Mechanic Pig

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This is the list of unused content from the game, Angry Birds Evolution.

Early Builds

Beta Designs


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Tyler, Tony, and Shrapnel's designs in the beta version were different from the final version:

  • Tyler had shirt and pants marks on his body.
  • Tony had buck teeth and spots on his back.
  • Shrapnel had an earring.

These designs can be viewed here.


Angry Birds Evolution Beta

In the beta version, the Hatchery was darker and contained a third egg option, and birds appeared closer to the screen and did not make noises when hatched.  When an egg was being hatched, none of the objects in the background moved at all, unlike in the final version where the machinery becomes very active when hatching an egg.

Removed in Later Versions

The beta version contained some birds that are never seen in the final product.