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Angry Birds Evolution

Since the game was released, this is the list of Angry Birds Evolution updates with new levels, bug fixes, changes in the game appearance, and more.

Version 2[]

Version 2.9.20 (February 13, 2024)[]

Evolution keeps evolving one update at a time!

Version 2.9.18 (October 27, 2023)[]

Evolution keeps evolving one update at a time!

Version 2.9.17 (October 14, 2023)[]

Evolution keeps evolving one update at a time!

Version 2.9.16 (October 9, 2023)[]

Evolution keeps evolving one update at a time!

Version 2.9.14- March 16, 2023[]

  • Evolution keeps evolving one update at a time!

Version 2.9.12- November 23, 2022 [Android][]

  • Evolution keeps evolving one update at a time!

Version 2.9.11- November 7, 2022 [iOS][]

  • Evolution keeps evolving one update at a time!

Version 2.9.7- April 11, 2022 [iOS]; April 11, 2022 [Android][]

  • Evolution keeps evolving one update at a time!

Version 2.9.6- January 27, 2022 [iOS]; January 26, 2022 [Android][]

  • Evolution keeps evolving one update at a time!

Version 2.9.5- January 24, 2022[]

  • Evolution keeps evolving one update at a time!

Version 2.9.1- June 16, 2020[]

  • Evolution keeps evolving one update at a time!

Version 2.8.0- May 12, 2020[]

  • ST. Patrick's Day, 5-star Ciara character
  • Evolution keeps evolving one update at a time!

Version 2.7.1- February 05, 2020[]

Evolution keeps evolving one update at a time!

NEW: The classic. The legend. The Red!

Version 2.7.0- December 18, 2019[]

Ho ho ho! ‘Tis almost the season again! Are you ready for the next Christmas event, a guy named Klaus who will bake the best cookies in town, meeting beloved fellows and Super Trainers? Put on your best ugly Xmas sweater and jump in!

Brand New

  • ‘Tis the season: Can you already smell it? It smells like Christmas all around. Are you ready for new events, meeting beloved fellows, famous Super Trainers and a brand new bird who can bake really well?
  • Klaus: Is it his wisdom, his freezing breath or his grandfather-issues that made Klaus famous? Who knows. One thing everyone knows is his famous cookie recipe. That, unfortunately, didn’t make him a snack for his many love interests. Just yet. But he can still attack them pigs like it’s no big d.

Extended & Improved[]

  • Team Editor Display Adjustments
    • 6 Star birds are now correctly displayed in the Team view with their red color display.
    • Event Bird power is now directly displayed in the Team view of the event team.

Fixes and more fixes[]

Living on an island is all nice and chill, but it also means lots of bugs you need to smash! Here are some species of bugs we killed with snowballs this time:

  • Delayed Bird Skills - We fixed several issues with bird skills that had a delayed effect, like Dr. Strangebird and Bad Santa.
  • Clan Perks - Perks cannot be prolonged despite the resources being subtracted. This has been fixed.
  • DedSw1n3 - We fixed an issue that DedSw1n3 experienced with his “Thrilling Beats” skill when a big pig got knocked around by carts in the Arena. Sometimes its attack was interrupted but the skill stayed on the pig, sometimes for multiple rounds, attacking other pigs in the next rounds, when it was only supposed to last 1 round.
  • Reviving - During event battles, reviving used to make the reward counter disappear. We fixed that for y’all.
  • You know that feeling when you tap “Get Chest” and the game freezes? When you're on the bird's leveling screen? Well, you will no more. We fixed that issue.
  • Voyage - Sometimes your game got stuck if you moved a little bit too fast on the tiles. We fixed this annoyance! Voyage on!
  • Helmut fans rejoice: He now can be found in the collection.

