Angry Birds Evolution
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Length (in levels): Unknown
Chimera Entertainment
Rovio Entertainment
Released: July 11, 2016 - August 3, 2016 (Beta; iOS only for AngryBirdsNest users)

August 17, 2016 (Soft-launch; Hong Kong for iOS users only)

October 2016 (Soft Launch; some countries)

June 15, 2017 (Worldwide)

Platforms: IOS, Android
Ratings: ESRB: 12+
Genre: Puzzle, RPG, Physics, Strategy
Version(s): 2.7.0
[Version History]

Angry Birds Evolution (formerly Angry Birds TNT) is a free-to-play turn-based role-playing video 3D puzzle RPG game. The game plays similar to Angry Birds Epic which was also developed by Chimera Entertainment. It plays similarly with the exception by slinging birds toward the enemies to defeat them.


The information about the Angry Birds Evolution was discovered in July 2016, when Rovio and AngryBirdsNest were hosting the beta of this game with code-named "TNT". It was released for iOS users only on July 11, 2016, this game was originally named as Angry Birds TNT.

The beta was closed on August 3, 2016.The game was then released for a soft launch on August 17, 2016, in Hong Kong.

The game released in some countries in October 2016.

The game officially launched worldwide on June 15, 2017.

Plot Synopsis

It was a normal day in Bird Town, the birds were doing their normal things, but the ground starts to shake and Shirley get scared. It turns out it was a stampede of pigs stealing the eggs, they knock Shirley and she warns the flock about the happening. The flock defeats some of the pigs but they get separated, Chuck, a member of the flock, needs to retieve the eggs and get his friends back with the help of new birds...... that are very mean.


The gameplay of Angry Birds Evolution is similar to the Angry Birds Action!. the player must pull the selected bird and aim at the pig. The number above the pigs is how many turns left they have to attack players and the number above the birds are how many turns left to use the Super Shot, Which are the following:

  • Red Birds: Launch themselves and kick the pigs, bouncing them around and giving large damage. Or throw an object at the pigs, also bouncing them around and giving large damage.
  • Yellow Birds: Speed up around the stage, ignoring pigs.
  • Black Birds: Launch themselves and explode a determined area.
  • White Birds: Launch a Spiky Carpet that damage pigs, sometimes this spiky carpet is left on the battleground for a determined number of turns.
  • Blue Birds: Create clones of themselves.

Each bird has its own modified ability of those, one giving Power-Ups, other launching a river of piranas, etc.

These abilities can be given even more power in Bird Town. To increase the power of these abilities, the player has to select birds in the slot and put them in the slots, it will cost coins. After it, the bird wil scream PURE ANGER to the player's bird and its level will increase according to how much the selected bird has power, Totems can also be used.

After reaching and stopping at level 20, the bird can evolve, it will cost some Evolution Material. After evolving, the
Angry Birds Evolution Gameplay (3)
bird's ability will be empowered, giving more damage and the bird's level can still be increased. Birds with 1-3 stars will stop its evolution proccess at this step, while 4-5 birds will still get a super-shot counter reducing evolution at level 40 and then a final evolution that can be chosen at level 60, there are two choices for them, each giving its own special bonus and power.

After reaching the max level, the bird can be awakened with an awake totem or by selecting birds needed to make the bird get a special ability, the Awaken Skill. The bird will also have 6 stars after this proccess, some of the birds, such as Master Helmut or Bird Trainers, already have 6 stars without this proccess. In order to defeat the pigs, it's first needed to get birds ready, but it's also needed to know where birds come from, from eggs. In order to hatch, the player can found them in the Hatchery, there are two types of eggs, the Normal and Premium Eggs, the Normal will hatch birds from 1 to 4 stars while Premium Eggs will hatch from 1 to 5 stars, they cost a determined value. Premium Eggs also hatch Event Limited Birds.

Another way to obtain eggs is fighting, each colour region only hatches eggs from that colour, except the Jungle, that countains various colour eggs. Scouting also gives eggs, in order to scout, the player needs to tap on a Scout Orange Marking in the map, that generates when the player goes to a scout mission. In the story, three scouts are unlocked, which are needed to make a mission, but other two can be obtained at the clan.

Scouting also works to get event material, coins, battles, items but costs Energy berries, that can be brought in the shop. After learning all about this, it's also important to know if the playable birds are in shape, these are the shapes:

  • Small Birds: Faster than others but a bit weaker.
  • Normal Birds: The normal of them in speed and damage.
  • Tall Birds: A bit clumsy but deal good damage.
  • Strong Birds: Strong but a bit slower.
  • Fat Birds: Very strong but very slow, some birds create cracks on the floor when doing abilities.

If the player chooses drags  a bird to the first slot, he will become a leader, which grants extra damage and bonuses to the team, such as a damage bonus of a color or of a type. Leader birds also appears in the speaking cutscenes and as the symbol of the team.

For more information about the number of birds, see here. For pigs, see here.

