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"Lead your featherly team into BATTLE!"

Angry Birds Epic (also known as Angry Birds Epic RPG or just Angry Birds RPG) is a role-playing video game that is a part of the Angry Birds series. It was developed by Chimera Entertainment and released by Rovio Entertainment in 2014.

As of 2019, the game has been removed from the App Store and unlisted from the Play Store. While Rovio initially said that this was for testing purposes,[1][2] Rovio said on their support page that they wanted to stop production on this game, along with many other Angry Birds games released prior to Angry Birds Transformers (excluding Angry Birds Friends and Bad Piggies) to focus on the newer titles.[3] However, the servers have not been shut down, so the game can still be played as normal. However, the arena and the events are currently unavailable at this point, but the arena can still be accessed but cannot be played. However, version 1.2.1 can verse with Piggy Mc'Cool and Golden Pig Machine can still be used in arena along with only new player or reward is not claimed after season is end.

As of now, all the daily rewards offered from the calendar are replaced with Snoutlings.

In June 2021, Rovio stated on their website and Twitter that they were trying to bring some old games back. (most popular games) Still, only one game was remade and it was the original Angry Birds as Rovio Classics: Angry Birds.


During a normal day on Piggy Island, a hungry King Pig orders Wizpig and Prince Porky to go to South Beach and steal the Angry Birds' eggs. With the aid of several hordes of Minion Pigs, the two go to the birds' nest, where Chuck is resting while Red is protecting the eggs as usual. The pigs steal the eggs and the birds' personal equipment, and also kidnap Chuck. An enraged Red then makes his way through South Beach, freeing Chuck, who aids him in the battle against the pigs. The two also retrieve the Magic Anvil and the Magic Cauldron, and destroy the Cobalt Plateaus Castle, which contained one of the eggs. Meanwhile, Prince Porky and some pigs end up in Matilda's garden, where she is taking care of her plants. One of the pigs then started squashing her plants, which upsets her. However, Red and Chuck come in, driving away the pigs. Matilda then joins their team to help them.

Eventually, the birds go after Prince Porky, who is in an aerostatic balloon. Porky flees to the Desert Island and crash lands there (resulting in him going unconscious for some time). As the Desert Island and Piggy Island are separated by the Limestone Lagoon, which requires a ship to pass through, the birds are unable to continue their adventure. However, Bomb, on his Bird Ship, comes in to help his friends, only to be attacked by some Pirates. Though Bomb is able to expel the pigs with an explosion, it turns out that they fled with the ship's rudder, making Bomb unable to use it. After a series of battles, the heroes retrieve the rudder, allowing them to cross the Limestone Lagoon. However, when they reach the Desert Island, it turns out that they cannot continue their adventure because there is a yellow door, which can only be opened with a Yellow Key that Prince Porky, who is now aboard his own ship, has. Suddenly, Jim, Jake and Jay (a.k.a The Blues), who are in a small boat of theirs, come in, steal the Yellow Key, and go to the Southern Sea, where Porky and his comrades surround them, shooting at them with cannons, making them unable to escape. Later however, Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Matilda defeat the pigs and make their ships sink, allowing them to rescue the three brothers, who join their team. Prince Porky was able to survive his ship sinking, and swam his way back to Desert Island and into the castle. With the Yellow Key in their hands, the Angry Birds head to the Desert Island Castle and retrieve the second egg. After successfully obtaining the egg back, Prince Porky sailed away into the ocean on a new ship with an overwhelming amount of despair.

Later, the group passes through the Pirate Coast, the Slingshot Woods, and the Great Cliffs. They later go to the Star Reef and retrieve the third egg which was being held against by Wizpig. When they go back to the Great Cliffs, Chuck spots an egg lying on the floor and goes to pick it up. Suddenly however, hordes of Ninjas appear, blind the birds with smoke bombs, and kidnap Chuck, Bomb, and Red. Matilda and the Blues, who were the only remaining birds, followed the Ninjas through the Bamboo Forest, where they freed Chuck, and later Bomb. However, as they were about to free Red, Prince Porky comes in aboard a blimp of his and takes Red with him to the sky. The group went to Professor Pig's lab, and helped him gather the materials to build an Airship, which they use to free Red and make their way through the Winter Wonderland, the Canyon Land, and the Snowy Peak, where they retrieve the fourth egg. Wizpig takes the last egg to Pig City, where King Pig is. King Pig asks Wizpig if he has the five eggs, and the latter tells him that he only has one, much for the king's frustration.