Version 2.6.0- October 1, 2019[]

  • One hell of a bird: Although his origins are a mystery, Van Hellbird is celebrated and feared by pigs and birds just the same. This overambitious, black-feathered bird strives for absolute justice, even if this requires unusually measures...
  • Shop 2.0: We’ve upgraded our shop with some changes:
  • All Offers in one place - Gold, Gems, Chest, Event Offers and far more can now all be found in a single place: our new Shop. Access it with a squeaky new button at your service!
  • Flash Sales - The new feature is the best place to take a look at the various offers we have “in-store” for you! The offers will change every day of the week to keep things exciting!
  • Resources - The entirely new “Resources” section will allow you to purchase missing Evolution Materials and Essence directly.
  • Awake 2.0: Time to be more woke! So we added more options to awake our 5-Star birds:
    • 4-Star birds can now be used for the 6-star fusion.
    • Master Birds have increased fuse values.
    • We added something called the “Awake Totems” that count as much as a 5-Star bird with the same color. Tho we gotta tell ya: these things are very rare, you need to climb the highest level in the event island to get them!
  • Voyage 1.5: Pirate Kings gathered to find new strategies against you bird invaders and came up with nasty plans:
    • Map Portals can now only be passed when the birds prove their value to the Portal Keepers. For this, they need to collect 3 Legendary treasures (Plot twist: The Keepers are on the pirates’ payroll now).
    • In the meantime, both Pirates and Kings have been training hard to prove how tough they are, and to be a bigger challenge to the birds!
    • The pirate kings found new places to hide even further out in the sea. So a third map needs to be passed to reach their location.

Version 2.5.0- October 1, 2019[]

Brand New[]

  • Voyage: Get on your brand new Voyage Ship and set sail with your whole crew of Angry Birds. Shipwrecks, pirate islands, and legendary treasures wait to be discovered in the fog! Be warned though, dark waters are also pirate pig territory - the Pirate King himself has been sighted somewhere in the storm...
  • Facebook Event: Again, we’re burning for your opinion on which birds you want to see in our Community Favorites Event. Look out for our Facebook post on the official Angry Birds Evolution Facebook page and vote for the bird you want to see in the event!

Fixes and more fixes[]

Living on an island is all nice and chill, but it also means lots of bugs you need to smash! Here are some species of bugs we killed with kindness this time:

  • Geraldine's skill descriptions now match the reality - we changed the wrong text there!
  • Arena: Arena Team used to show members of the Main Team after selling a member. We fixed this error.
  • Event Leaderboards: Leaderboards now show the correct value of scored points. No mistakes!
  • Subscriptions: We did a lot of minor fixes so that subscriptions don't disturb the Arena matches.
  • Offers: No more panic - purchased items are now displayed correctly right after purchasing them.
  • A lot of localization errors have been swept out! Expect more correct translations, better grammar, and writing, especially in Italiano!
  • iPad Pro 11: The game does not support the resolution of iPad Pro 11.

Version 2.3.0- July 22, 2019[]

Brand New[]

  • “All American Birds” Event:
    • Bob- The Man- Boomer: When still being a thin-feathered black fledgling, Bob read the bestselling guidebook "How to behave like a bird of prey" by Mighty Eagle, which made him forget all his former fears - together with his common bird sense. Going into the film business, he became famous for his death-defying stunts in movies like "Birdnator" or "Enter the Bacon".
  • Be Your Own Trainer: Summer is near, and you either have a beach body, or you need a trainer asap! These trainers will be at your service soon:
    • Major Pecker: This trigger-happy veteran firmly believes in the nearing apocalypse and equipped himself with a pig-proof bunker in the desert. Although ready to shoot at everything that is green and moving, he only uses plumber's friends as ammunition. After all, no one wants blood in the front yard!
    • Dr. StrangeBird: Born an oddball, early on this pig decided to defy his parents and become a bird watcher. To study birds in their natural habitat, he equipped himself with a costume that he thought would make him look like a bird. Falling completely for his lousy disguise, the Eagle Force took him in and became his bird family while he was providing them with unsafe pig inventions in return.
  • New PvP league – Divine: Since all these epic 6-star master birds were sighted, it became pretty hot and sweaty in the arena's top leagues. That's why the gates of heaven now opened its doors to release the hottest of them into a new divine league* (and to give the miserable teams, who did not acquire any 6 stars yet, a break).
  • Become a VIP: You can't get enough of our Angry Birds? Then join the exclusive club of VIPs and get the most out of your Angry Birds EvolutionTM experience with the new VIP Membership. This membership will increase your Ticket, Gold and Gem inventory EVERY DAY! Membership comes in weekly, monthly and yearly subscriptions.
  • Extended Sell-All Popup: Speaking of 6 stars - for those of you who have gathered an abundance of 6 stars for some unknown reason, they can be conveniently selected in the sell all popup now! Also, we added totems there in case you are so OP, you need no further training - or just want to declutter your inbox from all those stacking totems.

