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Episode  No.

Title Card Episode Name Description Airdate
Mighty Delivery TC
Mighty Delivery The Blues receive a Mighty Eagle crate containing a build-it-yourself clubhouse. It's not all fun and games when the Hatchlings get in the way. March 10, 2017
Whistle TC
Whistle The Blues have to do whatever it takes to extract a whistle from Zoe before she drives them crazy. March 17, 2017
Camp Out TC
Camp Out Out into the field for a night of camping! But when the marshmallows mysteriously disappear, the Blues soon realize they're not alone. March 24, 2017
Flight Club TC
Flight Club The brothers test Jay's paper plane making skills, but he will not be outdone by them and builds a giant jet plane to show off. Will he impress them? March 31, 2017
Hatch Off TC
Hatch Off Can the Hatchlings learn to swing a racquet or will the Blues outplay each other? Ready, set, match! April 7, 2017
Bust A Move TC
Bust A Move There is no napping when the Blues are around. The brothers bust out their moves to one up each other. April 14, 2017
Trap-A-Geddon TC
Trap-A-Geddon Pranks get out of hand when the Blues try to outwit each other with increasingly dangerous traps. April 21, 2017
Kite TC
Kite A missing cross bar won't keep the Blues from flying their kite! After a variety of replacements, they discover the best spare part of all. Up! Up! And away! April 28, 2017
Sticky Feathers TC
Sticky Feathers Jay and Jake are not allowed to play with Jim's prized airplane. Deciding to do it anyway, they get themselves in a sticky situation. May 5, 2017
Three-Ring Circus TC
Three-Ring Circus Ringmaster Jim and his circus troupe perform their most death-defying act for the hatchlings. What could possibly go wrong when a cannon is involved? May 12, 2017
Sprung Out TC
Sprung Out The Blues get catapulted into a turbulent situation when the Mighty Express delivers the wrong pieces for them. September 14, 2017
The Cutest Weapon TC
The Cutest Weapon The Blues discover a powerful weapon to get whatever they want, but end up not wanting what they get. September 16, 2017
On Target TC
On Target Let the games begin! Bigger isn't always better, but the Blues are certainly on target to have a fun time with Vincent. September 22, 2017
First Love TC
First Love First loves are forever, right? Jay might not appreciate being the object of Samantha's affection, but she's going to try anyway. September 26, 2017
Knights of The BBQ TC
Knights of the BBQ As the brave Knights of Blue practice their archery, they awaken a fearsome dragon. The Blues rally and charge forth to protect their home from the fire-breathing beast. September 28, 2017
Joy Ride TC
Joy Ride Step up, step up! The Blues pull out all the stops to be the leader and try out dad's new toy. Sometimes it doesn't pay off to go first. September 30, 2017
Parkour Jay wants to prove to his brothers he can complete their parkour challenge... he just needs the help of his bouncy pals, the Hatchlings. October 3, 2017
Make It or Break It TC
Make It or Break It Jay breaks his mom's vase, and wants to tell her the truth, but sometimes the truth just doesn't want to co-operate. October 5, 2017
Trampoline Rescue TC
Trampoline Rescue The Blues try to rescue Vincent who gets stuck in a tree, but end up needing to be rescued themselves. October 6, 2017
Picnic Bandit TC
Picnic Bandit When the Blues’ picnic mysteriously goes missing, all evidence points to the Hatchlings, but Jay knows the real story. October 9, 2017
The Last Strawberry Things get out of control when both Jake and Jim refuse to be the one to give up the last strawberry. What will their battle cost them this time? October 11, 2017
Little Big Heroes TC
Little Big Heroes Action! Jim takes the lead in setting the scene for Blues to become heroes to the damsel in distress, only to become a real hero to the Hatchlings. October 16, 2017
The Bad and the Blues When Dad takes the precious cookies for himself, cowboys Jay, Jake and Jim vow to get them back – rootin’ tootin’ western style. November 2, 2017
Triple Time-Out TC
Triple Time-Out Angry Birds Blues are given a time-out so dad can read his paper in peace, but if they don't speed up the timer, dad will soon be in pieces. November 9, 2017
Hypno Daze TC
Hypno Daze Jim hypnotizes his brothers to do his chores, but is left with more to clean up as chaos ensues. November 16, 2017
Trick Shot TC
Trick Shot A simple game of croquet turns competitive with all three Blues involved. While they try to outplay each other they loose sight of the prize and the underdog takes the win! November 23, 2017
All Feathers on Deck TC
All Feathers on Deck Aaaaargggghh! After being forced to make the plank, Jim leads a troup of pirate hatchlings to take over the ship steered by his brothers. However, his plot for revenge doesn't quite pay off as planned. November 25, 2017
Build-A-Blue TC
Build-A-Blue The Blues get their building hats on once again when they decide to take over and help Dad with his latest project for Mom. November 30, 2017
The Hatchonaut TC
The Hatchonaut Who is the strongest, fastest and wittiest Hatchling of them all? The Blues run the Hatchlings through various tests to find out, and who knows, maybe the winner gets rocketed into space! December 7, 2017
The Last Act TC
The Last Act A well rehearsed and perfect play quickly turns into chaos when the Hatchlings get involved. Turns out that chaos is just so much more entertaining. December 14, 2017