This is the list of unused content from the game Angry Birds Evolution.
Angry Birds Evolution mod Apk

Early Builds


In the Beta Version, the soundtrack was very different:

  • Meet The Flockers (Main Menu): The music was a happy-sounding country music, unlike the final that is funky and ''clumsy'' and there was a male voice, not a female voice.
  • Dangling The Fruits (Jungle): The music was a more dramatic-sounding music.
  • A Dry Hump In The Desert (Yellow Desert): The music was more rap-sounding with a rap voice and had different instruments.
  • Deep In The Bowels (Boss Battle and Dungeon): The music was a remix of a Dry Hump in the Desert and was more serious compared to the actual music in the final product, with thriller instruments.
  • The Buttcracker Suite  (Blue Woods): It was more echo-like and funny and clusmsy-sounding.
  • Magma Riders (Black Crater): It was more tribal-sounding, ''scary''  and serious.
  • Valley of the Wailing Wind (White Peaks): It was with drums.
  • Great Bacon Stomp (Red Canyon): The music was a more funny-sounding music and with different instruments such as violin.

Title Screen

Angry Birds TNT
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Image by Bob Morris.

The title screen on the closed beta contained Billie on the front and Jimmy (In his Strong White Dominion Evolution) on the back, while the background has blurry lights, making a dramatic background.

Soft Launch

The softlaunch version featured a different Title Screen, but it was removed in later versions. Probably because of the

Image minor edit made by Alex Bird.

character design errors and beta designs.

Kowalski is on the bottom with Connie on his left. Cyril, angry, and Tony trying to get on Dutch, Dutch angry because Kim Fli Hy is on his head and Mikhail holding his hand to dutch trying to see what's happening with Kumiko above him. CliveSam and Oliver in the middle. Amy , Kid YOLO, Billie and Derek trying to get the pig by hand and Thelonius and Noah are going to jump on him and Anthony fell, with red feathers falling. Walter is on the left of the top birds  seeing what is happening and Trey is watching all of them try to defeat a pig on a rope tied to a Bird Town house.

Dutch uses Max's colors and hair but the size and other features are the same as the one he has, while Mikhail has a beige beak. Trey has no eyebrows and saggy eyes, possibly a beta design. Cyril and Clive are in their beta designs on the title screen. Derek is without his tie. The pig artwork is also used sometimes.

Beta Designs

A lot of birds' appearances were different from the final version:

Image Character Difference
Tom-straszewski-tyler-portfolioshot Tyler He had light blue small shirt and pants marks on his body, due to the sun.
Tom-straszewski-thumbnail (1)
Tony Tony had teeth shown from his jaw, his hair was on the front and also had different spots on his back.
Tom-straszewski-thumbnail (1)
Shrapnel Shrapnel had a silver large earring and he was smiling with teeth.
Andrew Andrew had 2 hippopotamus-buck teeth shown on his beak sides equaly. (Remained in the Softlaunch as Profile Picture and is also shown in-game when he opens his mouth)
Timothy Icon on Beta Timothy Timothy had 3 peach spots on his body and an injury above his beak; (Remained in the Beta Profile Picture)
AB EVOLUTION Wade Wade Wade wore a different black suit with red parts and some of them showed his feathers, tough only in alpha.
AB EVOLUTION Winnie Winnie Winnie had claws.
Angry Birds Evolution Clive Portrait Beta Clive Clive was older and taller, with dark eyebags.
Angry Birds Evolution Myles Portrait Beta Myles Myles had a comb (Like Roosters).
Patrick Patrick had longer hair, a purple beak with teeth, short feet of the same color, a bump on his head and his body was shaped differently. He was more yokel-like. (His biography still states that fact)
28055807 575571932806473 6790358607579439864 n Margaret Margaret was like a librarian, older, wore a jacket, had a lighter torso, the hair was different and she used glasses. (Her biography also still states that she is a librarian)

After evolution, she wears a small black suit and gloves.

Angry Birds Evolution Dalton Beta Dalton Dalton had red spots on his eyes and a peach ring around his beak.
Millie Beta Millie Millie had a thinner beak, smaller eyes and didn't have a happy expression.

After evolution, her pigtails has rubber tying them and she has freckles that are different.

Angry Birds Evolution Beta Richard Richard Richard was originally based off Hannibal, wore an anti-cannibalism muzzle, a collar with a hard chain and had long red hair. (His biography still states that he eats meat).

After evolution, his mask is biten off, he has more hair, wears a bib and his eyes will be more open.

Angry Birds Evolution Lady Plume Portrait Beta Lady Plume Lady Plume wore a blue towel;
Angry Birds Evolution Ember Portrait Beta Ember Ember was taller and had black eyebags.
Murphy Murphy's helmet was a dark brown helmet with the word Police written on chalk and wore a golden star sheriff badge.

When he was evolved, he would smile.

04-01 800 Tara Tara's head was shaved on the left of her forehead.
PB7ehPtk Mikhail Mikhail had tattoos and gray legs
A5ba0c75527301.5c4f6443564b6 Max Max had green snot on his nose.