Fixes and more fixes[]

Living on an island is all nice and chill, but it also means lots of bugs you need to smash! Here are some species of bugs we killed with the power of A/C this time:

  • Awakening cost of NFL/ Soccer birds was adjusted.
  • Battle: Battles against Golden or Gem pigs were not being counted towards quest objectives, which is fixed now.
  • Team manager: We fixed the limit cap warning for totems when selling flockers.
  • Tutorial: No escaping the tutorial anymore! We discovered that during the early game, there was a chance to break the tutorial. It has been fixed.
  • We fixed an issue that allowed XP totems to be assigned to already maxed out birds.
  • Supershots: The skills of Fringy and Cenk Tosun were not behaving as intended. Now they do.

Version 2.2.0- May 23, 2019[]

  • “King Francis Returns” Event: What a way to turn things around! Francis didn't give up when he got abducted, but made the best of everything and became an intergalactic superstar, with hits like "Don't be a cruel Bird" and "Get lucky with Pigs". He's gonna be on tour soon on Bird Island too - tix already sold out.
    • Francis: He's a baritone and a tenor. A sex icon of the cosmos. He made white bodysuits and V-necks cool again! If you have tickets for his tour, you might get a glimpse of him and have your heart stolen. Pigs also go crazy around this guy, almost in love, they might even try to heal the birds instead of attacking them.
  • Be Your Own Trainer: Summer is near, and you either have a beach body, or you need a trainer asap! These trainers will be at your service soon:
    • Mighty Eagle: The infamous black eagle may not be as sporty as the others, but he is an inspirational guru! Yes he is overweight and yes, he constantly has terrible back pain, but he is still a young hero at heart! Young birds are freaking out that he'll break a bone in fights, but he keeps dropping those random black bird Skillz on ‘em pigs like it’s no biggie.
    • Wonder Bird: Half-goddess, half-trainer, this blue chick is the secret crush of a ton of fellas on the island but ain’t nobody got time for them! She’d rather reflect that captivating energy on pigs and mind-control them with one of her three copies. No wonder why she’s so popular...
    • Master Beakagi: The interesting mix of dove and chihuahua, this sneaky Master has almost 300 degrees of sight and shrieky barks that drive the pigs insane. He gets most of his power from his white beard, and likes to fight with beams of energy (rather than brute force) that pull pigs in and then hit them where they don’t expect!

Fixes and more fixes[]

Living on an island is all nice and chill, but it also means lots of bugs you need to smash! Here are some species of bugs we killed with a bouquet of flowers this time:

  • Facebook crashes are fixed! Sorry about that!
  • Sometimes some pigs got outside the battle, which is illegal and dangerous for the fans. We made sure to not let them anymore.
  • Google Play sign in now does more than just… doing nothing!
  • The difficulty setting kept switching back to “Easy” after choosing higher difficulty in previous battles. How belittling for you! We know you're a pro and we fixed this.
  • Byron and Steve Super Shots are repaired.
  • Some secret pig agents hacked our system and made their healths invisible! Our bird force quickly eliminated this problem and those pigs are in jail!
  • Oops! We solved an issue in the events where sometimes fast tapping charged 2x Energy.
  • Crack Open Legendary Runes: Now there are Legendary

Version 2.1.0-March 25,  2019[]

Brand New[]

