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Angry Birds Comics was an American comic book series based on Rovio's Angry Birds video game franchise. It was distributed by IDW Publishing in 2014, with an additional set of comics released in early 2016. In 2017, the comics were briefly rebranded as Angry Birds: Game Play.


  • Writers: Paul Tobin, Jeff Parker, Janne Toriseva
  • Artists: Paco Rodriques, Marco Gervasio, Cesar Ferioli, Stefano Intini, Corrado Mastantuono, Diane Fayolle, Thomas Cobellic, Davide Percoco[1]
  • Colorists: Julie Gore, David Garcia Cruz, Digikore Studios, Nicola Pasquetto, Corrado Mastantuono, Thomas Cobellic
  • Letterers: Pisara Oy, Rovio Comics


Angry Birds Comics was located in the main Angry Birds, with the same characters and locations from the series. As with the games, Angry Birds Comics takes place on Piggy Island, where a flock of birds protect the eggs from some hungry pigs.


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Original run[]

  1. Angry Birds Comics #1, "Bomb Hiccups", "Dumb Assembly Required", "Propiganda" (June 2014)
  2. Angry Birds Comics #2, "Let it Bee", "The Eagle of Troy", "Piggyland" (July 2014)
  3. Angry Birds Comics #3, "A Little Off the Top", "Last One In", "Static Cling" (August 2014)
  4. Angry Birds Comics #4, "The Green Rookie", "The Bidding War", "Peak Beak" (September 2014)
  5. Angry Birds Comics #5, "The Green Seeds", "Best Nest Test" (October 2014)
  6. Angry Birds Comics Halloween Issue (October 2014)
  7. Angry Birds Comics #6, "When Pigs Fly", "Up!", "Surprise" (November 2014)
  8. Angry Birds Comics: Holiday Special Issue 1, "Santa's Little Helper" (December 2014)
  9. Angry Birds Comics #7, "Singing Rocks", "A Berry Big Mix-Up", "In a Solitary Place", "How to Crash" (January 2015)
  10. Angry Birds Comics #8, "The Broken Slingshot", "Pair of Kings" (February 2015)
  11. Angry Birds Comics #9, "Seven League Pigs", "Feeding Frenzy", "The Test" (March 2015)
  12. Angry Birds Comics #10, "The Safest House", "Red's Scarf", "Earplugs", "Royal Carriage" (April 2015)
  13. Angry Birds Comics #11, "By The Hair On His Chinny Chin Chin", "A Piece of Cake" (May 2015)
  14. Angry Birds Comics #12, "When the Volcano Blows!", "Masterpig Theatre Presents: The Three Little Pigs", "Quiet Without Chuck", "The Classroom" (June 2015)

2016 run[]

  1. Angry Birds Comics #1 (2016), "Angry Bird", "The Three Minionteers" (January 2016)
  2. Angry Birds Comics #2 (2016), "The Joke", "Masterpig Theater Presents: 20000 Eggs Under the Sea" (February 2016)
  3. Angry Birds Comics #3 (2016), "Where the Wind Blows", "Chef Pig in... Marketing Strategies for Growth in Uncertain Times" (March 2016)
  4. Angry Birds Comics #4 (2016), "Ejector Throne #1", "Gone to Seed", "Ejector Throne #2", "The Scarecrow", "Ejector Throne #3", "Catch the Wave!", "Credit Where Credit is Due" (April 2016)
  5. Angry Birds Comics #5 (2016), "Sundance", "You Bet!" (May 2016)
  6. Angry Birds Comics #6 (2016), "The Facade Charade", "The Key of the Kingdom", "The Party" (June 2016)
  7. Angry Birds Comics #7 (2016), "Master Pig Theatre Presents: Gullibird's Travels" (July 2016)
  8. Angry Birds Comics #8 (2016), "Chef in the Soup", "An Egg Like Another" (August 2016)
  9. Angry Birds Comics #9 (2016), "Let's Snake on It", "Egg Fight at the Not OK Corral" (September 2016)
  10. Angry Birds Comics #10 (2016), "Horror Blues", "Frankeggstein", "In the Eyes" (October 2016)
  11. Angry Birds Comics #11 (2016), "The Monster", "King Minion" (November 2016)
  12. Angry Birds Comics #12 (2016), "Take That to the Bank!", "Sugar Rush", "The Mail Must Go Through!", "The Painter" (December 2016)

Angry Birds: Game Play[]

  1. Game Play #1 (2017), "Sakura Ninja", "Operation Nautilus", "Hat Trick" (January 2017)
  2. Game Play #2 (2017), "A New Bird in the Flock", "Mirror Mirror" (March 2017)
  3. Game Play #3 (2017), "The Strange Case of Minion Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde", "Mutiny of the Bounty" (May 2017)

Angry Birds Comics Quarterly[]

  1. Furious Fowl, "The Martian" (The Angry Birds Movie designs), "Peace and Harmony" (The Angry Birds Movie designs), "Moby Pig", "Art Appreciation" (August 2017)
  2. Monsters and Mistletoe, "The Journal", "Huggable You", "Red Hood", "Bombs Away" (December 2017)


  • Terence was the only character who did not speak at all in the comics.
    • Bubbles did not speak in earlier issues, with his vocabulary limited to chirps, whistles and question marks, requiring the other birds to translate his words.
  • Some comics involving parodies of classic tales with an Angry Birds twist were given the subtitle Masterpig Theatre, a reference to the Masterpiece series, formerly known as Masterpiece Theatre.
  • In March 2024, the mini-comic, Two Worlds Collide was made in the style of the original Angry Birds Comics to promote the Sonic collaboration.[2]

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