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The Eagle Mountain is a Dungeon in Angry Birds Evolution.



The player can play the Eagle Mountain once in a day and can play with again with 50 Gems.

Mini Game

When clicking the Eagle Mountain, the player will go inside it. In the Mini Game there are four doors, the player needs to open it by tapping. When open, the door will reveal what is behind it, which is the following:

  • Coins
  • Gems
  • Evolution Material (Varies on Color Day)
  • Evolution Essence (Varies on Color Day)
  • Premium Hatch Ticket
  • Thief Pig: The first room and Evolution Floors doesn't countain Thief Pig. He will steal the items, making the player fail. The player can then do the following things:
    • Play On: The player has to pay 20 Gems on the first time, then 50 and then increases by 50. The player continues to play and with what was obtained. Thief Pig is then imprisioned, but comes back in the next level.
    • Give Up: The player leaves the mountain and gets no rewards.

Each time the player succeeds, the next floor will be entered. Each 5 floors there's an Evolution Floor, that has no pigs, only rewards.

Every day the color of rewards offered change.

In the second floor, the player gets an egg of the color of the day, each floor passed the level of the bird inside it will increase by 1 and in every 10 floors its stars will increase by 1 and can be only increased to 5.

When the player clicks Exit, the rewards will be claimed.