  • Time to “Awaken”: Recently some birds started. Meditating, reading a lot and realizing... things. Suddenly, evolution just didn't seem enough. They became so strong they needed another fat star next to the 5 they had. Say hi to a new generation of “woke” 6-star birds! (available early April)
    • Awaken skills: It is said each awakened bird will also have a new skill. Enjoy this newfound strength that comes with being woke AF.
    • New max level: Needless to say, the max level also got higher to 150.
  • Easter Event: Grab some chocolate and just watch. This new red guy is also a victim of a scientific pigsperimentation but he swore to destroy his predecessor, Fringy. No one understands why, but it will be a fun Easter watching those two fight.
    • Quentin, Harbinger Of Doom: Fire here, the fire there! I guess we could say, his shell protected this red fellow from many things, but didn't stop Fringy to get under his skin. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • Be your own trainer: Remember the Super Trainer, the Peck Girl? She decided, she also wants to fight in battles.
  • Feature teams: Not all teams are made for everything. Now you get to form different teams for different purposes, such as the Main team to play the story, an Event team, a Daily Challenge team, and an Arena team.
  • Voyage, voyage: Plus loin que la Nuit et le jour. Form your crews and get ready for some exciting stuff coming your way.
    • Unlock more crew possibilities with increased team power.
    • See the Leaderboard of top crews.
    • Expect a lot to happen here & get prepared.
  • Pirate events: Shiver me timbers! Old pirate events are back.
  • Get more Event Energy and open more Rune chests by watching some good ol’ ads.

Extended & Improved[]

  • Rune Market: The rune vendors now also pay attention to rarity! Sell your runes with these prices:
    • Common: 20 Gold
    • Rare: 75 Gold
    • Epic: 200 Gold
    • Legendary: 500 Gold

Fixes and more fixes[]

Living on an island is all nice and chill, but it also means lots of bugs you need to smash! Here are some species of bugs we killed with a colored egg this time:

  • We fixed some stuff on the Event Island UI.
  • Daily Challenge interface opened up when starting an Arena battle. We got rid of that confusion, sorry!

Version 1[]

Version 1.14.0 - August 1, 2017[]

Brand New[]

  • Christmas Event:
    • Before he started gulping thousands of cans of Bacon energy drinks before Xmas, this bird was just a regular Santa Claus at the Bird Village Mall. Now, he's something more monstrous...behold the Angry Santa!
    • 5 flockin’ unique seasonal birds and Captain Freedom are making an appearance during the event
  • Orthodox Christmas Event:
    • Hailing from beyond the icy mountains of Bird Island, Grandfather Frost is like Santa, but cooler. *pun intended*...I'll go get my coat.
  • Sell ‘em like there's no tomorrow:
    • Is inventory full? Now you're just one click away to sell a bird in your Inbox aaaaand it's gone! Don't panic, for 4 and 5-star birds you'll be warned first.
  • Gotta hatch ‘em all:
    • Now you get to spend all your tickets & money in Hatchery
  • Your Facebook friends are now added to the friends' tab, even the annoying ones.
  • Don't know your friend's real name? Don't care? How nice. You can now search them with their game nicknames.
  • Now you don't need to wait that long to have a full clan. Start with a jam-packed 25 members and increase up to 50!
  • The clan plan: Level cap is increased from 20 to 25. There'll be more cool stuff to come, prepare your clan for it!

Fixes and more fixes[]

The sneaky scoundrel piggies just won't go to hibernation and again placed some bugs on Bird Island so we had to deal with them diligently to crush them again. Here's the highlight of many fixes included:

  • Event fixes:
    • Application freeze right before the end of an event is fixed
    • The event teaser now correctly shows the rewards.
  • Video ad fixes:
    • Game freezes after watching a video has been fixed
  • Other fixes:
    • Clan chat is updated with previous conversations and news now
    • The top part of the screen was disappearing in some conditions during Eagle Mountain. This does not happen anymore
    • Darlene's looks so great with the right avatar. We corrected her feathers.

Version 1.13.0 - August 1, 2017[]

Brand New[]

  • Thanksgiving Event:
    Cold Turkey has escaped from prison. Now he's at large accompanied by 2 notorious feathered flockers: Steven and Dutch. They're roving about Bird Island for a limited time only.
  • New loading screen featuring Cold Turkey and his fellow fugitives
  • Eagle Mountain:
    where memorable birds hang around: Unique event birds can be available on Eagle Mountain for 24 hours. On a day they move into Mighty Eagles lush lodging these certain chaps are available once you reach Level 71. You will be able to choose between two evolutions.

