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This page contains information about upcoming Angry Birds Media.

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Angry Birds: Double Crossed is an Action-Reality Game Show that was advertised starting on April 6th, 2021 surprisingly only on Instagram. It includes popular social media creators like PewDiePie as "BirdDiePie" and Dr.Disrespect as "Dr. Pigrespect". When you click on the ad, it will bring you to a near good looking page of the Apple AppStore and when you click the "Download" button, it will take you to a survey asking how the game concept is. It is unclear if this is going to be an actual game however.


GeekLab Store Description:

"ANGRY BIRDS DOUBLE-CROSSED is an action-packed, 5 v 5 reality competition show like no other! Ten contestants on two islands made up of Birds and Piggies race to maintain the tallest make-shift tower using parts they scavenge from their surroundings, all while under constant barrage from the opposing team's attacks. This is a rare-breed of reality competition though as in addition to the two teams of players, one lucky player each game will be selected to play the unique host of the show! These playful Angry Birds superstar hosts can give witty color commentary in real-time, offer a leg (or wing) up on the competition or wreak havoc on the teams if they wish. Flock together, build the strongest tower and race to beat the other team while dealing with the real-time influence of the show’s unique hosts!

  • NEW REALITY GAME SHOW – Welcome to NestFlix ... the new inter-island streaming entertainment service available on screens everywhere! Many hopeful Piggie and Bird contestants vie for fame, followers and amazing prizes on the top show ANGRY BIRDS: DOUBLE-CROSSED! 

  • FAST-PACED, 5 v 5 TEAM COMPETITION - Band together with your team in real-time multiplayer gameplay to conquer the other island using builder and shooter tactics. 

  • TAKE DOWN THE OTHER TEAMS TOWER - Classic Angry Birds slingshot gameplay with a twist: each team builds their own tower while trying to take down the opposing team’s tower. Whoever has the taller tower at the end of the episode wins! 

  • INFLUENCE GAMEPLAY AS A HOST – Every season has a new set of Angry Birds superstar hosts you can play like Stella, BirdDiePie, or Dr. PigRespect! Each host has their own helpful, wacky or destructive style to influence gameplay in major ways creating unique gameplay every episode! 

  • COLLECT AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS - Dozen of characters and hundreds of customization options to play your favorite Angry Birds characters as contestants while adding your own unique vibe and style!"

Geeklab Store Thumbnails:


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