Meanwhile, the Angry Birds pass through the Islands in the Sky, the Pumpkin Plateau, and the Square Forest. Just as they are about to enter Pig City, some Knights block their way. Red has the idea of using the Airship to pass through the troops. However, a catapult launches a rock at him, though it misses. The Angry Birds are then forced to enter the city through the Eastern Sea, only to have a large group of mines blocking their way. With Professor Pig telling them to use a submarine to pass underneath the mines, the flock goes to the Moorlands and has some battles on the Northern Sea, eventually managing to retrieve a Submarine from the pigs. With it, they manage to cross the mines and enter Pig City, where they have some battles against the toughest of Knights until they defeat Wizpig in a duel.

At King Pig's Castle, the Angry Birds manage to defeat King Pig, Wizpig and Prince Porky and retrieve the last egg. However, Wizpig betrays his comrades by stealing the egg and King Pig's crown while Porky curses at the traitor. The wizard pig goes to the Hog Head Mountain, where he summons five pigs to make a Magic Shield to protect a castle that the egg was being held at. The Angry Birds pass through those pigs and manage to destroy the shield. They have a final showdown against Wizpig, who turns into Demonic Wizpig. Then, Prince Porky comes in to help the birds. Wizpig is eventually defeated, the Angry Birds retrieve the last egg, and they give Porky King Pig's crown.


Angry Birds Epic is a role-playing video game. Similar to most RPGs, the gameplay style is divided into the map and the combat. In the map, the player has an aerial view of Piggy Island, where they can play in different levels, harvest items (if possible), or get objects at specific shops. When the player selects a level, they will be able to choose the characters they are going to use (normally, up to three characters are allowed to be chosen at the same time), and change their classes. There is also a small bar that features the enemies that appear in the level, as well as the class of most of them.

Combat in Angry Birds Epic is by turns; the player starts using their characters, then their AI controlled opponent uses its characters, then it is the player's turn, and so on. All characters have a health gauge beneath them that will indicate their health. When said gauge is empty, the character will be defeated for the rest of the battle.

To attack an enemy, the player has to drag their character to make them attack said enemy. In addition, they can also drag a character to one of their allies to give them a benefitial ability, or tap the character to use said ability on themself. By holding their finger on any character, the player will be able to read said character's statistics, health, abiilities, and effects. When any of the playable characters is damaged or damages an enemy, the Rage Chili will be slightly filled. When the Rage Chili is full, the player will be able to drag it to one of their team's characters to make them perform a special, more powerful ability. There are also potions, which can be dragged to any of the player's characters to make them use it. Each character can only use one potion per turn.

The battle ends when all of the player or the opponent's characters are defeated. Nevertheless, there are also "wave battles", which basically consists in a chain of battles, one directily after the other. If all of the player's characters are taken down, they will get a "Battle lost!" screen and a consolation prize. However, if this is the opponent's case, the player will win the battle, and get one, two, or three stars depending on the battle's duration and the characters' remaining health. Then, they will be able to spin a wheel, which will give them more prizes if they get more stars.


The game features three kinds of currency:

Type Use How to get
Snoutling Snoutlings
  • Buying blueprints, classes, crafting materials, and potion upgrades
  • Buying potions from the shop
  • Buying mastery from the Mighty Eagle's Dojo
  • Defeating pigs
  • Opening treasure chests
  • Damaging enemies with the Full Pockets passive ability (like Wealthy Rogue)
  • Damaging enemies using Piggy McCool
  • Clearing Daily Dungeons
  • Daily Login bonus
  • Purchased with Lucky Coins
  • Consolation prize for losing a battle
  • Rescuing an Egg (100 Snoutlings)
  • Attacking a pig with Bomb using Golden Bullet and Golden Pistol (30% chance to get lots of Snoutlings)
Lucky Coin Lucky Coins
  • Buying certain classes
  • Buying emergency consumables
  • Buying uncraftable potions (such as Experience potions)
  • Spinning the Golden Pig Machine
  • Hiring the Mighty Eagle's mercenary
  • Buying new banners in the Bird Arena
  • Buying mastery from the Mighty Eagle's Dojo
  • Hiring birds from one's friends during some battles
  • Defeating the Daily Golden Pig (no longer available from version 1.2.9)
  • Defeating the Golden Pig from the Golden Pig hunt
  • Defeating the Mother of Golden Pigs
  • Leveling up (the max level is currently 100)
  • Opening treasure chests
  • Earning a daily login bonus (every 7 days, one Lucky Coin daily if connected to Facebook)
  • Purchasing some with real money
Friendship Essence Friendship Essence
  • Rerolling the Wheel of Fortune and the crafting dice
  • Crafting Stamina Drinks (5 for each)
  • Asking friends for them
  • Purchasing some with Lucky Coins
  • Answering friends' Essence requests
  • Lending one's birds to friends
  • Earning a Daily Login bonus
  • Scrapping a Legendary Set Item (no longer available from version ???)