Fixes and more fixes[]

Those pesky piggies leave bugs everywhere and we keep crushing them with each update. Here are the highlights of many fixes included:

  • Battle fixes:
    • Event battles are no longer crashing the app or staying in an unresponsive state
    • Some PvP matches and wave battles were misbehaving, freezing the game. We found a way to defrost ‘em.
    • Co-op battle's teaming up option was broken for some players, now you can choose your wingman without any issues.
  • Map fixes:
    • Event markers were disappearing randomly: we made sure there is always an event battle available as long as the event is on
    • Scout markers were disappearing altogether sometimes. Now they are here to stay
    • Unresponsive states after battles have been resolved
  • Flocker fixes:
    • An iconic bird-like Eddie the Bird not giving the right damage? Impossible, now he's dealing damage heavy metal style!
  • Event fixes:
    • Didn't claim your event rewards? We got you covered: all unclaimed rewards are sent to your in-game mailbox

Version 1.12.0 - August 1, 2017[]

Brand New[]

  • Halloween Event:
    • 3 new birds featuring 5 Star Eddie the Bird from Iron Maiden and 2 more well-known birds in brand new exckusive heavy metal outfits: Byron, a 5 Star Black bird, and Annie, who even changed her color to be a blue bird
    • Bird Town and the island have turned into a hair-raising Halloween themed heavy metal oasis
    • 3 nefarious new pigs - do you hear the call of Phigthulhu?
    • New event artworks and loading screens as well as the scary Eddie app icon
    • New monstrous music and spine-chilling sound effects for Halloween
  • New Events & How to get new birds:
    Events have become more evolutionary and rewarding than ever.
    • Earn tons of event rewards for your individual and your clan's progress.
      • Earn event points and collect personal rewards immediately during the event
      • Collaborate closer than ever with your clan members and unlock clan rewards immediately during the event
    • For the oblivious birds: after the event ended, unclaimed rewards will now be sent to your inbox
    • Events are now offering more special birds. Hatch the first event bird to unlock the others, collect time-limited 5 Star flockers

Better Now[]

  • Chat improvements:
    • Clan chat is displaying members who are online
    • Next clan reward and progress bar is displayed during the event
    • Next clan reward and progress bar is displayed for the Daily Challenges
  • You can check out Booster Events with a full week ahead to see which Color XP, increased Gold and increased Dungeon Key days are coming up. We added a weekly schedule.
  • Team Manager has two new options to find your birds easier:
    • Sort by color
    • Sort by star rarity and power
  • Friends lists’ capacities have been increased to 50

Fixes and more fixes[]

The sneaky scoundrel piggies again placed some nasty bugs on Bird Island so we had to deal with them diligently to crush them again, here's the highlight of many fixes included:

  • Battle fixes: defeated pigs out: They're not remaining on the battle screen anymore
  • Clans fixes:
    • People who joined the clan are added right away. The previous delay is gone
    • The Smartbomb crate has the right icon in battles
  • Daily Challenge fixes:
    • Screen stays responsive when the battle is finished
    • Ninja Pigs learned to do the ninja-thing they are designed for
    • Massive Moron's skill is now working (watch out, he got smarter)
    • Special characters in user and clan names are displayed correctly
    • Everything in order on the clan leaderboards, now sorted correctly
  • Eagle Mountain fixes:
    • The infinite loading issue when an internet connection is lost and retrieved is solved
    • Pigs are no longer appearing multiple times on the same floor
  • Keep your Super Shot progress when you evolve a bird
  • The display of Silver and Golden tickets in the Hatchery is now correct
  • In the Daily Tasks, multiple clan donations are counted as they should
  • Bad, bad notifications don't switch themselves off anymore
  • The game doesn't freeze anymore when evolution material limit is reached
  • The recommended friends list is now showing correct XP values

Version 1.11.0 - August 1, 2017[]

Brand New[]

  • Daily Challenge:
    • Engage in battles every day and try to survive as long as possible, earn Snouts to unlock rewards for yourself and your clan!
    • Unlock great rewards daily and collect special clan rewards once a week. Every Snout counts!
    • Not enough? GLOBAL LEADERBOARDS! That's right, global. ONE clan and ONE player to rule them all!

