Bird Island reappears in Angry Birds Evolution as a much bigger counterpart, having deserts, forests, snow and canyons

Angry Birds Evolution Bird Island.png

regions. They are the following:


Chuck is unlocked here as a starting character.

It's a tropical and colorful place, full of tropical trees, colorful plants, fruits such as coconuts and watermelons and birds chirping around. Tourists pigs and pirate pigs invaded here, having old Lighthouses and Pirate Ships. Mighty Eagle is encountered there. It contains Bird TownMighty Eagle Mountain, and the Oinktagon. It's the first region to be found and proceeds Yellow Desert. Birds of various colors can be encountered in an obtained egg.





Yellow Desert

Red is unlocked after beating all the levels.

It's a warm and sandy place. It does not just have a lot of sand but also cactus and other plants and flowers. There was once an ancient yellow bird civilization whose constructed pyramids and other buildings, such as race tracks and ancient ruins. Major Pecker is rescued here. It contains the Pyramid Dungeon and proceeds the Blue Woods. Pigs also invaded here. Yellow Birds can be encountered in obtained eggs.

New Pigs

Blue Woods

Terence is unlocked after beating all the levels.

It's a mythical frest with a bunch of trees, fruits and plants. There are giant canopy trees were blue birds live in Treehouses, there is fog in the ground, source of myths and fear, some pigs visit there. It countains the Skull Cave Dungeons and proceeds the Black Crater. Pigs also invaded here. Blue Birds can be encountered in obtained eggs.

New Pigs

Black Crater

Bomb is unlocked after beating all the levels.

It's a large crater which a bunch of lava and mud runs by. It was once a mountain, but was destroyed in a war between the bird tribes.It's the house of black birds that explode. Near it, there's the Birdtopia, the former capital of it, i now ruins, but Dr. Strangebird uses it as research laboratory. It countains the Lava Cave and proceeds the White Peaks. Pigs use the mud on it as spas. Black Birds can be encountered in obtained eggs.

New Pigs

White Mountains

Matilda is unlocked here

It's a bunch of mountains with snow and various trees, pigs constructed a tourist ski attraction where pigs go to ski and have fun. There are variuos ice formations such as stalactites and crystals. All the mountains are high which makes difficult for pigs to ski on. In the highest mountain lives Master Beakagi, an Eagle Forcer that is a sensei and lives here for exile. There are also various structures and weird objects preserved in ice. It countains the Ice Labyrinth and proceeds the Red Canyon. White Birds can be encountered in obtained eggs.

New Pigs

Red Canyons

A region full of red rocky formations and red sand, it's the nearest region to Piggy Island and so the pigs chose it to build Bacon Town, a replication of Pig City. It was a home of a tribe of red birds who founded a tribal culture with totems and tribal drawings. The last Red Bird, Peck Girl fights the pigs. It countains the Bacon Tower and is the last region of them, proceeding back to the Jungle. Red Birds can be encountered in obtained eggs.

New Pigs


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