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Angry Birds Bubble Trouble is a cartoon series based on Angry Birds Dream Blast.[3] It was created by Jordan Nugem, directed by Fabiano Pandolfi and was originally an Amazon FreeTime Unlimited (now Amazon Kids+[4]) exclusive series on August 31, 2020. The series would later be uploaded almost 4 months later on the Angry Birds official YouTube channel on December 5, 2020. A second season was announced, releasing on December 10, 2022.[5]


Season 1[]

Come play with the young Angry Birds in their bubble garden! This beautiful garden is a safe haven from where the birds are free to let their imaginations run wild, playing games, pretending to be superheroes, and of course, getting into all kinds of trouble. Join the flock on their everyday adventures in 20 bite-sized and beautifully animated episodes!

Season 2[]

The daydreaming birdies are back for a second season full of fun, games, and playful adventures. This time, the flock leaves the safety of their bubble garden to venture into the big city. Thrust into the center of a bustling metropolis, the birds must learn how to meet new friends, make an honest living, and survive in a city so full of pigs, it’s called Pig City. Tag along with the flock in a new adventure every episode.


Birds Pigs


Main article: Angry Birds Bubble Trouble/Episodes

For the first season, the average length of an Angry Birds Bubble Trouble episode was approximately 1 minute and 20-30 sec long. However, with the second season, the average length was approximately 2 minutes.


  • This show used Silver's classic/toons design (with the movie limbs) rather than her movie design that was seen in Angry Birds Dream Blast.
  • The series (including Slingshot Stories) was released on Netflix in North America on November 1, 2021.






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ve Angry Birds Bubble Trouble Logo Episodes
Season 1 Jumping In | How About Them Apples! | Noob vs | Super Stella! | Fish On Amazon | CANDY! | Be Brave Birdies! | Bird Racers! | Tree Trouble | Nowhere To Hide | Life Is But A Dream | What Lurks In The Shadows? | The Floor Is Lava! | Delicious: Impossible | The Wishing Well | Close Encounters | Fever Pitch | Up and Over! | Angry Rider | The Ultimate Candy Jar
Season 2 Santa's Slip-up | Return to Sender | Pig City Panic | Blast Off! | Snot on Goal | Target Practice Best Friends? | Caged Birds (Bubble Trouble) | Street Racer | Boxing for Good | Pig City Marathon | Piece of Cake | Golden Egg Surprise | Secret Agent Bird | Swept Away | Red Sees Red | Ninja Stella | Treasure Chase | Pest Control | Cause and Effect | Piggy Babysitter | Green Envy | The Ice Cream Bandit | Bomb's Away | Dirty Birdies | Runway Runaway | Doll Dance Off | Space Race