Alien Pig 2

Alien Pig

??? ???
ABAceFighter Symbol1 Pig Swordman

Pig Swordman

??? ???
ABAceFighter Symbol1 Image Not Available

Mechanical Ape

??? ???
ABAceFighter Symbol1 Enchanted Beatle

Enchanted Beatle

??? ???
ABAceFighter Symbol1 ABAceFighter Pig5

Dragon Knight Pig

Launches fireballs at player What's a dragon doing in their army, and where did they catch it? But it's possible to get it to desert and join you.
ABAceFighter Symbol1 Rune Scorpion

Rune Scorpion

??? ???
ABAceFighter Symbol1 Image Not Available

Turtle Pig

??? ???
ABAceFighter Symbol1 Image Not Available

Greedy Pig

??? ???
ABAceFighter Symbol1 Instructor Pig

Instructor Pig

??? ???
ABAceFighter Symbol1 Image Not Available

Mechanical Spider

??? ???
ABAceFighter Symbol1 ABAceFighter Pig2

Tycoon Pig

Blows smoke rings and shoots bullets at player The pig holding the machine gun and cigar is infamous in Pig City. It's always a surprise to see him.
ABAceFighter Symbol1 Image Not Available

Steel Airship

??? ???
ABAceFighter Symbol1 Image Not Available

Pig Bomber

??? ???
ABAceFighter Symbol1 Image Not Available

Magic Doll

??? ???
ABAceFighter Symbol1 Student Pig

Student Pig

??? ???
ABAceFighter Symbol1 ABAceFighter Pig6

King Pig

Throws boxing gloves and bullets at player, while magicians and other pigs attack continuously King Pig took off in aircraft and it looks like he has been transformed by magic.
ABAceFighter Symbol1 Image Not Available

Steel Airship

??? ???
ABAceFighter Symbol1 Image Not Available

Mechanical Warship

??? ???
ABAceFighter Symbol1 ABAceFighter Pig1

Pirate Mech

Shoots bullets and throws anchors at player A mech from the pirate fleet. It seems this mystery man brought some advanced technology to the pigs.
ABAceFighter Symbol1 ABAceFighter Pig3

Gold Mech

Shoots bullets and strong beams at player The Pig King created this with 10 tons of gold. It's hard to get it off the ground.
ABAceFighter Symbol1 ABAceFighter Pig4

Iron Pig

Shoots bullets and tracking missiles at player Steel armor invented by the evil Dr. Pig. It is not yet completed.
ABAceFighter Symbol1 ABAceFighter Pig9

Pirate King Pig

Throws anchors at player which turn into bullets If you want to take these eggs, you'll have to beat me and step over my body. It's not going to be easy.