After evolution, a bump wolud appear on his head.

IMG 0092-640x480 Monday Monday was also different, she had a larger head, long beak, different eyes and feather necklace. After evolving her, the feathers will be larger, her pupils will be small and her heart plumage shape will be shattered.
AB EVOLUTION Anthony Anthony Anthony would have freckles after evolving.
Mireille Mireille was also different, she had large eyebrows, different beak, long eyelashes. In the update of the beta, her neck is only long.

After she evolved, she would wear a white fluffy hat.

Coming Soon Kid Yolo Kid YOLO was frowning and his eyes were almost closed.
Mireille beta Chip Chip wore a dark tanktop and his tail had feathers haped like feathers.
AB EVOLUTION Zain Zain Zain wore a earring on the left of his forehead.

Flocksburg Eagles and Ragin' Rockers Sets

Image Character Difference
Noah Noah was more different, having a more disproportionate football-shaped head, Hatchling-like design and goofy eyes, she was a male. (Strangely, her biography still states the odd-shaped head, even though it's now shaped like a normal hatchling)

''He'' evolves as a quaterback, though the design unknown.

Pam Beta Icons Pam Pam was strong, had small black hair, was like Tonya, having a large beak and small jaw with lapstick and used the Flocksburg Eagles student uniform. (Her biography still states the strong-personality)

After evolution she wears a black and yellow Flocksburg Eagles quaterback uniform and helmet.

Sidney Sidney was coach-like, had dark blue small feather hair, along with a differently shaped body and wore the same uniform said above, she was actually a male bird. (Her biography still states that she is a coach)

''He'' probably would also evolve as a quaterback, as a referee or would wear coach accessories.

Pauline Pauline had brown curled hair with ringlets, a red beak, a confused expression, green irises, a spot below the right eye, used a black and white uniform with a skull on it and brown pants (Her biography still states the ringlets)

After evolution she would wear the Flocksburg Eagles quaterback uniform and helmet, open her beak with broken teeth and a pink bowtie would appear on the helmet.

Tiffany Tiffany had a (creepy) grinning expression and cloth on her chest, her eyelids were peach instead of black. (Her biography still states the scary personality).

After evoluiton, she wears a cheerleader outifit, a bracelet, a bandage, her hair is bigger and she is angry.

Image Character Difference
Cyril Cyril had an angry expression, black eyespots, wore black suspender-pants instead of a jacket and had pinkish black hair.
Thrash Thrash had golden and red colored hair, he had teeth, also wore black suspender-pants, didn't wore a bracelet, wore a flame bandanna and had black star facepaint.
  1. His hair then gets black and white and he wears an orange bandanna with white spots.
  2. On both alternatice evolutions the bandanna is tied.
Geraldine Geraldine also wore a suspender-pants with a bra and wore a yellow headband on her first eveolution.
Carson Carson also wore suspender-pants and had a different headband.
Angry Birds Evolution Jaquie Portrait Beta Jacquie Jacquie also wore suspender-pants and she was ''Creepier''

Super Trainers and Non-Playable Birds

Image Character Difference
Angry Birds Evolution Beta Major Pecker Major Pecker Major Pecker had small bomb birds as munition instead of plungers and his necklace had dark green buttons.
05-01 1200 Master Beakagi Master Beakagi had long hair behind instead of a bun.
Sales Birds Beta Sales Bird Sales Bird had teeth and small dark blue hair.


In the beta version, the Hatchery was darker and contained a third 10x egg option, and birds appeared closer to the
Angry Birds Evolution Beta
screen, didn't make celebrating poses and did not make noises when hatched. When an egg was being hatched, none of the objects in the background moved at all, unlike in the final version where the machinery becomes very active when hatching an egg.

Also, Mighty Eagle's plush had a different beak, which was open.

Different Voices

Some birds, emmited sounds that are not from their shape or gender, for exemple, Carter emmited a female sound.

Different Speech

In the beta, some characters had different speech that was modified in the launch version. For exemple, most of the dialog that had suggestive language was changed.

Pigs' Ability

Before doing ability in the soft-launch and beta, the pigs would start to burn and their eyes would start to glow yellow.

Different Names

Some of the names were different. For example, Steve's name was Steven, Dutch's name was Arnie Dr. Strangebird's name was Dr. Bird McFly, though Dr. Bird McFly was only in concept and Master Beakagi's name was Sensei Sake. Tickets were called ''Vouchers''.


The layout of some parts of the game was different, for exemple, the banners in the Arena section were artowrk rather than 3D models and the Mission Levels didn't show icons, just text. In the collection, the unobtained birds weren't Frank silhoueted and instead had their own gray icons.

Different Tasks

The normal playable birds were also part of the story ,where you had to find them to talk and talked with them, one of them being Shrapnel.

Removed in Later Versions

Test Adventures

The test adventures were events that were still in test. The speech that the birds always said was The Jungle Is Densely OvergrownIt was later converted into the Missions the player needs to do in the campaign and events.


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