Totems are special items in Angry Birds Evolution that are used to upgrade Birds. Totems can be obtained at the Hatchery, as well as a reward for battles.

The Anger Totem, Super Shot Totem and Prestige Totem were already in the game, while the Rage Totem was added in the Cinco De Mayo Update and the Awaken Totem was added in the Hellbirds Update.

List of Totems

There are four types of totems in the game - totems of rage, anger, prestige, awaken, and super-shot. The table below details all the totems.

Totem Name Description Image Trivia
Anger Totem This totem is infused with the anger of ancient birds and can be used to level up other Birds. Anger Totem In 15 April 2017 they called this totem a Shiny Totem.
Rage Totem This totem is infused with the rage of ancient birds and can be used to give your birds a huge XP boost. Rage Totem The colors are Cinco De Mayo themed.
Super Shot Totem Fuse this totem into a bird to improve this Super Shot!

Obtained from the hatching hut or as arena reward.

Skill Shot Totem It's the only totem without a variation.
Prestige Totem After a 4 or 5-star birds has reached maximum level (99), PRESTIGE TOTEMS can be used to further increase its power! Prestige Totem Hard to obtain.
Awaken Totem Just discovered in ancient ruins; these holy Totems can be used to awake birds. Rare totems that can be obtained from special sales and high level rewards as well as from selling birds with Awaken status (6 Star Birds). Awake Totem It's a red recolor and modified model of the Prestige Totem.
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