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Angry Birds Breakfast is a 3 part (separate) game, each part has its own game with a different storyline.


Part 1 and Part 2 are CD-ROM games while Part 3 (Angry Birds Nesquik) is a website, what would of you did to get a copy of the CD was to buy a either Cini-minis, Cookie crisp or LION cereals in Australia, at the back of the cereal of your choice you’ll see either Angry Birds Breakfast 1 or 2 (I think you would of had to was on week one of the event you would of gotten Part 1 and on week 2 you would of gotten Part 2) and for Part 3 you would of went to (unfortunately going to the website now a days it would send you to the games section on the angry birds official website) to play the game but for the rest of the levels you had to enter a code on your Nesquik cereal.

One public appearance of this game was found in Australia where if you bought a selected box of Milo Cereal, there would be a game code on the inside of the box to redeem and play. The box had an Angry Birds promotion on the front to signify that the player could play the game.



The gameplay Is very similar to any Angry Birds game, like most of the sounds that came from Angry Birds Friends (Well up until January 1st the game changed to the Windows 10/Mobile version of the game) but it has a few more extra things like the curved effect when you slingshot a bird but there is no special power-up like in Angry Birds Cheetos, Angry Birds Heikki and many more.


  • Part 1: The Blues are playing a trick on Chuck by placing a fake carton of milk on the ground but after him getting distracted by the blues, some Minion Pigs take the cereal and the cereal bowl after that the birds notice that the cereal and the bowl so they fling into action to get their breakfast back.

  • Part 2: Terence accidentally step on one of Matilda’s flowers then she started arguing with him but as they didn’t notice some Minion Pigs in there in there disguise and took there cereal and there bowl after Matilda notices the pigs stealing the birds cereal and bowl so they fling into action to get there breakfast back.

  • Part 3 (section 1): Red, Chuck and Bomb where preparing breakfast but the carton of milk fell on the floor which made them distracted while some Minion Pigs where stealing the box of cereal (by using a Wooden Cane) after the birds notice the cereal and the bowl were gone they fling into action to get there breakfast back.

  • Part 3 (section 2): The Blues were enjoying there breakfast until there hear music behind a bush but when they went there a Minion Pig playing the bagpipes but that made them distracted so the other minion pigs where stealing there cereal and there bowls but after the blues notice the cereal and the bowl were gone they fling into action to get there breakfast back.



  • Red Red - No special power.
  • The Blues Jay, Jake, and Jim - Splits into three smaller birds. Works best against the glass.
  • ChuckChuck - Picks up speed and distance when tapped or clicked. Best against the wood.
  • BombBomb - Explodes when tapped or shortly after impact. Best against the stone.
  • Matilda Matilda - Drops an egg bomb that explodes on impact when tapped and does great on wood.
  • Terence Terence - No special abilities when tapped, but destroys materials with ease.



1. Part 1:

  • Mac: Unavailable

2. Part 2:

  • Mac: Unavailable

Part 3

(IMPORTANT: As of 31 december 2020 you can't play it anymore, because Adobe stopped supporting flash) Link: (You need flash before playing, Leaderboards are still in the game but it doesn’t work, also logging in doesn’t work as well so it’s unplayable)


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