Bird Island reappears in Angry Birds Evolution as a much bigger counterpart, having deserts, forests, snow and canyons
Angry Birds Evolution Bird Island
regions. They are the following:


Chuck is unlocked here

It's a tropical and colorful place, full of tropical trees, colorful plants, fruits such as coconuts and watermelons and birds chirping around. Tourists pigs and pirate pigs invaded here, having old Lighthouses and Pirate Ships. Mighty Eagle is encountered there. It contains Bird TownMighty Eagle Mountain, and the Oinktagon. It's the first region to be found and proceeds Yellow Desert. Birds of various colors can be encountered in an obtained egg.





Yellow Desert

Red is unlocked here

It's a warm and sandy place. It does not just have a lot of sand but also cactus and other plants and flowers. There was once an ancient yellow bird civilization whose constructed pyramids and other buildings, such as race tracks and ancient ruins. Major Pecker is rescued here. It contains the Pyramid Dungeon and proceeds the Blue Woods. Pigs also invaded here. Yellow Birds can be encountered in obtained eggs.

Mechanic Pig

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