Angry Birds Champions
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Developer(s): WorldWinner
Publisher(s): Rovio Entertainment
Length (in levels): Length unconfirmed
Released: February 21, 2018
Platforms: iOS
Ratings: 18+
Genre: Puzzle, Gambling
Version(s): Unknown

Angry Birds Champions is a game released on 21st February 2018. It has the traditional Angry Birds gameplay, but it has new Toons-Styled sprites and sounds and some new features:

  • Swap: In each Angry Birds Champions tournament, players get a limited number of “Swap” power-ups, which can be used to exchange the current bird in your slingshot for the next bird on deck, therefore enhancing the strategic nature of the game.
  • Varied Levels: Every level is assembled from sets of prefabricated fortress pieces, offering players fresh new challenges every time they play.

The game can be played in the official site or by downloading it on App Store, exclusively for Canada and selected states in the USA.


The gameplay is the same as other Angry Birds games but with some new tournament format:

  • Best of Three: The same level three times, and only the player's highest score is counted.
  • Progression Mode: Three different levels consecutively, and the player's score is the total of all three levels; players only get a single chance, so pre-planning, skill and strategy are essential for success and winning.

The player can win cash prizes by playing the tournaments, making the game for 18+ only.The total prize is $500,00.




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