A weapon or off-hand item may hold one of the abilities seen below:

Name Image Description
Critical Strike CriticalStrike.png Weapon: 15% chance to deal 50% bonus damage.

Arena (Top Banner): All birds have a 10% chance to deal 50% bonus damage.

Chain Attack ChainAttack.png Weapon: 30% chance to attack an additional random enemy dealing 50% damage.

Arena (Top Banner): All birds have a 20% chance to attack an additional random enemy dealing 20% damage.

Dispel Dispel.png 20% chance to remove helpful effects from attacked enemies.
Hocus Pokus HocusPokus.png Weapon: Heals by 10% of dealt damage

Arena (Top Banner): Each bird is healed by 10% of its dealt damage.

Bedtime Bedtime.png Weapon: 5% chance to stun the target for 1 turn.

Arena (Top Banner): All birds have a 5% chance to stun the target for 1 turn.

Vitality Vitality.png Offhand Item: Increases maximum health by 15%.

Arena (Flag Banner): Increases the maximum health of all birds by 10%.

Might Might.png Offhand Item: Increases attack power by 5%.

Arena (Flag Banner): Increases attack power of all birds by 5%.

Vigor Vigor.png Offhand Item: Reduces taken damage by 5%.

Arena (Flag Banner): Reduces taken damage of all birds by 10%.

Sweet ABEpicSweet.png Increases all healing received for all birds by 50%.
Perfect Balance ABEpicPerfectBalance.png Increases rage generation of all birds by 25%.


Piggy Island

The game is notably set on Piggy Island, and there are many sections of Piggy Island where the levels are placed.

  • South Beach
  • Cobalt Plateaus
  • Golden Fields
    • Golden Fields (4 levels)
    • Beard Forest (2 levels, accessible via a Friendship Gate)
  • Limestone Lagoon
  • Southern Sea
  • Desert Island (behind a Yellow Pig Gate)
  • Pirate Coast
    • Pirate Coast (3 levels)
    • Porktuga (Monday Dungeon, 1 level)
  • Slingshot Woods
  • Great Cliffs (4 levels)
  • Star Reef
  • Banjo Bayou (behind a Blue Pig Gate)
  • Bamboo Forest (behind a Blue Pig Gate)
  • Canyon Land
    • Canyon Land (3 levels)
    • Winter Wonderland (5 levels)
  • Snowy Peak
  • Islands in the Sky (3 levels)
  • Pumpkin Plateau
  • Square Forest
  • Red Giant Valley (4 levels, behind a Red Pig Gate, levels 3-4 are behind a Friendship Gate)
  • Eastern Sea
    • Eastern Sea (7 levels, level 6 is behind a Red Pig Gate, level 7 is behind both a Red Pig Gate and a Friendship Gate)
    • Sunken Pyramid (Sunday Dungeon, 1 level)
  • Moorlands (3 levels)
  • Lake Land
  • Northern Sea (4 levels)
  • Old Nesting Barrows (6 levels, level 6 is now behind a friendship gate)
  • Pig City
  • Hog Head Mountain
  • Chronicle Cave
    • Shaking Hall (10 levels)
    • Rain Plateaus (10 levels)
    • Misty Hollow (10 levels)
    • Cure Cavern (10 levels)
    • Burning Plain (10 levels)
    • Endless Winter (10 levels)
    • Forgotten Bastion (10 levels)
    • Strange Site (10 levels)
    • Pig Lair (10 levels)
    • Citadel (10 levels)
    • Mocking Canyon (10 levels)
    • Happy Spot (10 levels)
    • Uncharted Plains (10 levels)
    • Stormy Sea (10 levels)
    • The Great Divide (10 levels)
    • Holy Pools (10 levels)
    • Pig Porch (10 levels)
    • Bacon Bay (10 levels)
    • Volcano Jaw (10 levels)
    • Hog Head Hollow (10 levels)
    • Hells Bells (10 levels)
    • Pirate Bay (10 levels)
    • Hostile Mist (10 levels)
    • Icy Waters (10 levels)
    • Pig Paradise (10 levels)
    • Mysterious Sea (10 levels)

