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The candy pack.

Fini Angry Birds Candies are gummy candies by the South American company Fini. These candies sell principally in Brazil. These candies include 4 characters:

Water Squirters 

Water Squirters (Espirra Água in Brazilian Portuguese) are Red, Chuck, and Minion Pig toys.

There was a promotion in 2016 to win them, in order to win one, you have to buy 3 packs of Fini Candies in a market and then ask the managers for the toy.

They could also be won in the Angry Birds pack that came with one of the toys and a candy bag.

They splash water if you squeeze them, but first, you need to put them in water. The Minion Pig toy splashes water from his snout, while Red and Chuck splash water from their beaks.