The collection in-game (Bird School) shows how many birds, pigs and evolutions the player needs to  obtain to complete it, not obtained Birds' Icon will have a silhouetted Frank Icon while the not obtained Pigs will have a silhouetted Minion Pig icon.

The enemies are scattered around Bird Island, where they are trying to conquer. Thes pig have different occupations, such as Tourist or Mechanic, having special abilities and strengths, they also have different sizes:

  • Small Pigs: The smallest of them, often throw items at the birds or tackle themselves.
  • Medium Pigs: The fattest of them, often burp at the birds.
  • Large Pigs: One of the tallest and strongest of them, often throw items or tackle at the birds.
  • Huge Pigs: The LARGEST and STRONGEST of them, they occupy the largest part of the battleground, often do super-damaging abilities at the bird.
  • Boss Pigs: Boss Variations of all the pigs that do even more damage!

Bird Town

For details about Bird Town, see Bird Town.


For details about Arena, see Arena.


For details about Voyage, see Voyage.



  • Dungeon Key
  • Flower Bouquet
  • Plank
  • Blueprint
  • Matches
  • Marshmallow
  • Crowbar
  • Burn Ointment Tubes
  • Oil Can
  • Jetpack Manual
  • Paper Clip
  • Pair Of Skis
  • Feather Moisturizers
  • Burn Sprays
  • Shovel
  • Compass
  • Hairdryer
  • Bucket Of Salt
  • Salt Shaker
  • Snout Badge
  • Detonator
  • Protection Pad
  • Helmet
  • Mirror
  • Smoke Canister
  • GasMask
  • Biosuit
  • Boat
  • Paddle
  • Signpost
  • Climbing Gear


  • Alien artifact
  • Firework
  • Color Fragments (Red, Yellow, Black, and White)
  • Skull
  • Presidential pardon
  • Christmas present
  • Grandfather Frost Matryoshka Dolls
  • Super bowl ball
  • Crushed bouquet
  • Chocolate pig
  • Pig tooth
  • Microphone
  • Football balls
  • Alien eggs
  • Pig hand
  • Pentagram
  • Golden sample
  • Goggles
  • Teeth
  • King Klaus's Crown


  • Pig Snout


  • Alien Abduction
  • Colour Brawls
    • Red Brawl
    • Yellow Brawl
    • Black Brawl
    • White Brawl
  • Colour Excavations
    • Red Excavation
    • Yellow Excavation
    • Black Excavation
    • White Excavation
  • Most Metal Halloween Ever
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Time
  • Ded Moroz New Year!
  • The Road To Super Bowl LII
  • The Valentine's Day The Earth Stood Still
  • Easter Escape
  • Slap Shot Mania!
  • Cinco De Mayo
  • Flockaballoza
  • Alien Infiltration
  • Lucha Libre
  • Legacy Of The Beast
  • Thanksgiving 2018
  • Christmas 2018
  • Easter Hunt!
  • Father's Day
  • Chubby Birds
  • King Francis Returns
  • All American Birds
  • Rock Star
  • Oktoberfest
  • Flaming Bird Festival
  • Angry Birds Fans
  • Ask Facebook
  • Colour Events
    • Red Event
    • Yellow Event
    • Black Event
    • Blue Event
    • White Event
  • Hellbirds
  • Christmas 2019
  • Orthodox Christmas 2020


To see the totem on Angry Birds Evolution, see Angry Birds Evolution/Totems .




  1. Chapter 1: Return of the Pigs
  1. Chapter 2: The Desert Door
  1. Chapter 3: Saving Major Pecker
  1. Chapter 4: Flighty Instincts
  1. Chapter 5: Birdy Trap
  1. Chapter 6: Temple of Warth
  1. Chapter 7: Robobird
  1. Chapter 8: Birdtopia
  1. Chapter 9: Under Siege
  1. Chapter 10: The Irate Capades
  1. Chapter 11: The Snowbomb
  1. Chapter 12: Saving Peck Girl
  1. Chapter 13: Runaway Train
  1. Chapter 14: Hunt for Bacon Plaza
  1. Chapter 15: Bacon Juice
  1. Chapter 16: Revenge of the Pigs
  1. Chapter 17: Dawn of the Pigs
  1. Chapter 18: Wrath of the Pigs
  1. Chapter 19-20: Return of the Pigs
  1. Chapter 21: Rumble At Eagle Mountain
  1. Chapter 22: The Ski Resort (Repeats after completion)


For this game achievements, see Angry Birds Evolution/Achievements.


For this subject's image gallery, see Angry Birds Evolution/Gallery.



  • In this game, Shirley's color is blue.
  • Angry Birds Evolution may be a spiritual sequel to Angry Birds Action, due to gameplay similarities between the two games.
  • In some posters, the flock birds are fighting new birds, and in an ad, a blue bird punches Red in the face. This could imply that some birds have some type of rivalry.
  • Hal makes some cameos in the game as symbols.
    • He also was the base for Walter 's design.
  • Some of the designs of the birds were brought from the comics and other instances.

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