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Angry Birds Evolution (formerly known as Angry Birds TNT and erroneously known in some countries as Bad Piggies 2), is a free-to-play turn-based role-playing video 3D puzzle RPG game.



The game was being produced since 2015 or earlier by Rovio Entertainment Corporation and Chimera Entertainment. The premise of the game was to appeal to older audiences with popular culture references and adult visuals and humor.

In June 30 2016, Rovio and AngryBirdsNest made a post where they were giving the instructions to download a new game, Angry Birds TNT; Registered Angry Birds Nest who commented on the post and had an IOS device would get an email from the developers in July 11 2016.

Afterwards, the member had to follow the instructions given in the email, which was downloading the TestFlight app and registering the code TNT on it. The game would then start to download.

The beta started the same day. The app's name was AB Beta. The beta had several differences from the final game.

The game received an update and the post was also updated to give more users the opportunity to try the beta. The update included several corrections and new designs to the birds. It was not possible to save progress from it. The beta was closed on August 3, 2016. The game was then released for a soft launch on August 17, 2016, in Hong Kong, with new name and other various changes.

The game released in more countries in October 2016.

A trailer was released on May 24th 2017, announcing the game's launch, users who pre-registered would get a free Starter Pack worth $7.99. The game officially launched worldwide on June 15, 2017. Promotions for the game were made in Rovio's other games, with the Angry Birds Evolution Spell week in Angry Birds 2 and a tournament in Angry Birds Friends!.


AB EVOLUTION Screenshot Battle Desert4.jpg


The level is a square field. Inside the field are the pigs, that need to be defeated in order to beat the level. In the bottom of the field are the player's birds, that defeat the pigs. In order to launch a bird:

  • Tap the bird and start holding;
  • Drag it to the sides to select its direction;
  • Drag it down to select its distance and
  • Stop holding to launch it.

After launched, the bird will start running across the field. If the bird hits something, it will bounce to a direction. If the bird hits a blocker or pig, he will give damage according to its strength.

The bird will be inactive for some turns. When the turns end, it can perform a super-shot:


The Super-Shots are the following:

  • Red Birds: Kick a target or throw an object at the pigs.
  • Yellow Birds: Speed up around the stage, ignoring pigs.
  • Black Birds: Pounce and explode a determined area.
  • White Birds: Launch a Spiky Carpet that damages pigs.
  • Blue Birds: Create clones of themselves.

Each bird has its own modified ability of those. The shapes are the following:

  • Small Birds
  • Normal Birds
  • Tall Birds
  • Strong Birds
  • Chubby Birds

Up to 5 birds can be selected in team. To select a bird, tap and drag it to a slot. The first slot is for the Leader. A Leader has a Leader Skill.

The number of birds is seen here.


Angry Birds Evolution Gameplay (3).png

In the team's screen, select a bird. Afterwards, select birds or totems and tap the Evolve button. There's a price of coins that varies. The bird will be empowered.

  • At Level 20, the bird evolves to its Bronze Level;
    • At this level all birds evolve to their next phase.
      • For 1-3 star birds, the second phase is the final
      • Evolving will cost Evolution Material.
  • At Level 40, the bird evolves to its Silver Level;
    • Evolving will cost Evolution Material.
  • At Level 60, the bird evolves to its Golden Level;
    • At this level, 4-5 star birds can evolve to a final phase. The player can select 1 of 2 evolutions.
    • Evolving it will cost Evolution Materials and Evolution Essence.
  • At Level 80, the bird evolves to its Diamond Level;
    • Evolving it will cost Evolution Materials and Evolution Essence.
  • At Level 100, the bird evolves to its Prestigue Level;
    • Evolving it will cost Evolution Materials and Evolution Essence.

After a 5 Star bird reaches its MAX level, it can be awakened. Select Birds to Awaken it. Awaken Birds have an Awaken Skill.

Bird Points

  • Health: Adds health to the team. Can be increased by leveling up.
  • Attack: Adds power to the team. Can be increased by leveling up.


