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King Pig has stolen the Eggs, and there's no way to retrieve them, ever!'
This article contains information about an abandoned project.
The content of the article or this section may have been scrapped during development from the game, or other Angry Birds medias.

"Pull, aim, action! Send the birds of the Angry Birds Movie crashing through obstacles and bouncing from wall to wall like a wrecking ball – all in the name of saving some eggs. It’s a game based on a movie, based on a game! Explore the world of The Angry Birds Movie for the first time ever in Angry Birds Action!"
Description on The Angry Birds Movie website

Angry Birds Action! was a pinball video game developed by Tag Games and published by Rovio Entertainment as the thirteenth game in the Angry Birds series, and the first to have the birds appear as they do in The Angry Birds Movie. It uses the basic mechanics of pinball with the various birds acting as the pinball.


The game was released on February 16, 2016, in New Zealand as a soft-launch, and then later it was released worldwide on April 28, 2016.

Unfortunately in October 2017, the game was removed from the app stores, the game only lasted as the movie was out.


The gameplay of Angry Birds Action! is very different from all previous games in the series. Each level consists of several stages, platforms, on which there are objects that change depending on the level mode, cluttered boxes, barrels, boxes and other items. Instead, there is a huge number of locations. Each location comprises one or more levels. To pass the levels of energy needed for one attempt through the levels one unit of energy expended. The maximum amount of three energies, one unit is restored 19 minutes.

Types of Levels

  • Save the Eggs (ABAction LevelIcon1.png): Hit a statue to save the eggs.
  • Collect Candy (ABAction LevelIcon2.png) (ABAction LevelIcon7.png): Collect all candies in the level.
  • TNT Blast (ABAction LevelIcon3.png): Destroy all TNTs.
  • Save the Hatchlings (ABAction LevelIcon4.png): Return Hatchlings to their nest.
  • Soccer (ABAction LevelIcon5.png) (ABAction LevelIcon6.png): Kick the balls to the hole.
  • Pigs (ABMovie Minion Pig 4.png): Pop all the pigs.


  • Beachball (ABAction BeachballPowerUp.png): Bounce/Move faster.
  • Ice (ABAction IcePowerUp.png): Turn everything around the area to break easier.
  • Ghost (ABAction GhostPowerUp.png): Pass through the walls.
  • Aimline (ABAction AimlinePowerUp.png): Scoop further.
  • Sticky (ABAction StickyPowerUp.png): Adds an extra move.


  • Coins (ABAction Coin.png): Used to fills a chest.
  • Gems (ABAction Gem.png): Used to revive, buy power-ups.
  • Energy (ABAction Energy.png): Used to play on each level.
  • Key (ABAction Key.png): Unlocks the boxes after finishing levels.


Playable characters

Each character has a power ability (except for Red). In v2.2.0, it features to unlock special boosts by leveling them up.

Characters Description
ABMovie RedStanding.png


A default character, he doesn't have a power ability.

Special Boosts:

Bronze - Bounce Boost

Silver - Speed Boost

Gold - Extra Move

ABMovie Bomb.png


Unlock at Level 7 (Bird Island). The first encounter with the blocks explode, inflicting heavy losses.

Special Boosts:

Bronze - Blast Boost

Silver - Speed Boost

Gold - Extra Move

ABMovie Chuck.png


Unlock at Level 18 (Bird Island). Faster than other birds, usually bounces off the walls and the blocks, but he is weaker when hitting obstacles. Ignores musicians and wind.

Special Boosts:

Bronze - Time Freeze Boost

Silver - Speed Boost

Gold - Extra Move

ABMovie Terence.png


Unlock at Level 30 (Bird Island). He has huge penetrating power.

Special Boosts:

Bronze - Speed Boost

Silver - Speed Boost

Gold - Extra Move

Non-playable characters

Characters Description
ABMovie Hal.png


Hal is not playable but only appears in Wheel of Fortune. The re-spin costs 2 gems.
ABMovie Judge Peckinpah.png

Judge Peckinpah

He only appeared in the early version, but later removed in v2.0.0 along with the plot storyline.



Scan this Code

BirdCodes are augmented reality codes where in the game, you tap the scan button and then aim at the codes. These codes can be located on many Angry Birds Movie merchandise and products such as McDonald's, H&M, LEGO Sets, Pez candy dispensers, and more which can unlock some extra content to the game and mini-games.

BirdCodes Gallery

Movie Magic

Movie Magic

An inaudible digital watermark will play at the end credits of the movie which will unlock Piggy Island from the game (no longer possible as of the Big Pig update, since it's now unlocked from the beginning) and also exclusive clips from the movie, which varies where you watch it.

  • If you open the game in theaters during the closing credits, the inaudible digital watermark will appear at the start of the second half, and the bonus scene you get shows a special ending of the movie, where Chuck gets his Spinning Billy from the recently exploded city in Piggy Island.
  • If you open the game in the 4K UHD, Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-Ray or DVD versions, you will get a clip featuring the Hatchlings and extra keys after finished levels.
  • If you open the game in the Digital version, you will get a clip from Mighty Eagle and replace the airplane with Mighty Eagle.

The watermark is always retained in the TV airings of the movie, but not occurred if the airing has the time-compressed closing credits.


Mini-Games Image Description
McDonald's ABAction McDonaldsMiniGame3.png In 30 seconds, the player must hit as many pigs, looking out of the hatches in the hardwood floor at the same time without disturbing the birds and getting out there. The more pigs player managed to nail down, the more it will have stars.

After the mini-game is played, the bonus box from the same code is accessible only once every 24 hours.

Peperami ABAction PeperamiMiniGame3.png In 45 seconds, this mini-game is to help Red to collect many eggs as possible. On each obstacle (stones and wooden buildings), which is necessary to get around, ran across lanes. If Red touches an obstacle, then the player will be taken away time. The difficulty also the fact that the obstacles standing in the middle lane can be some time to block a player's view.

After the mini-game is played, the bonus box from the same code is accessible only once every 24 hours.

PEZ ABAction PezMiniGame1.png The mini-game is played from the first person, and pigs flying around. Play as Red, Bomb or Chuck. The bullets are chewy candies (PEZ), and the weapon is a slingshot. The stock has a 12 PEZ candies. One of the shooting pigs were given 50 seconds. The more pigs, the more stars.

Each knocked-out pig gives a different amount of points. Pigs are very close to the player and still flying in the black balloon, worth 100 points. Slowly moving pigs on an orange balloon standing out from the player 200 points. Those that are moving quickly and far away on the white balloon, worth 300 points. And finally, the most nimble and distant pig purple balloons are 500 points.

This mini-game can also make a photo with a bird holding a slingshot with PEZ candy.


For this game achievements, see Angry Birds Action!/Achievements.


For this subject's image gallery, see Angry Birds Action!/Gallery.



  • This game is based on another Rovio game called Deminions Unleashed.
  • This is the third Angry Birds game to feature 3D graphics after Angry Birds Go! and Angry Birds Transformers. It is also the second game to portray the birds and pigs with limbs, again after Angry Birds Transformers.
  • Some of the sounds are reused. Such as Silver's laugh after completing levels, and King Pig's laughter from Angry Birds Epic while an airplane drops obstacles onto the playing field.
  • One of the initial ideas for Angry Birds Action was a game similar to Peggle. Another idea was something akin to mini-golf, but with explosives. [1]

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