Chronicle Cave

Chronicle Cave levels are unique because they have different effects that make defeating all pigs and getting 3-stars more and more challenging. The list below are the factors that make these levels more challenging and the recommended level to play them (Added in version 1.5.5)

Left: Condition, Down: Cave number Name of cave Effect Name What effect does Recommended level range to play cave
1 Shaking Hall Deadly Grip Deals 100 damage to a random bird. Every 2 turns. 20-21
2 Rain Plateaus Healing Waters Heals all pigs by 150 health. Every 2 turns. 22-23
3 Misty Hollow Poison Cloud Deals 40 damage to all birds. Every 2 turns. 24-25
4 Cure Cavern Ice Prison Stuns a random bird for 1 turn. Every 3 turns. 26-27
5 Burning Plain Breath of Fire Deals 55 damage to all birds at the beginning of their turn. Every 2 turns. 28-29
6 Endless Winter Water Of Life Health of all pigs is increased by 25%. 30-31
7 Forgotten Bastion Tranquil Air Rage Chili fills up 75% slower. 32-33
8 Strange Site Immunity Pigs' helpful effects are not removable. 34-35
9 Pig Lair Pig Pen Summons 1 pig. Every 2 turns. 36-37
10 Citadel Healing Waters Heals all pigs by 350 health. Every 2 turns. 38-39
11 Mocking Canyon Poison Cloud Deals 125 damage to all birds. Every 2 turns. 40-43
12 Happy Spot Hot Steam Deals 345 damage to all birds at the beginning of their turn. Every 2 turns. 44-46
13 Uncharted Plains Cave Tremor Deals 405 damage. 100% to stun a random target for 1 turn. Every 3 turns. 47-49
14 Stormy Sea Immunity Pigs' helpful effects are not removable. 50-52
15 The Great Divide Tranquil Air Rage Chili fills up 75% slower. 53-55
16 Holy Pools Healing Waters Heals all pigs by 650 health. Every 2 turns. 56-58
17 Pig Porch Cave Tremor Deals 520 damage. 100% to stun a random target for 1 turn. Every 3 turns. 59-61
18 Bacon Bay Fortified All pigs receive 90% less damage. Every 3 turns. 61-64
19 Volcano Jaw Wild Boar Increases attack power of a pig by 10% for 2 turns. Every 2 turns. 65-69
20 Hog Head Hollow Holy Water Healing skills efficiency of all pigs increased by 100%. 70-75
21 Hells Bells Hells Bells A cave filled with mischievous minions of hell dealing 1500 damage to the birds every 3 turns. 76-80
22 Pirate Bay Healing Waters Heals all pigs by 650 health. Every 2 turns. 80-85
23 Hostile Mist Tranquil Air Rage Chili fills up 75% slower. 86-90
24 Icy Waters Healing Damper Birds' healing spells efficiency reduced by 50%. 91-100
25 Pig Paradise Pig Paradise 25% of the damage you deal to pigs in this cave will be reflected back to your birds. 100-100
26 Mysterious Sea Healing Waters Heals all pigs by 5000 health. Every 2 turns. 100-100

Entrance to Chronicle Cave with all five lamps lit


For more information about the characters’ stats, see Angry Birds Epic/Stats

Items and Equipment

For more information about Items and Equipment, see Angry Birds Epic/Equipment


For more information about Achievements, see Angry Birds Epic/Achievements

Angry Birds Dawn of Piggy Island

The app icon.

Angry Birds Dawn of Piggy Island is a Chinese version of Angry Birds Epic. The game was released in May 2015.

Difference between Epic and Dawn of Piggy Island

The game was mostly similar but the biggest difference in this version is the energy system. The player had to buy items or they couldn't play for a bit.[4]


  • During planning stages, the Witch Doctor was originally intended to be the 6th class of Matilda. It is now a type of Shaman enemy. Instead, the Priestess is her 6th class.


