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This is the list of unused content from the game Angry Birds Action!.

Early Builds

Character Movement


The characters idle animation moved faster in the soft-launchd version, rather than the slow and normal version that now appears in the game.

Final Animation

In the soft-launched version, the characters made their winning animations in front of the screen and their facial expressions were different.

There wasn't Silver's laughter when the player completed a level with two stars, but now there is.

Bird Unlocking

The levels where the birds were unlocked in the soft-launched version were different than the final version.

Wheel Of Fortune

In the soft-launched version, a 3D wooden bird appeared above the wheel. Now it's Hal that appears and it's in sprite form.


At first, the eggs were alone on the totems. Now, they have pigs holding them.

Loading Screen

In the soft-launched version, the loading screen showed Red running sideways in 3D. Now, it shows an artwork of Red running.

Piggy Island

At first, it was unlocked when the player scanned the Movie Magic Bird Code at the end of The Angry Birds Movie. Now it is unlocked without having to do this.

Removed Or Unused


In the soft-launched version, there was a story involving Red and the explosion of Bird Island, in which he was trying to explain to Judge Peckinpah that he wasn't responsible for it and was putting pieces of photos to prove it.  That was revealed in cutscenes. It was removed as the game is now portraying the movie's story rather than making a new story. This was also made to give space to Piggy Island, as the plot didn't involve pigs. It's the following:

Judge Peckinpah wakes up Red and tells him that he destroyed the village and that he is going to fix everything, Red then tells him that he didn't and starts to collect pieces of photos so he can remember what happened. He collects a photo of Chuck with drinks at a party along with him. He then meets Chuck and Judge Peckinpah calls Officer Bill Beakins to arrest them.

The birds get a photo of Chuck, Bomb, and Terence with TNT. Chuck picked up the TNT crates that were washing up from the shore for the party and he ended up slipping on a banana, making Terence fall and Bomb explode, which exploded all TNT and destroying the village.

Judge Peckinpah gets angry at them and says that they should be more careful next time or they are imposed the maximum penalty allowed by the law.


After completing a certain level or before a certain level is unlocked in the soft-launched version, a cutscene was shown. It was removed to give space to Piggy Island and to portray the movie's story. The cutscenes contained Judge Peckinpah and Officer Bill Beakins in full 3D forms.


Unused Birds Or Removed


Hal would probably appear more intensively rather than a cameo bird in the Wheel of Fortune. He probably would appear as a playable character, appearing only in cutscenes, or appearing in the Wheel Of Fortune. His unused 3D Model was revealed on ArtStation by Lara Bendoris.

Hug Trader

Hug Trader concept art in Angry Birds Action

Hug Trader would have appeared in the game but was cut. It's possible that he would appear in a cutscene or in gameplay. He would probably take off a bird's turn by hugging it. It's speculated that his model is only for cutscenes, as the model is completely movable.

Judge Peckinpah

Judge Peckinpah appeared in the cutscenes of the soft-launched version, but as the cutscenes were cut, he doesn't appear anymore.



Cyrus would have appeared in cutscenes but was cut.

ve Unused Content
* - Discontinued, cancelled, or closed
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