Stars indicate a bird's rating and rarity, there are 6 types:

  • ABEVolution 1 Star Normal.png: 1 Star;
  • ABEVolution 1 Star Normal.pngABEVolution 1 Star Normal.png: 2 Stars;
  • ABEVolution 1 Star Normal.pngABEVolution 1 Star Normal.pngABEVolution 1 Star Normal.png: 3 Stars;
  • ABEVolution 1 Star Normal.pngABEVolution 1 Star Normal.pngABEVolution 1 Star Normal.pngABEVolution 1 Star Normal.png: 4 Stars;
  • ABEVolution 1 Star Normal.pngABEVolution 1 Star Normal.pngABEVolution 1 Star Normal.pngABEVolution 1 Star Normal.pngABEVolution 1 Star Normal.png: 5 Stars;
  • ABEVolution 6 Star Awaken Medium.png: 6 Stars (Awakening and Event Only)

Obtaining Birds

Birds hatch from Eggs. Eggs can be obtained after defeating determined pigs. Each region gives the following eggs:

  • Jungle: Any Egg
  • Yellow Desert: Yellow Eggs
  • Blue Woods: Blue Eggs
  • Black Crater: Black Eggs
  • White Peaks: White Eggs
  • Red Canyon: Red Eggs

In the Hatchery, eggs can be hatched. Every egg gives birds of any color. They are the following

  • Regular (Free Egg): Hatch a 1-4 star bird. Cost: 50 Friendship points or 1 Free Hatch Ticket or wait for every 4 hours.
  • Premium Egg: Hatch 2-5 star birds. Cost: 150 diamonds or 1 Premium Hatch Ticket, or wait for every 24 hours. If you have 1350 diamonds, you can hatch 10 x and have a guaranteed 4 star bird.

Event Birds hatch from Premium Eggs. Obtained birds will appear in the player's inventory.

The following birds can be obtained from the Story:

  • Chuck (☆☆☆): After Tutorial.
  • Red (☆☆☆): After beating the last level of the Yellow Desert
  • Terence (☆☆☆): After beating the last level of the Blue Woods
  • Bomb (☆☆☆): After beating the last level of the Black Crater
  • Matilda (☆☆☆): After beating the last level of the White Peaks


The enemies are scattered around Bird Island, where they are trying to conquer. There are 5 types:

  • Small Pigs
  • Medium Pigs
  • Large Pigs
  • Huge Pigs
  • Boss Pigs

After a determined number of turns, a pig will attack the bird that was recently used. After defeated, pigs grant rewards:

  • Coins;
  • Gems;
  • Eggs;
  • Evolution Materials;
  • Dungeon Keys;
  • Event Items;

See the list of pigs here.


  • Appears in a level with a Eagle Forcer.
    • Will ask the player to do the following things:
      • Collect a number of Objects.
      • Defeat a number of Pigs.
    • Grants the player Coins


  • Found by Scouting
  • Appear in the following variants:
    • Common
    • Rare
  • Will ask the player to select birds;
    • Must fill the Power requirements.
    • The birds will be unavailable during the mission.
  • Afterwards, the player will have to wait some time.
  • Grants Rewards.


They countain battles. They are unlocked after beating a region. They are the following:

  • Yellow Desert: Great Pyramid;
  • Blue Woods: Skull Cave;
  • Black Crater: Lava Cave;
  • White Peaks: Ice Labyrinth;
  • Red Canyon: Bacon Tower.

They have waves. The last wave has a boss. Only birds of the Dungeon's color can be selected. It needs the following power requirements:

  • Normal:Coming Soon
  • Hard: 9000
  • Insane: 17500

To play them, the player needs the following number of Dungeon Keys:

  • Start Battle: 10
  • Qucik Battle: 15

They give the following rewards:

  • Coins;
  • Evolution Material;
  • Evolution Essence;


Scouting is unlocked at Level 3 of Chapter 2: The Ancient Door. Scouting finds rewards and battles. In order to scout, tap an Orange Marker and a scout will explore it. 3 Scouts can be used per time. 1 Extra Scout can be obtained from Clans. They give the following:

  • Coins
  • Gems
  • Eggs
  • Evolution Material
  • Event Items
  • Battles
  • PVP Battles
  • Missions

After all scouts are used, the player will have to wait some minutes for them to refill. They can be refilled in the shop:

  • Small Refill Option: 1 Energy Berry. Restores 1 Scout.
  • Large Refill Option: 150 Gems. Restores All Scouts.
  • Watch an Ad: Watch 1 Adversiment. Restores 1 Scout.