The following is a list of found errors in the game:

  • Matilda's crest is down when running, but when she stops and catches up with the others, her crest is still down but then a second later, it goes back up again.
  • When a Bird is kicked out in Cave 17 (Cave Tremor) after being affected by the Cave's Stun effect and a Brawler the same turn, the Bird will activate their Stunned animation spite and become unconscious. However, the Bird is not completely stunned and instead remains in a “transition state” where the stars above the Bird's head remain, though the Bird is stunned.
  • In rare cases, the birds will cheer with their eyes open. This also applies to the pig's failed animation. This happens when the animation is activated when the pig/bird is blinking.
  • There is a chance where you can watch a video, but it says you didn't watch the whole video, even though you can't skip the video.
  • If Demonic Wizpig is knocked out, his mustache will disappear.

List of fixed errors

  • Before version ???, when the Blues are equipped with the Ballista set item, they could be seen carrying a plunger arrow in the overworld. In the latest version, the arrow for certain bow weapons is also colored on blueprint previews, which are monotone otherwise.

    The Blues are equipped with a plunger arrow. Also note how Chuck has a slight section of his asset under his eye missing.

  • Before version ???, tapping a bird immediately after giving it the Rage Chili would cause the Bird to repeat its Rage Chili's move every time the bird used its skills.
  • In version ???, a few attack icons were mixed up. For example, the thorny vine showed Chuck's wizard attack.
  • From version 1.2.9 to version ???, the game always crashes shortly after it started up, and it was never explained why.
  • From version ??? to version ???, Matilda didn't make sounds when she cried.
  • Maelstrom was incorrectly named in the soft-launch version.
  • In the soft-launch version Bomb didn't make sounds when he laughed, cried, or was scared.
  • In the Gameplay Trailer, most of the characters used different voices of other characters. This appeared to be an oversight of the developers, or the old sounds were placeholders while the game was being beta tested. This does not occur in the worldwide release. The following list shows all the sound errors:
    • Wizpig had the sound effects of a mage pig and vice versa (example: Wizpig attacking sounded like a mage pig attacking)
    • Prince Porky sounded different when he sticks his tongue out.
    • When Chuck and Matilda laughed, their laugh sound effect was swapped.
    • When Chuck made his rage ability noise, it also played the sound effect when the player uses any type of Hot Veggie Cake on Chuck.


For this game's soundtrack, see Angry Birds Epic Soundtrack.