Better Now[]

  • Unclutter your inventory, because now Totems are stacking up to 10 per type!
  • Tired of watching your Avatar beat up a Pig Avatar during Quick battles? Then tap again, because now you can skip the animation and go straight to LOOT!
  • The Eagle Mountain has undergone some home improvements to make it look even better
  • Premium Tickets have a new look: 1-time Premium Ticket is now Silver - 10 times Ticket is Golden
  • Want to see the beautiful butts of your Birds? Now you can! Rotate your flock 360 degrees in the detailed information screens and shake that bootie!
  • Chat improvements:
    • See the times and dates of messages sent
    • See a marker for the last message you have read so that you won't miss out anything happening in your clan

Well Balanced[]

  • Pigs have been stealing the level up rewards - good that you have told us this. Now they are re-balanced and increased
  • Adventure rewards are also randomized and increased
  • The rewards for the video chest grant randomized and more awesome loot.
  • Super Shot Strength on Level 1-3 has been reduced, but can now be raised beyond Level 3, ultimately making your Super Shots even stronger than before!
  • ===Fixes and more fixes===

Those pesky piggies leave bugs everywhere and we try to crash them with each update, here's the highlight of many fixes included:

  • The game was entirely blocked for some players after leagues have ended - this was a bad one
  • Arena rewards had displayed incorrectly - main screen and league ended popup was showing the incorrect amount of totems
  • First Aid Kit perk had a bug that prevented it to be picked up in Arena battles
  • Accept / Reject all button had some funny behaviors sometimes
  • Pigs getting stuck between props, blocking the battle
  • The sound was missing for some screens and pigs
  • Pop-up related issues on 4:3 resolution devices

Version 1.10.0 - August 1, 2017[]

Brand New[]

  • Get 5 STAR -& LEVEL 100 Birds with gems, evolution materials, and essence - that's right; they're all kicking it in Eagle Mountain.
  • Bomb-happy times: the black bird-legend BOMB is joining the Evolution. He'll be available for a limited time in the Black Excavation event.
  • Get your fingers burnt with this new flocker: almighty Fire Rooster will be in town to feel the love! Love for the Chinese Valentine's Day and fiery kicks to piggies!
  • Mo’ divisions, mo’ fun: each arena league has 3 divisions now. Divisions will be active at the end of the week. Check out your trophy score to see your new placement.
  • New Sticker: Dr. Probotnik caused a lot of issues in his visit. Now that alien piggies are defeated, enjoy this new sticker of the good old doctor.
    Clans now show Trophies and donations of the members together.

Fixes and more fixes[]

  • Those pesky piggies leave bugs everywhere and we try to crush them with each update. Here's the highlight of 55 fixes included:
  • Clan recommendations are fixed now
  • Scouts were recovering faster in some situations and this created imbalance for some players, now it is fixed!
  • The arena was misbehaving after leagues ended and been going into an unresponsive state when an internet connection is not enough. Now it knows better...
  • Dr. Probotnik's Mind Control abilities are improved; if nobody's nearby the mind-controlled pig to take its kick, it'll punish those spectator-piggies. Vengeance is sweet. Oh, and if there's literally nobody nearby, the game will not crash anymore.
  • Info pop-ups in clan perks screen are telling you nothing but the truth
  • A battle bug where birds flew too far away and disappeared has been solved, now they come to stay and fight as brave’n’angry birds should.

Well Balanced[]

  • Pigs have lower health and lower attack power in PvP battles - giving you leeway to unfold your strategy in slightly longer matches and unleash your flockers’ super shots. Do you know which bird are your favorites in PvP? We'd love to hear it in the comments!
  • Completing daily tasks will reward you with a way vaster variety of loot; complete tasks every day to earn evolution materials, Gold and Energy Berries.
  • Balanced trophy score calculation for Bronze I and Bronze II divisions; winning and losing amounts are now calculated on your trophies instead of divisions. This means now it is harder to be relegated from higher leagues and you'll have a smoother experience with players around your level.
  • Feel Captain Freedom flex his muscles: his Super Shot is much more powerful now and in-line with other 5-star birds!


