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Super Shot Earl.

Super Shot is a special ability of birds in Angry Birds Evolution.


Initially, when the battle is just beginning, there are numbers near the birds that indicate how many moves you need to make before activating the super-shot (all bird moves are considered, not just a separate one). After the number reaches the value “0”, the bird will start to burn with red fire. If you attack with such a bird, then during the attack it will use its special ability. Different birds have it different.

Superpowers Birds[]

Each individual color has its own peculiarity:

  • Red Birds: Launch themselves and kick the pigs, bouncing them around and giving large damage. Or throw an object at the pigs, also bouncing them around and giving large damage.
  • Yellow Birds: Speed up around the stage, ignoring pigs.
  • Black Birds: Launch themselves and explode a determined area.
  • White Birds: Launch a Spiky Carpet that damage pigs, sometimes this spiky carpet is left on the battleground for a determined number of turns.
  • Blue Birds: Create clones of themselves.

In addition, the super-shot has an additional effect, which depends on the type of bird. For example, Jasmine, in addition to a powerful blow to the enemy repels him, the enemy crashes into his allies and inflicts great damage on them. Some birds collect amplifications or improve them, it happens that a bird attracts enemies to each other, there are birds that continue or improve combos.

Some pigs prevent the filling of a super shot.

Note: the amount of damage caused by birds under the influence of a super shot depends on their level and the birds themselves.

There are Special variations of Super-Shots, for example, Capt'n Thrush launches a river full of piranas to the pigs, Kid YOLO launches a coin carpet, Quentin tosses a plasma beam, etc. 


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