The collection building in-game has all the birds, pigs and achievements. The not obtained Bird will be Frank silhouetted while the not obtained Pigs will have a silhouetted Minion Pig icon.

The achievements can be seen here.


  • BigLoot Currency Coin.png Coins
    • Used to:
      • Evolve Birds;
      • Buy Items.
    • Obtained by:
      • Defeating Pigs;
      • Defeating Golden Pigs;
      • Scouting;
      • Quests;
      • Event Rewards;
  • BigLoot Currency Jewel.png Gems
    • Used to:
      • Hatch Eggs;
      • Buy Scout Energy;
      • Buy Remaining Items;
      • Buy Event Items and
      • Revive Birds;
    • Obtained By:
      • Defeating Pigs;
      • Defeating Thief Pigs;
      • Defeating Gem Pigs;
      • In Chests;
      • Doing Scout Missions;
      • As Event Rewards and
      • By Buying in the Shop.
  • Friendship.png Friendship
    • Used to:
      • Hatch Regular Eggs;
    • Obtained by:
      • Helping Friends.

Evolution Items

  • Evolution Materials
    • Used to:
      • Evolve birds.
    • Obtained by:
    • Come in the following variants:
      • BigLoot Currency EvoMaterial Red.png Red: Obtained at the Red Canyon.
      • BigLoot Currency EvoMaterial Yellow.png Yellow: Obtained at the Yellow Desert.
      • BigLoot Currency EvoMaterial White.png White: Obtained at the Black Crater.
      • BigLoot Currency EvoMaterial Black.png Black: Obtained at the Black Crater.
      • BigLoot Currency EvoMaterial Blue.png Blue: Obtained at the Blue Woods.
  • Evolution Essense:
    • Used to:
      • Evolve Birds.
    • Obtained by:
    • Come in the following variants:
      • BigLoot Currency EvoEssence Red.png Red
      • BigLoot Currency EvoEssence Yellow.png Yellow
      • BigLoot Currency EvoEssence White.png White
      • BigLoot Currency EvoEssence Black.png Black
      • BigLoot Currency EvoEssence Blue.png Blue


Runes increase:

  • Damage;
  • Health;
  • Crit Chance and
  • Crit Damage.

There are 5 slots. Runes can be unequiped by paying Gems. They can be only equipped to 5 Star Birds.

They can be obtained from Rune Chests. Rune Chests can be opened the following way:

  • Free Rune Chest: Free to open. Available every 12 hours.
  • Bronze Rune Chest: 200 Gems.
  • Silver Rune Chest: 500 Gems or 100 Chest Keys.
  • Golden Rune Chest: 4500 Gems or 100 Golden Chest Keys.

Those are the keys:

  • Chest Key: Obtained from rewards.
  • Golden Chest Key: Obtained from rewards.

Bird Town

For details about Bird Town, see Bird Town.


For details about Arena, see Arena.


For details about Voyage, see Voyage.


The game has cutscenes that show as a movie:

Start: Shirley and Patrick are happily walking on Bird Town but a rock starts shaking. Shirley gets scared and runs away from a pig stampede, revealing that they stole the eggs. Shirley tells Chuck that the eggs were stolen.

Eagle Mountain Visit: Mighty Eagle teaches the chosen character about the Eagle Force and lost Eagle Forcers, and after completing an area, Mighty Eagle tells which Eagle Forcer needs to be rescued.

Chapter 16-7: Don Bacon gets angry because Rocky, the Bacon Head Prototype, was defeated and talks with Patsy about his BaconHeadz plan, then a scene shows a Tourist Pig drinking Bacon Juice that turns into a BaconHead and then a herd of Baconheadz.