  • Ciao, Daily Login Calendar; we felt that Eagle Mountain is a more amazing way for playing every day so the calendar had to make a way in order to keep Evolution as clear as possible.
  • Shiny Totems are saying goodbye.. only to return even stronger as XP Totems! If you want to keep your precious flockers in your collection, fuse XP totems with your birds to give them a major level-boost!

Version 1.9.2 - July 6, 2017[]

  • Bug fixes

Version 1.9.1 - June 28, 2017[]

  • Captain Freedom is joined by Major Improvement (editor's note: couldn't help this bad pun just slipping out) in Patch 1.91!

NEW BIRD: It's America first on July 4 for a huge Independence Day event. For a limited time, we want YOU to have a chance to add a mega-patriotic five-star bird, Captain Freedom, to your flock. Hatch those eggs and set the captain free!

COLOR XP DAYS: Each day will give a special XP booster to a bird color, so you don't have to clutter your whole inventory anymore.

· Monday: Red

· Tuesday: Yellow

· Wednesday: Black

· Thursday: White

· Friday: Blue

Saturday will award you with more gold income and Sunday will open all doors by rewarding you with TWO (instead of one) dungeon keys from PvP battles!

CLAN BANNER: From now on your awesome clan banner will be displayed right beneath your profile picture. It'll also act as a shortcut to your clan manager.

Version 1.8.2 - June 15, 2017[]

  • Angry Birds Evolution was released in Worldwide
  • Added more avatars (100+)
  • Bug fixes
  • New animations
  • New pigs (in Oinktagon arena or stage)
  • New soundtracks
  • New sound effects

Version 1 (Soft-Launched)[]

Version 1.8.1 - May 30, 2017[]

  • Updated the bird Evolution steps
  • Added quests
  • Fixed scout markers
  • Bug fixes, optimizations, and improvements

Version 1.8.0 - May 15, 2017[]

  • Alien Abduction event
  • Visual improvements
  • Added helpful hints
  • Bug fixes, optimizations, and improvements

Version 1.7.1 - April 18, 2017 and Version 1.7.2 - April 28, 2017[]

  • Terence and Matilda were available for a limited time only
  • iMessage stickers. Evolve your iMessage game with some AB Evolution stickers. Just turn them on in iMessage settings
  • Dungeon improvements
  • Performance improvements

Version 1.6.0 - March 20, 2017[]

  • Prepare your posterior for PvP two points. Fight for trophies and show your opponents who're boss.
  • Bomb was available for a limited time only
  • Share 360 screenshots on Facebook
  • Tons of tweaks, bug fixes and more

Version 1.5.0 - February 21, 2017[]

  • Yellow Event
  • Endless Player Level: New endless levels added after level 30. Each level up comes with a chest full of gold or gems.
  • Different Fusion types now have separate functions and info
  • PvP tickets now recharge constantly
  • New shopkeepers in town for special events
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes!

Version 1.4.0 - January 24, 2017[]

  • Chinese New Year event, 5-star Fire Rooster limited-time character
  • Improved/new character evolution ceremony
  • Added hints and icons in the team manager to help you build the strongest team
  • Shopping tweaks: tabs to get you quickly from place to place

Version 1.3.0 - December 18, 2016[]

  • Red Event, you can find Red in special Xmas eggs
  • New Christmas Pigs
  • Snow/Christmas theme
  • Now you can sell flockers to get more Evo materials
  • Bug fixes & tweaks

Version 1.2.0 – October 28, 2016[]

  • New animations, game intro, and cutscenes
  • New skills at Super Evolution stages
  • Added more avatars
  • Updated Dungeon maps
  • Tons of bug and performance fixes

Version 1.1.0 – September 22, 2016[]

  • Tons of bug and performance fixes
  • Sweet level balance updates
  • New pig types added to the Oinktagon Area
  • Funky new sounds and cool animation tweaks

Version 1.0.1 - August 17, 2016[]

  • Angry Birds Evolution was released widely on iOS for soft-launch (Hong Kong).
  • Major Bird Design Changes.
  • Major bug fixes.
  • Major Gameplay Changes.

Closed Beta- July 11th 2016 - August 3rd 2016[]

  • Angry BIrds TNT could be played by people who signed up for it.

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