  • Like Angry Birds Go!, Angry Birds Epic shows the characters' current toons design, except for Corporal Pig, which has his old Toons design, due to him being a variant of the Minion Pig and not a separate class of pigs.
  • Corporal Pig is reverted to his old toons design since the toons episode Thunder Chuck.
  • This is the first game where the birds do not primarily use the Slingshot, though the Blues use it as a weapon.
  • This is the first game where the Mighty Eagle isn't shown silhouetted without being only in artwork.
  • In this game, there are five eggs, instead of the normal three. This is the first mainline game to have more than three main eggs, with the second being Isle of Pigs, which features four eggs.
  • This game is the first game where getting zero stars is possible, but it only applies to potions and equipment, and not the levels. The second is Angry Birds POP!; doing that is more rare, however. The third is Angry Birds Go! (update 2.0) but will only happen if the game is lagging.
  • The Birds laugh if Pigs use feathered lances to attack them (except an old version of Lancer, who had a feathered lance).
    • They also laugh if Golden Pig attacks using Headbutt, or when Little Ninja attacks with Chi Block, although it is unknown how these attacks tickle the birds. This might happen because all of these attacks empty the Rage Chili (at least partway).
  • The shield with the icon at the left below in the poster is the Star-Banner shield. See here.
  • All the characters that appear on the map (except for the Knights, Brutes, Shamen, Pigmies, Pirates, Wizards, Zombies, Ghosts) are just dressed in costumes.
  • This is the second game to feature Ross, with the first being Bad Piggies.
  • This is the first game with three types of currencies. The second would be Angry Birds Classic, as it would eventually get coins and gems, later adding stars as a currency.
  • This is the second mobile game where the player must have an active internet connection to play, with the first being Angry Birds Friends, and the third being Angry Birds Fight!.
  • There are gates scattered in the game unlockable by collecting keys (colored Pig Gates) and inviting friends (Friendship Gates) that when opened, it unlocks a level, but are not required to be opened to finish the game (except for the Yellow Pig gate guarding the desert castle and the Blue Pig gate guarding Bamboo forest).
  • The game may say that there is an end in Chronicle Cave, but there wasn't for the longest time since Rovio constantly added new levels to it. However, they have claimed that the game would stop production on their support page,[3] so the Chronicle Cave does have a true end now.
  • As the player levels up, the enemies of the Castle and Dungeon levels will also level up - their level will be the same as the player's. The characters which players are able to borrow for the Dungeon and Cave levels - Prince Porky, Pigiana Jones, Piggy McCool, and The Golden Pig, also level up. As of the 1.2.9 version update, only dungeon enemies will match the player's level. All other stages have their own set level.
    • Also depending on what level the player's friend's birds (Pig) will also be the same for Chronicle Cave's pigs: if the player's level is higher than their friend's bird (pig), the level of the pigs will be the same as their friend's bird (pig). And if the player's friend's bird (pig) is higher than your birds, the pigs would have the same level as the player's birds.
  • The game has references to Angry Birds Toons.
    • Piggy McCool (Merchant Pig) is the pig disguised as the Blue Bird from the Toons episode True Blue?.
    • A part of the end of the story in Angry Birds Epic is inspired by the Toons episode "Trojan Egg", where Chef Pig tries to take the throne.
    • In the episode Nighty Night Terence, the pigs used the set Artillery Strike to get the eggs from Terence.
  • In the dungeon levels, it plays the map music. (Music when you play Castle Level and when the Wizpig flees and put an egg in a castle)
  • Wizpig's Castle is formerly named Wiz Pig's Castle.
    • Wizpig was also formerly named Wiz Pig.
  • Certain features like characters, costumes, set effects, and items, etc. in Epic reference other popular media.
    • In one of his costumes, the Foreman Pig has a costume resembling Nintendo's Mario.
    • When encountering Wizpig for the first time in Star Reef Castle, he has a secondary skill called "Power Up Shroom", which might be referencing the Super Mushroom in the Mario series.
    • Artillery Strike, one of the Blues' set effects, references the Big Lucky from Mario and Luigi: Dream Team.
    • One of the Ironclad Pigs, the Winter Soldier has a skill named "Winter is Coming." This references HBO's Game of Thrones series.
    • Rovio also posted an artwork of Prince Porky saying "Hear Me Oink!". The throne he is sitting on also references Game of Thrones.
    • Mighty Eagle's hint: "I'm the only one who can dislike on Facebook" is very similar to a Chuck Norris joke.
    • In one of the costumes, the Dark Knight in Trick or Treat Castle resembles Darth Vader from Star Wars.
      • This might be related to Lard Vader in Angry Birds Star Wars.
        • It is unknown how Dark Knight, who resembles Darth Vader, is portrayed by a Knight (Ironclad) Pig, while Lard Vader is portrayed by Red (Anakin Skywalker) in the Angry Birds Star Wars series.
    • The Sling and Angry Bird Plushies, two set items for the Blue Birds reference the original Angry Birds.
      • The Sling also resembles the slingshot in the original game.
    • The boss of Endless Winter, "Knight of the Living Dead", references the movie Night of the Living Dead.
    • Prince Porky's rage ability, the Holy Hand Grenade, is a reference to the games Worms and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
    • Square Forest and the Squarewood item is a reference to Minecraft.
    • Pigiana Jones is a reference to Indiana Jones.
    • Frost Hog's weapon (a frozen watermelon on a stick) might be also slightly referencing the Super Blue Watermelon from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Winter Melon's projectile (also a frozen watermelon, but completely blue) in Plants vs. Zombies.
    • Chef Pig is called Wizpig, which the name is also the main antagonist of Diddy Kong Racing and its sequels.
    • The candies on two of Bomb's set items are a reference to the candies from Candy Crush Saga.
  • The following areas were supposed to be an area in Piggy Island but are now part of the Chronicle Cave:
    • Hazy Hollow was supposed to be a Misty Hollow island, where there are few veils of mist and lots of crystals.
    • Soothing Springs was meant to be the hot springs of the outdoors of the island.
  • This is the third time a bird is an antagonist (which is the Sword Spirit in Old Nesting Barrows). The first one is Nigel in Angry Birds Rio, the second is Lard Vader from Angry Birds Star Wars, the fourth is Gale from Angry Birds Stella, and fourth is Zeta from The Angry Birds Movie 2.
  • The sound effect that plays upon completing a level is reused in Plants vs. Zombies 3D
  • In late April of 2022, it was teased through Twitter that Angry Birds Epic might be remade under the "Rovio Classics" branding.[5]


For this subject's image gallery, see Angry Birds Epic/Gallery.



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