Angry Birds Epic is an RPG series developed by Rovio Entertainment will be announced March 11, 2014, Soft launch for iOS in March 17, 2014 and the worldwide release for the new platforms this June 12, 2014

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Angry Birds Epic – the all-new role-playing adventure set on fantasy Piggy Island. The greedy King Pig and his son Prince Porky have got their dirty trotters on the eggs, and it’s up to our feathery heroes to save the day!



  • The Theme song was orginal of the music like (unknown) was composed by (unknown)
  • This is an Worldwide Release it's out of the mobile and tablet apps
  • This is currenlty located in the USA out of this world not an Piggy Island
  • This is currently for use Statues like Statue of Liberty and more
  • This video is currently previewing an statue cuts the head into Birds and make a motion of the Head into Battle 
  • This video is originally at the similar "The Most Epic Angry Birds Ever" appears goes Red Bird into Head.



Angry Birds Epic - Cinematic Trailer

Angry Birds Epic - Cinematic Trailer


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