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This is the list of unused content from the game Angry Birds Evolution.
Angry Birds Evolution mod Apk

Early Builds


In the Beta Version, the soundtrack was very different:

  • Main Menu: The music was more happy-sounding, unlike the final version
  • Dangling The Fruits: The music was more dramatic-sounding music.
  • A Dry Hump In The Desert: The music was more rap-sounding.
  • Deep In The Bowels: The music was a remix of a Dry Hump in the Desert and was more serious comparated to the actual music in the final product.
  • The Buttcracker Suite: It was more echo-like and happy-sounding.

Title Screen

The beta version featured a different Title Screen, but it was removed in later versions. Probably because of the

Image minor edit made by Alex Bird.

character design errors. For example, Max having Dutch's body form and Trey lacking some details.

Also, the title screen was a reference to the concept of the game as the smallest birds are trying to defeat a pig and are using bigger birds as support. This is a reference that the player starts with weak birds and obtains stronger ones as it plays the game.

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Beta Designs



See more on the link.

Tyler, Tony, and Shrapnel 's designs in the beta version were different from the final version:

  • Tyler had shirt and pants marks on his body.
  • Tony had buck teeth and spots on his back.
  • Shrapnel had an earring.

These designs can be viewed here.


  • Andrew had 2 buck teeth shown on his beak.
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    Images by Adam Kokoszko.

  • Timothy had 3 peach spots on his body;
  • Charlotte had crossed eyes;
  • Noah was more different, having a more disproportionate head, Hatchling-like design and goofy eyes (Strangely, her description still states the odd shaped head, even though it's now shaped like a normal hatchling)
  • Tiffany had a grinning expression and cloth on her chest;
  • Pauline had brown curled hair, a confused expression, a spot below the right eye, and used a black and white
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    uniform with a skull on it;
  • Sidney had dark blue small feather hair, a long different shaped body and wore the same uniform said above.
  • Pam was strong, had small black hair and was like Tonya, she used the uniform the same way as Tonya.
  • Myles had a snood (Like Turkeys).
  • Clive was older and taller.
  • Patrick had longer hair, purple beak with teeth and his body was shaped in a different way.
  • Margaret was older, wore a jacket, had a lighter torso, the hair was different and she used glasses.
  • Cyril had an angry expression, black eye spots and didn't wore a jaket.
  • Lady Plume wore a blue towel;
  • Millie had a thinner beak, smaller eyes and didn't had a happy expression.


In the beta version, the Hatchery was darker and contained a third egg option, and birds appeared closer to the
Angry Birds Evolution Beta
screen, didn't make celebrating poses and did not make noises when hatched. When an egg was being hatched, none of the objects in the background moved at all, unlike in the final version where the machinery becomes very active when hatching an egg.

Different Speech

In the beta, some characters had different speech that was modified in the launch version.

Unused Pigs

Lollipop Fan Pig

The Lollipop Pig is a pig that appears only in artworks. He doesn't appear in any instance in-game.
Angry Birds Evolution Lollipop Fan Pig


He is a pig wearing a red and green hat with a snout on it, a green and red striped shirt, and is always seen with a colorful lollipop.

Removed in Later Versions

The beta version contained some birds that are never seen in the final product.

Test Adventures

The test adventures were events that were still in test. The speech that the birds always said was The Jungle Is Densely Overgrown.

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