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These are three types of farming in Angry Birds Epic: XP Farming, Mastery Farming, and Snoutlings Farming.

XP Farming

King Pig's Castle

  • King Pig's Castle was a useful castle for gathering XPs. It gives you many XPs for defeating the pigs. King Pig, Prince Porky, and Wiz Pig are the highest ones. Until the recent updates, farming is no longer working.

Mastery Farming

Mouth Pool

  • Together with Spirit Caller and other undead pigs, it gives you 60 ~ 70 masteries per run.

Snoutlings Farming

Mouth Pool

  • It consists of 10 waves, the first 9 each featuring a Spirit Caller that will run away after 3 turns. If you defeat it before it runs away, it will drop 10 Snoutlings. Together with the other undead pigs in this level, you will easily gain 110 ~ 120 Snoutlings per run.
    • This level is currently the best place to farm snoutlings.

Star Reef Castle

  • Star Reef Castle was a useful castle for gathering snoutlings. It gives you 100 snoutlings for defeating Wiz Pig in the final wave. Until the recent updates (v1.4.6 and v1.4.7), the farming is no longer working, now it gives you 6-8 snoutlings.
    • According to Rovio, it was never meant to give that many snoutlings. Basically that was a glitch. [1]



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