  • Dungeon Key
  • Flower Bouquet
  • Plank
  • Blueprint
  • Matches
  • Marshmallow
  • Crowbar
  • Burn Ointment Tubes
  • Oil Can
  • Jetpack Manual
  • Paper Clip
  • Pair Of Skis
  • Feather Moisturizers
  • Burn Sprays
  • Shovel
  • Compass
  • Hairdryer
  • Bucket Of Salt
  • Salt Shaker
  • Snout Badge
  • Detonator
  • Protection Pad
  • Helmet
  • Mirror
  • Smoke Canister
  • GasMask
  • Biosuit
  • Boat
  • Paddle
  • Signpost
  • Climbing Gear


  • Alien artifact
  • Firework
  • Color Fragments (Red, Yellow, Black, and White)
  • Skull
  • Presidential pardon
  • Christmas present
  • Grandfather Frost Matryoshka Dolls
  • Super bowl ball
  • Crushed bouquet
  • Chocolate pig
  • Pig tooth
  • Microphone
  • Footballs
  • Alien eggs
  • Pig hand
  • Pentagram
  • Golden sample
  • Goggles
  • Teeth
  • King Klaus's Crown
  • Angry Birds Fans


  • Pig Snout
  • Runes
  • Dungeon Key


  • Alien Abduction
  • Color Brawls
    • Red Brawl
    • Yellow Brawl
    • Black Brawl
    • White Brawl
  • Color Excavations
    • Red Excavation
    • Yellow Excavation
    • Black Excavation
    • White Excavation
  • 4th of July
  • Most Metal Halloween Ever
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Time
  • Ded Moroz New Year!
  • The Road To Super Bowl LII
  • The Valentine's Day The Earth Stood Still
  • Easter Escape
  • Slap Shot Mania!
  • Cinco De Mayo
  • Flockaballoza
  • Alien Infiltration
  • Lucha Libre
  • Carson Event
  • Legacy Of The Beast
  • Thanksgiving 2018
  • Christmas 2018
  • Carnival Event
  • Easter Hunt!
  • Father's Day
  • Chubby Birds
  • King Francis Returns
  • All American Birds
  • Flaming Bird Festival
  • Regular Birds Event
  • Oktoberfest
  • Rock Star Event
  • Bird Festival
  • Ask Facebook
  • Elite Event
  • Sports All-Stars Event
  • Supertrainer Part 1
  • Colour Events
    • Red Event
    • Yellow Event
    • Black Event
    • Blue Event
    • White Event
  • Hellbirds
  • Supertrainer Event Part II
  • Christmas 2019
  • Orthodox Christmas 2020
  • Classic Red Event
  • Spring is Coming Event
  • Best of 2019 Part I
  • ST. Patrick's Day
  • Summer Xmas
  • Lucha-Pecka-Libre
  • Bomb Event


To see the totem on Angry Birds Evolution, see Angry Birds Evolution/Totems .



  • To see the images collection on Angry Birds Evolution, see Angry Birds Evolution/Collection .


  1. Chapter 1: Return of the Pigs
  2. Chapter 2: The Desert Door
  3. Chapter 3: Saving Major Pecker
  4. Chapter 4: Flighty Instincts
  5. Chapter 5: Birdy Trap
  6. Chapter 6: Temple of Warth
  7. Chapter 7: Robobird
  8. Chapter 8: Birdtopia
  9. Chapter 9: Under Siege
  10. Chapter 10: The Irate Capades
  11. Chapter 11: The Snowbomb
  12. Chapter 12: Saving Peck Girl
  13. Chapter 13: Runaway Train
  14. Chapter 14: Hunt for Bacon Plaza
  15. Chapter 15: Bacon Juice
  16. Chapter 16-20: Return of the Pigs
  17. Chapter 21: Rumble At Eagle Mountain
  18. Chapter 22: The Ski Resort (Repeats after completion)


For this game achievements, see Angry Birds Evolution/Achievements.


For this subject's image gallery, see Angry Birds Evolution/Gallery.



  • In this game, Shirley's color is blue.
  • Angry Birds Evolution may be a spiritual sequel to Angry Birds Action, due to gameplay similarities between the two games.
  • In some posters, the flock birds are fighting new birds, and in an ad, a blue bird punches Red in the face. This could imply that some birds have some type of rivalry.
  • Hal makes some cameos in the game as symbols.
    • He also was the base for Walter 's design.
  • Some of the designs of the birds were brought from the comics and other instances.

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