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Unused Sounds


In Angry Birds Epic, there are unused sounds called "piglette_(something)", most likely for a piglette. Most of the sounds sound like Stella.

Developer Console

A Developer Console does exist in the game's code if you look in the game's DeveloperConsole.cs file. It is currently unknown how to enable it and will likely stay hidden to prevent online cheats.

Beta Sprites

Beta Pillar

The old pillar in early versions

When the game was released, the Pillar on the top used to have a Mighty Eagle head. In later versions. It got changed to Red's head.

Beta Knight Red

Previously, the Knight-class Red had a green plume on his helmet instead of red, and in one of the posters, the feather was even yellow and gold. In the later versions, the feather color got changed to red.

Beta Protection Sprite

Before the worldwide release of Angry Birds Epic, the sprite used when Red protects his fellow Birds was originally shields circling around the Bird, but now it is a white curved barrier above the Bird.

Unused Levels

South Beach - 3

The third level of South Beach.

South Beach - 4

The forth level of South Beach.


  • It is unknown why the South Beach levels: South Beach - 3 and South Beach - 4 were removed from the game.
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